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  1. Abdoo says:

    I’ve done this exactly like you said, but the app is still working, even the website is still working, how can I fix this?

  2. Billy says:

    I tried now and it works fine. From the android app all functions are disabled, and internet connection error are shown, but it seems the videos from the home page can’t be blocked and can be seen unfortunately, but it is better than nothing!

  3. Rajesh Maik says:

    Thank you man This helps me, I mean seriously i was fed up with this shit my sister playing those annoying videos on full volume. If i hadn’t found this post my last resort was to break her mobile for good….

  4. Raj singh says:

    Thank you for this, i need to block also live streaming which is not block using above domain name. Also search window all videos are playing in wifi

    Please let me know domain name for live straming too

  5. j9 says:

    Frustrated that there are so many domains to block since I’m also blocking YouTube which also has several domains and have a limit of only 25 domains I can block.

  6. Eric says:

    Thanks for the list of hosts, I was already looking for them for a while.
    As for OpenDNS, the alternative is using Pi-Hole. There you can block the DNS-request for the domain including all hosts. So now I am blocking everything in “”, “” and “”. My Pi-Hole is runing on a small Raspberry Pi with just this on it to take care of DNS-requests, works very well. Just type pi-hole in your search and you’ll stumble over the things you need to set it up.

  7. good guy says:

    How can i get possible domain names of PUBG and Hago apps, thank you?

  8. A good guy says:

    Hello sir, I need all domain names of HAGO app , thank you?

    • Zultan says:

      If you found domain please tell me

  9. Andrew L Brown says:

    I did everything on the page however I am still able to access videos on the app.

  10. Tony says:

    Thanks for your good job! But I want to know how to find all the domain names?

  11. Najam says:

    Still can access the app 😐

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