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Best Mobile Phones to Buy in 2020. Get powerful and secure smartphones which are best in the industry for 2020. Android & iOS iPhone from Mid Range to High-end

It won’t be inappropriate to admit that smartphones these days have become our soulmates. Wherever we go, we take them with us. They’re small, engaging, and perhaps, one of the most useful gadgets ever invented, without which we won’t be able to survive much these times. Talking about their crucial assistance; then they support us in almost every phase we desire. Mild tasks such as shortlisting the grocery items to our social media existence, smartphones handle everything pretty well. They are like mini-computers residing in our pockets to help us out in the hour of need.

Now, there’re almost hundreds of smartphone releases worldwide every year. Many well-established brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei reveal their best products (smartphones) for the consumer. Apart from them, numerous small brands such as Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and many others are also in the race of production and releases. So, this creates chaos like situation for the buyers to decide which smartphone fits best concerning their needs.

Hence, this is why Digitbin comes for your rescue. Here, in this article, we are providing you with the list of best mobile phones (smartphones), particularly of the year 2020.

Best Smartphones of 2020

Here are the Best Smartphones you can buy in the year 2020.

1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

IPhone 11 Pro Max

The first in the list is “Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max”. With A13 Bionic chip and iOS 13 capabilities, iPhone 11 marks the top position, by becoming the world’s most powerful smartphone in 2020, and best by Apple so far.

The iPhones have a reputation of best in class. Their design, software smoothness (iOS), safety, and privacy are the major key factors of their success. Also, apart from this, iPhones have the most excellent camera quality, compared to other smartphone manufacturers across the globe.

Now, talking about their build quality and sales figures, then iPhones offers rich in class quality in terms of both hardware and software. This highest quality standard is possible due to full control over the design and production departments. Also, iPhones are among the most sold products ever in history. So, even if you feel amazed by its price tag, Don’t be so shocked!

 Key Specifications

  • Processor – A13 Bionic,
  • Storage – 64,256,512 GB,
  • Ram – 4 GB,
  • Camera – 12MP + 12MP + 12MP,
  • Battery – 3969 mAh,
  • Display – 6.5” (16.51 cm).

Price – 64 GB ($1099), 256 GB ($1249), 512 GB ($1449).

Buy – Apple iPhone 11 Max Pro

Some people might find this as a weak specification phone. But, trust us, the dangerous combination of both optimized hardware and software, will wash away all your preconceived opinions about the phone having good hardware specs, being better than the rest.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


The next in the list is Korean made “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra”. The remarkable 6.9-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display makes this smartphone the most vibrant one among all. After Apple, “Samsung” is the market leader when it comes to the smartphone sales segment. The Galaxy series is the most popular smartphone series after Apple’s iPhone, and there is no doubt about this. However, the significant reason behind this is the platform (Android OS).

Many people prefer this due to its ease of connectivity, customization, and also love for Android. So, in light of this, you can assume that the Samsung galaxy series is popular due to its OS. But we also can’t deny the fact that “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra” is a great smartphone! It stretches the benchmark to another level of performance.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Samsung Exynos 9 Octa,
  • Storage – 128,512 GB,
  • Ram – 12,16 GB,
  • Camera – 108MP + 48MP + 12MP,
  • Battery – 5000 mAh,
  • Display – 6.9” (17.53 cm).

Price – 128 GB ($1399), 512 GB ($1599).

Buy – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

So, if you’re an Android fan and more precisely love Samsung for its performance and unmatched Display and Camera quality. You can surely opt for this one.

3. One Plus 7T Pro 5G McLaren edition

Yes, following the well-known brands, One Plus is also on the list with its tremendous “One Plus 7T Pro 5G Maclaren edition”. It’s a Chinese brand, yet competing with the world’s best. One Plus became popular in no time. Their art of providing more in fewer works wonders for them. However, One Plus is being taken care of by its parent company named BBK Electronics.

The company seems to be the parent company of many other brands as well, such as Oppo and Vivo. Despite the fact that it is a small brand, One Plus is doing pretty well in terms of sales. They sold millions of One Plus smartphone units across a variety of nations at competitive prices. However, the real reason behind this is the Oxygen OS.

Many believe that the combination of the latest Snapdragon processor and Oxygen OS enhances the User experience of One Plus user, and it appears to be true. Many speed test comparisons proved that One Plus devices are much smoother than any other Android smartphone.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Snapdragon 855 Plus,
  • Storage – 256 GB,
  • Ram – 12 GB,
  • Camera – 48MP + 16MP + 8MP,
  • Battery – 4085 mAh,
  • Display – 6.67” (16.94 cm).

Price – 256 GB ($899).

Buy – One Plus 7T Pro 5G Maclaren edition.

So, if you love Oxygen OS and snapdragon performance, plus the sleek design of the One Plus 7T Pro smartphone appeals to you, you must take this one.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is always in demand since its introduction to the general public. Note series impeccably depicted the potentials a smartphone can hold. They first introduced S-pen technology enabling users to write and control the smartphone. Then they came up with large UHD displays and robust hardware. Now, they are as powerful as the mini-computer.

