10 Best Sites to Download .IPA File for iPhone and iPad

Best IPA Download Site to Download Apps & Games for iPhone & iPad including cracked apps and also apps that are not on Apple App Store.

When you want to use any paid application from the App Store, you have to pay the amount for the application. Some of them do give free trials, but the App Store has also restricted them.

There is also a chance that the app may not fit up to your expectations, and after buying it, there is also no option for a refund. So, there are some of the IPA websites from where you can try these apps absolutely free.

These IPA websites allow you to download paid apps, and there is no need for you to put your personal details, even your email address. However, you need to jailbreak your iPhone to make this work. So, let’s see the list of best 10 IPA websites that you can use to download any app.

Free IPA Download Sites for iOS

If you’re looking or free paid iPhone apps IPA files, or just want to try some un-published IPA apps, then here are the best IPA download sites.

1. Panda Helper

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is one of the most used and popular IPA downloading websites. After signing in with your Facebook account, you can download and surf access to thousands of apps.

This website comes in the top in terms of providing unique IPA files for any ios device. The only problem with this website is that it uses so many monetization networks.

However, you might see some popup adds here and there while downloading your required IPA file. It may distract you some time and redirect you to a different website. But other than this, Panda Helper does all of your tasks. It also offers a big collection of Android apps for android users.

Panda Helper

2. AppSoDo


AppSoDo is another website to download any IPA files. The platform supports apps for all iPhone, iPad, and even iPods. This website can also be used to perform other tutorials regarding downgrading from different ios version (ios 11 to ios 10).

The navigation on AppSoDo is very easy and responsive. You would have no problem to search for your desired game or app to install. There is also a feature on this website by which you can install systems through the USB cable.

If you want to check any game or app in any particular category, then you can choose different categories and select the app from there.


 3. vShare


vShare is one of the most known IPA websites out there. This is the only website that allows direct IPA install on your iPhone using their website. You can also download traditional IPA files to install them later.

There is a slight difference between these versions, and the app version lets you download any app to your iPhone, and using the web version, you can download the newly updated free IPA files.

However, their download server gives very slow download speeds, and there are some unconditional errors that come while downloading the apps in it. But other than that, it is the best website to use with quite a good number of features.


4. Mob


Mob is a general-purpose IPA downloading site that you might have used before. It is very popular among IPA downloading websites. But the downloading process is a little different as you have to register your device before downloading any IPA file to it.

Once you successfully register your device, you can access all the apps, games, and other customizable features. There are several categories of games and apps which you can choose from this website.

The most visited categories are the “newest” and “popular” categories. This website is more focused on games. So, if you love to play games, then you will get all types of games here that you can use for free. There is also a section for Android games on this website if you have any android device you can also use it.


5. iPhone AppCake 


iPhone Appcake is an IPA downloading website with a very simple and responsive user interface. It offers you to download IPA apps for free and holds a large number of apps and games for iPhone and iPad.

This is one of those IPA websites which do not require a jailbreak iOS device. Because of the smooth user interface of this website, navigating on this website is so easy. You can also check other different categories on the site, which might fulfill your purpose of using it.

iPhone Appcake

6. Apps.su

This website is one of the most sophisticated IPA websites in terms of design. Like other websites, you can also find here all types of apps and games for your iPhone and iPad.

You might find some compatibility issues of IPA files downloaded from their server, but overall they have a vast variety of IPA files along ith their old version counterparts.

There is also a great feature on this website that you can not only download the newest version of the app but if you like to use the older one, then you can also get it. This website was also a part of the Cydia repository back in time, which used to provide free tweaks of apps and games.


7. iEmulators


This is one of the most underrated websites on this list, but the quality it offers is better than other websites. Firstly, you have to sign up on this website to get access to all the apps and games available on this website. There are also some other tools provided by iEmulators, which can give you more options to download apps.

The only and the main problem with this site is that sometimes due to updates, their website goes to under maintenance, which sometimes takes various days to recover.

The apps provided by this website are also very limited as compared to other sites. If we ignore these problems, then this site offers one of the best experiences in terms of there design and very quick navigations.


8. iPSWBeta


The beta, in its name, gives us an idea about this site that it is not fully developed. This site is in its early phase, but even being a new player in the game, it is providing free apps and tweaked IPA to the user.

There is also no requirement for your device to be jailbroken to use this. You can also get the latest beta releases of any apps that come in iOS or any firmware files, even if you do not have any developer account.

You can use these apps to test them and report any changes further. Also, the website is upper mobile friendly and seems like a mini Appstore. All apps and IPA files are available with one-click download.


9. AppAddict

This IPA website is a subsidiary or part of the IPA website, which we have mentioned earlier, vShare. When you look out on this site, you will find the same interface as it is of vShare.

Earlier, AppAddict was used as a tweak website for Cydia tweak to download the paid applications and games for free, but after some time, it got converted into an IPA website.

The content over AppAddict always gets updated frequently with new IPA files for a large number of apps and games. The design makes navigation so easy and fast. You can also use AppAddict to download the IPA files, even if your device is non-jailbreak.


10. 51 IPA

51 iPA

This is the last website in the list of best IPA downloading websites. 51 IPA is an IPA website that is owned by a Chinese developer team. So, mostly all of IPA files and apps are in Chinese.

This site, like any other website, offers you to search for the desired app you want to select and then download it. This can also get you all that the applications it has and then allow you to download them. The content of this website is written in all Chinese languages, and so you can also translate it into your desired language.



Now you might understand how these IPA websites are helping us to use paid the apps for free. There are so many websites with different services and conditions. The list we have made is of the best 10 IPA download websites. But it always depends on the preference of the particular user, which may differ from person to person.

Moreover, these IPA websites mostly do not have any disadvantages of your privacy and personal info. Most of these websites above in the list also support devices that are non-jailbreak.  So, you should try all of these sites to know more about them or pick one and use that.

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