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Best Puzzle Games for Android to Pass your Time. Apply Logic and use your Brain to Solve the Complex Puzzles to Outstand among Others.

Earlier puzzle games used to come with a simple GUI and a few easy missions at hand. However, during the last few years, this section has seen quite an unprecedented rise. And in every possible domain. From story play to graphics and even the gameplay experience, all have witnessed quite a major push upwards. A modern smartphone is able to perform all the tasks which you expect from Computer  Software. The smartphones today are equipped with high-end processors and GPU which can handle games that were just a distant dream. Mobile phones today very powerful and can handle high-end games.

The ability to run high-graphic Applications on the phone is a big revolution in mobile technology. From puzzle games like 2048 to challenging ones like the Monument Valey, there’s a lot to try out. And while the battle royal genres have their own fanbase, don’t count these puzzle games out. With the introduction of some wonderful games in recent times, this genre’s meteoric rise is all the more justified. So with that said, here are some of the best puzzle games for Android.

List of Best Puzzle Games for Android

  1. Where’s My Water?
  2. Monument Valley 1 & 2
  3. 2048
  4. Dots
  5. The Room Franchise (1,2,3,4)
  6. Mekorama
  7. Lara Croft Go
  8. Tetris
  9. Free Flow
  10. Brain it On
  11. Mini Metro
  12. Cut The Rope
  13. Candy Crush Saga
  14. Infinity Loop
  15. Smart Puzzles Collection

Best Puzzle Games for Android

Here are the Best Puzzle Games for Android to Pass your Time with Free and Paid Games.

1. Where’s My Water?

Just going by its name and the featured images don’t think it as a casual game. Where’s My Water? is one of the cool and highly addictive puzzle games developed by Disney Studios. The player has to draw a pathway on the dirt to let the stored water pool pass smoothly for the Swampy (alligator) to take the Shower. There are various obstacles posed by his rival alligator to prevent the Swampy from taking the bath. Occasionally, the water must be routed through other pipes or must interact with machines in order to open up a route to the inlet.

Where's My Water

The response to the game made the developers develop other prequels and variants of the same nature. The game was very well received by the users and critics due to its addictive physics-based nature. Mike Thompson of Gamezebo said, “anyone who enjoys physics puzzle titles would be out of their mind to miss picking this up”. The gamers also praised the game’s cartoonish nature, adorable visuals, and crisp animation which very well fits with Disney’s Cartoon.

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Download: Where’s My Water?

2. Mekorama


In this epic puzzle game, you will have to find your way through tapping on any spot on your screen where you want it to go. Then at the same time, turn your screen at different angles in order to move around the path and find the hidden path in the process. The in-game graphics are definitely quite minimalistic and evocative. You could consider this game as an amalgamation of Minecraft and Monument Valley.

In this game, you could use the device sensors, tilt it and explore and find new unexplored territory, and welcome new challenges along the way. All in all, there are about 50 levels to try out. The graphics, music, and GUI are totally apt according to the gameplay, With relaxing gameplay, charming robots, collective level cards, and small in size, this one’s definitely worth a shot.

Download: Mekorama

3. 2048

One of the best time-killers out there, 2048 presents you with a new and unique challenge. By default, you get to play on a 4×4 board. However, this could be expanded to 5×5, 6×6, 8×8 or even the tiny 3×3. The rule of the game is as follows: You have to slide in and bump two tiles of the same number to add it up. The slides move automatically up to the maximum length of the board or could be stopped by another tile of different numbers.


Throughout the game, you will only get tiles numbered 2. So add up two 2 slides to make it four, then two four slides to make it 8 and so on until you end up making 2048 on the board. Although it might sound simple, that is definitely not the case. There’s also a undo option, so if you end up stuck, you could undo your last move as well, rather than starting from scratch.

Download: 2048

4. Dots

The classic dots game is back and in some style. In this, you have to connect two or more dots of the same color to clear the board. Or connect dots and make it a square to remove all the dots from the board. At the top, you have the objective mentioned i.e. how many dots you have to clear in a given number of moves. There are three different game modes to try out: a race against the clock in the Time Mode, think strategically in Moves mode (with a limited number of moves to try out) or there’s an Endless mode where you can sit back and relax and make each move as per your liking, after giving a considerable amount of time.


To help you out, there are powerups along the way: Timestop, Shrinker, and Expander. The first either stops the clock for five seconds or add five extra moves. Shrinker removes a single dot from the board and Expander removes all the dots of the same color. Its sequel, Dots 2 is equally challenging. Do check it out as well.