Apart from this, Note series also performed very well in terms of sales figures. There were more than millions of units sold worldwide, successfully. Now, talking about “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus” in particular, then it’s a fantastic smartphone. Following the legacy lead by Note series, Galaxy Note 10 Plus also made a place in the heart of millions. With magnificent display, vivid camera, and exceptional sound quality, Galaxy Note 10 Plus is performing like a BOSS in its segment!

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Samsung Exynos 9 Octa,
  • Storage – 256 GB, 512 GB, + 1 TB Expandable,
  • Ram – 12 GB,
  • Camera – 12MP + 12MP + 16MP,
  • Battery – 4300 mAh,
  • Display – 6.8” (17.27 cm).

Price – 256 GB ($729), 512 GB ($829).

Buy – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

So, in case you want a mini-computer in your pocket. Then trust us, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus won’t disappoint you in any way.

5. One Plus 7 Pro

Oneplus 7 Pro

Well, next in the list is “One Plus 7 Pro”. Along with Mclaren edition (as mentioned above), One plus 7 Pro also managed to be the part of this – best mobile phones of 2020 list. With promising hardware and tweaked software (OS), this phone is leaving marks for its upcoming generations.

As every previous generation of One Plus, One Plus 7 Pro offers great specs, smooth User experience, and, of course, fast charging capabilities. Apart from this, One Plus, being the small brand compared to others mentioned in this list, also manages to earn a loyal customer base during these years. Talking about their demographics, then they are moving towards the road of success, and soon will become one of the well-established mobile manufacturer brands in the world.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Snapdragon 855,
  • Storage – 128, 256 GB,
  • Ram – 6, 8, 12 GB,
  • Camera – 48MP + 16MP + 8MP,
  • Battery – 4000 mAh,
  • Display – 6.67” (16.94 cm).

Price – 128 GB ($499), 256 GB ($549).

Buy – One Plus 7 Pro

If you want to invest less, and expect a better return on a good smartphone, then One Plus 7 Pro is worth considering.

6. Realme X

Realme X2 Pro

Here comes the next in the list – Realme X (Available only in India). This is a great smartphone, as it offers the perfect blend of power and beauty. Realme X is a mid-range flagship smartphone, succeeding in the mid-range flagship division. Despite the fact that it is from another small brand, “Realme X” is doing pretty well in sales figures.

However, it’s not as popular as One Plus. But the kind of products Realme is making at the moment, might give them charm for later. Now, talking about the build quality and software. Then Realme X is also not behind the bar. They somehow manage to provide a premium feel at the competitive price range, which is indeed commendable for such a brand.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Snapdragon 710,
  • Storage – 64, 128, 256 GB,
  • Ram – 4, 6, 8 GB,
  • Camera – 48MP + 5MP,
  • Battery – 3765 mAh,
  • Display – 6.53” (16.59 cm).

Price – (INR -17,999 to 20,999 – including all models).

Buy – Realme X.

Realme X is for those who have a low-budget. But, wants to experience the flagship smartphone.

7. OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T

Yes, OnePlus is back in the list with its third contender, “One Plus 6T”. It’s a marvellous smartphone launched back in 2018, owning the crown of Best Budget flagship at that time. The smartphone made quite several headlines considering its aggressive sales. It also awarded as the best flagship smartphone of the year 2018.

Apart from this, it offered rich in class features, tremendous hardware, and of course, the Oxygen OS. All of these overwhelming features made One Plus 6T the most desired smartphone of the year 2018. However, we would like to add that One Plus gained its real brand value, just after its launch. Now, after passing all the necessary information, it’s time to look for the specs that One Plus 6T has to offer.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Snapdragon 845,
  • Storage – 128, 256 GB,
  • Ram – 6, 8, 10 GB,
  • Camera – 16MP + 20MP,
  • Battery – 3700 mAh,
  • Display – 6.41” (16.28 cm).

Price – ($368 to 899 – including all models).

Buy – One Plus 6T.

So, One Plus 6T is for those who can’t buy the latest One Plus smartphone. But, have an urge to own one.

8. Apple iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max

Apple is back in the list with another promising contender; “Apple iPhone XS Max.” Launched back in the year 2018 and later discontinued in 2019 after Apple’s iPhone 11 series launch, Apple iPhone XS Max is a marvellous smartphone with tons of features in it. During that time, it also considered a significant update over iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the best iPhones ever. It sold well. And also, many people who own this smartphone are not willing to upgrade on the latest iPhone 11 models. However, this depicts the popularity of this smartphone. Now, talking about its key features, then it has A12 Bionic chip along with 4 GB of Ram. 64 GB of internal storage as the base model, which stretches up to 512 GB. Massive battery life and Vivid super AMOLED True tone display adding up in its charm.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – A12 Bionic,
  • Storage – 64,256,512 GB,
  • Ram – 4 GB,
  • Camera – 12MP + 12MP,
  • Battery – 3174 mAh,
  • Display – 6.5” (16.51 cm).

Price – 64 GB ($1099), 256 GB ($1249), 512 GB ($1449).

Buy – Apple iPhone XS Max.

Even after its discontinuation, iPhone XS Max is the best option for many out there. We also believe that if you already own this smartphone, you still need not worry much, as it is doing pretty well in sales and after-sales service.

9. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy “S” series, being the leader in the Android flagship segment, comes up with “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus”. A fantastic smartphone with massive sales output by Samsung; and award-winning design and performance, contributing to the higher standards of benchmarks. Also, loved and adored by millions around the globe, indicating its level of popularity.

Now, talking in detail about its design and performance, then Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a sleek glass design and Super AMOLED display. Camera picture & video quality is also very crisp! Its Processor and GPU never fails to amaze its users, and it’s a fact. Apart from all this, Samsung is still a very trustworthy brand. So, resolving everything we just said above, we believe it’s an amazing purchase for someone looking forward to investing in Samsung smartphone.  At last, it’s time to talk about its Key specifications, which are mentioned below for you.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Samsung Exynos 9 Octa,
  • Storage – 128, 512 GB, + 1TB expandable,
  • Ram – 8, 12 GB,
  • Camera – 12MP + 12MP + 16MP,
  • Battery – 4100 mAh,
  • Display – 6.4” (16.26 cm).

Price – 128 GB ($1000), 512 GB ($1250), 1 TB ($1600).

Buy – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

So, to sum-up, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a great smartphone to own and flaunt till today!

10. Google Pixel 4XL

Google Pixel 4XL

The next in the list is “Google Pixel 4XL”. With stock Android, Snapdragon, and a fantastic camera, Google Pixel 4XL made its presence on the 10th position of this list. “Google” has always known for its innovation, and its innovation is visible in Google smartphones as well.

They were the only tech giant, who managed to provide portrait mode (using AI) in a single-camera setup. Apart from this, pixel users always receive the latest security updates, BUG fixes, and also fixes such as the battery, and camera improvements to enhance the user experience to a great extent. So, talking about the feedback from the sales figures. Then, Google Pixel 4XL performed pretty well in almost all countries. However, not as similar to other brands, but fairly well in its terms.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Snapdragon 855,
  • Storage – 64, 128 GB,
  • Ram – 6 GB,
  • Camera – 12.2MP + 16MP,
  • Battery – 3700 mAh,
  • Display – 6.3” (16 cm).

Price – 64 GB ($799), 128 GB ($899).

Buy – Google Pixel 4XL.

If Stock Android and Strong hardware is your thing, then you must go for Google Pixel 4XL.

11. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro Plus

Here’s the entry of one more Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei with its “Huawei P30 Pro.” Huawei is also one of the Biggest smartphone manufacturer brands in the world. They own a huge market in China, and now, their Huawei P30 Pro is taking over all across the globe. Released in March 2019 with massive sales later, Huawei P30 Pro became the most desired smartphone in china.

Not only this, but it is also the most desired smartphone in many other countries. Talking about the design and performance, then Huawei P30 Pro has the most appealing design, Vivid display, and a Kirin 980 processor that acts as a cherry on the cake. The battery life of Huawei P30 Pro is also fantastic. So, in short, this smartphone is perfect in every form. To understand more about its key specs, just read the bullets points mentioned below for you.

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Kirin 980,
  • Storage – 128, 256, 512 GB,
  • Ram – 8 GB,
  • Camera – 40MP + 20MP + 8MP,
  • Battery – 4200 mAh,
  • Display – 6.47” (16.43 cm).

Price (Not available in the U.S.) – ($899 to 1,400 – For all models).

Buy – Huawei P30 Pro.

To sum up Huawei’s P30 Pro in one sentence, then it’s a – Superb smartphone in every dimension!

12. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

The next in the list is BBK Electronics owned Oppo with its “ Oppo Reno 10x Zoom.” Some people might find this name fancy, but trust us, the smartphone really blows up the mind. Released in June 2019, Oppo Reno comes up with an attractive pop-up selfie camera. This feature attracted a lot of audiences all across the globe. Many people even rushed into Oppo stores to try this feature. Despite the fact that it’s a small brand, it also sold really well. The sales figures are satisfactory enough.

Now, talking about design and performance, then this smartphone feels very premium. It offers a sleek design, and that pop-up selfie camera feature enhances its presence. Whereas, the performance is phenomenal too; because of its chipset (Snapdragon 855 series).

Key Specifications

  • Processor – Snapdragon 855,
  • Storage – 128, 256 GB,
  • Ram – 6, 8 GB,
  • Camera – 48MP + 13MP + 8MP,
  • Battery – 4065 mAh,
  • Display – 6.6” (16.76 cm).

Price – 128 GB ($628), 256 GB ($684).

Buy – Oppo Reno 10x Zoom.

What you are thinking; Will you buy this smartphone? If yes, then don’t forget to mention the reason below in the comment box.

Conclusion: So, this was all regarding the Best Mobile Phones of 2020. If you find it useful, then let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear that.

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