Download: Dots

5. The Room Franchise (1,2,3,4)

The Room franchise is one of the oldest and most challenging puzzle games on Android. There are a total of 4 games in this series and all of them are three-dimensional in nature. Each room holds a single level and your task is to solve the series of puzzles, each connected in some way or the other. You could take the help of clues and mechanisms to unlock the complex puzzle boxes. With each box that you unlock, you get new clues and components that will help you in the succeeding levels.


Throughout the passage of the game, you will also find notes leading to the hints about the unknown person inside the fifth classical element known as null. The first two series in this installment have a single ending, however, the third and fourth one brings about multiple endings, and this makes the narrative somewhat heavy as well. Still, it is a pretty solid challenging puzzle game.

Download: The Room 1 | The Room 2 | The Room 3 | The Room 4

6. Turn It On!

Turn It On! seems like a very easy game on the surface. You might look at it and think, ‘Oh this is easy.’ But that is not the case. This game is entertaining and frustrating at the same time. Each level of the game has different panels/ boxes which has various buttons and switches. The player has to figure out how the boxes work and complete the task using the buttons/controls given. Elements like switches, buttons, knobs, wheels, cogs, and meters are present in the game. And there are timed tasks too! So you will often find yourself racing to complete the level.

Turn It On! has both free and paid versions of the game. The free version is fun to play, but the paid version has extra levels. The paid version is priced at $1.99, which is not expensive at all.

Download Turn it On!

7. Lara Croft Go

Part of a Tomb Raider franchise, it is a turn-based puzzle video game. You play as Lara Croft which in turn is a puzzle piece and you’ll have to move through the board while avoiding obstacles and manipulating the environment. The core gameplay and its level are composed of interconnected nodes. The game’s environment and the player each take a turn to move and in your turn, you have to move the puzzle block one step between the nodes in a particular direction.

Lara Croft Go

Then the environment variables like the obstacle and enemies take a turn to simultaneously move one unit in a very strategical manner. With each passing level, it becomes even more challenging to compete. There will subsequently be the introduction of new game mechanics and enemy types in the form of giant spiders, snakes, and deadly lizards. Apart from that, there will be boulders, saw blades, and traps that you need to avoid. It is one of the most adventurous and athletic puzzle games around with over 100 levels to try out.

Download: Lara Croft Go

8. Tetris

Well, its the game that started it all and hardly needs an introduction or two. Tetris first made its way in the year 1984, and since then there is no looking back, It is now available across all the major platforms, and Android is no different. For the uninitiated, the game is all about geometrical shapes, or tetrominoes, as it is commonly known. These blocks fall from the top one after the other. During this descend, you could move this block lateral or sideways until they reach the bottom of the screen or on top of another block already placed below.


The objective stands simple: you have to create as many horizontal lines of blocks as possible. With each complete horizontal layer, it disappears and this gets added to your points. After a certain number of points has been accumulated, you pass the said level and the next level starts wherein the speed of the falling blocks increases as well. If you aren’t able to clear up the lines, the horizontal lines start to accrue one above the other. When it reaches the top such that it blocks the descent of a new block, the game ends.

Download: Tetris

9. Free Flow

A simple yet addictive puzzle game, in Free Flow you have to connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. The board is filled up with colorful dots. You have to create a flow by joining two dots of the same color. It has to be done until the entire grid is occupied with the pipes. Just keep in mind that two pipes can never intersect. You have to find the best the difficulty level is determined by the number of blocks in the board, which ranges from 5×5 to 15×15. Furthermore, there are over 2500 levels to keep you engaged. The game consists of two modes: Free Play and Time Trial mode.

Free Flow

As evident from their names, the latter is time-bound whereas in the former there isn’t any such thing. With clean colourful graphics and fun sound effects, the gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic. Complementing it are three expansion packs: Free Flow bridges, Free Flow hexes, and Free Flow Warps. In the first one, you could intersect the pipes, the second presents a unique challenge in the form of hexagonal-shaped boards whereas the third one allows you to have pipes warp from the edge of the map to the other edge. Try the one as per your liking!

Download: Free Flow

10. Brain it On

This is for science lovers. Brain it On consists of dozens of brain-busting physics challenges. Each level requires you to think out of the box and has more than one solution. Apart from new levels being added on a regular basis, there are also some free levels offered by the gamer community that could directly be incorporated into the game. The game physics are quite realistic and consistent in nature, and the puzzle difficulty ascends at a reasonable and enjoyable pitch.

Brain it On

Use your finger to draw shapes and objects and try to finish the game in the minimum number of moves or by drawing the least number of shapes. Depending on these yardsticks, you get golden stars that could be used to unlock the subsequent levels. There are quite a few in-game ads, but you could purchase the premium version or play the game in offline mode for the distraction-free mode. Definitely worth a try, even for the Newton haters!

Download: Brain it On

11. Mini Metro

An amazing puzzle strategy video game, you are tasked with creating a rail transit network for the country with a rapidly growing population. Each level has been carved out from a real city and starts with three trains at your disposal. The appearance of the station, passenger the in-game audio are all procedurally generated. Furthermore, each station on the map is represented with different shapes. Your goal is to create an efficient rail network interconnecting all these stations.

Mini Metro

To distinguish each network from others, each line that you will draw to connect the network will be of different colours, this really makes it easy to distinguish the pathways, especially when you have drawn many rail transit later on in the game. Likewise, as you progress further, there will be more stations to deal with and the appearance of rivers make it all the more challenging in creating the network. Make sure that the network you created lets the passenger reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

Download: Mini Metro

12. Cut The Rope

Gamers Delight! Cut the Rope is one of the most intuitive physics-based puzzle games. The objective of the game is to feed candy to a little green creature. A piece of candy hangs by one or several ropes which the player must cut with a swipe of their finger using the device’s touchscreen. Using various objects such as floating bubbles and bellows, the candy must also be manipulated around obstacles to get to creatures’ mouths.

Cut The Rope

The game has a very addictive nature. And with every passing level the difficulty changes, challenging your thinking and logic. The game got positive reviews from gamers and critics with everyone praising the simple nature along with bright, imaginative, and supremely polished cartoon animation. The success of the game led o the development of many different versions of the game. The game is much recommended for all puzzle lovers who are looking to play it offline.

Download: Cut the Rope

13. Tiny Room Stories: Town Stories 

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery - “Renovation” update trailer

Tiny Room Stories is perfect for the fans of thriller games. This puzzle game has players turning into a detective. The game starts with the main character receiving a letter from his father asking for help. The game develops from there. Upon reaching his town, the detective finds that the whole town has disappeared. It is up to him to solve the mystery and restore peace. Gathering evidence, solving mysteries, and finding clues is the way to go in this game. This game has fully 3D levels, loads of puzzles, multiple locations, and so much more.

Tiny Room Stories is a combination of escape room games and puzzle games. The game is engaging, and the story has substance. The plot of the game takes unexpected twists and turns that will leave you gobsmacked. This free game has some in-app purchases, but we definitely recommend this one.

Download: Tiny Room

14. Infinity Loop

INFINITY LOOP StoreVideo 11 2019 Vertical 01

A simple yet addictive puzzle game that can challenge the brain to go beyond the limits. Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. You will be provided with all sorts of curves and lines which you need to connect causing an infinite loop. The game starts with basic levels but as the levels progress you are given more complicated lines and curves which you need to connect to form a loop. The games not only need a lot of brainer but also patience. A very addictive and simple to play puzzle game with clean and clutter-free diagram graphics.

Download Infinity Loop

15. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is perhaps the best indie- puzzle game for Android. You play as princess Ida and go through many different kinds of optical illusions, virtual 3D objects. To complete each level, you will have to manipulate these objects in the best possible manner so that it churns out a hidden path. The entire game is present in an isometric view. Each world consists of 10 different kinds of levels, and each level consists of different central mechanics, moving pillars, and walls.

It has aesthetically pleasing and well-crafted levels, plus its art and sound design are something to fall in awe. Its sequel, Monument Valley 2, provides a similar graphics and gameplay experience, except for the fact that now you have to control two characters (Ro and her child), rather than a single one. Both the installments are definitely worth a try.

Download: Monument Valley 1 | Monument Valley 2

16. Smart Puzzles Collection

It is a pack of many cool puzzling games inside one game. Smart Puzzles Collection, the name clearly mentions what the game is all about. It has a great collection of many amazing puzzle games that requires your logical thinking. These little puzzles can be both time-killing and brain sharpening ones and are mostly recommended to those who love brain games.

The best part is it needs very little space on your device and is compatible with most smartphones, including the old ones too. Moreover, you can play your favorite puzzles with no internet connection. There are over 5000 levels with a variety of shapes, blocks, etc. The animations look good and catchy and can get really addictive once you get the real taste of it.

Download Smart Puzzles

Conclusion: With this, we conclude this list of some of the best puzzle games for your Android devices. Well, there are tons of such puzzle games populating the Play Store, and it might really be difficult on your end in finding the best ones. As a result, we decided to compile this list and make your decision much easier. On that note, do let us know which one of the above puzzle games from this list is your favorite.

If you've any thoughts on Best Puzzle Games for Android | Free & Paid, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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