Fix – Apple Music ‘This Song is Not Available in Your Region’ on iPhone

Facing This Song Is Not Available in Your Region Apple Music? Here are the Best Methods to Listen to Restricted Music on iPhone and iPad.

When you try to play a particular song on Apple Music, are you getting an error message that “this song is not available in your region“? Usually, Apple Music is a paid venture for any Apple iPhone user. So, of course, it will be frustrating to pay for the service and then get the message song is not available in your region message. This guide will tell you why this error may happen and how you can fix that up.

This may happen due to some bug in iOS or the Apple Music app. Often using VPN service for some purpose and then not disabling it can confuse the Apple Music app in case the particular track or album has regional availability due to licensing.

Sometimes the particular piece of music may not have synced properly to the library of Apple Music, causing you to see the unavailability message. Nevertheless, I have some exciting and easy troubleshooting guides, that you can follow to fix the Apple Music error; this song is not available in your region. Let’s check them out.

Ways to Fix Apple Music is Not Available in Your Region

Here are all the troubleshooting methods to fix This Song Is Not Available in Your Region

Disable VPN on the iPhone

As mentioned above, if the VPN is active, Apple Music will perceive that the device is located in a region where the particular music track may not be available due to licensing issues. Hence, you will have no access to that song.

To turn off the VPN, either you can use the settings of that respective app or

  1. Go to the Settings App of the iPhone
  2. There will be an option VPN
  3. Simply tap on the switch to disable the VPN.
    disable VPN on iOS

Change Location

If the previous tweak didn’t work for you, you could try to change the location of your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the App Store and tap on the Account icon to the top right corner.Click on the Account ID
  2. Now tap on your account Apple ID and tap on Country/Region.tap on Change Country or Region
  3. Here tap on Change Country or Region option.Change Country or Region
  4. Here Scroll down and select country where the music is available.Select Country
  5. Now click on Agree and Agree on the Terms of Services.


  6. On the next page, select the payment option as None.Select Payment None
  7. Add any random billing name, street, city, and province.Add Random Address
  8. You need to add a correct Postcode (Just Google Search any South Korean Zip Code)
  9. Save it by clicking Done, once done the App Store will switch itself to the Korean App Store version.Click Done to Finish Set Up
  10. Once set, Restart your iPhone.
  11. After the restart, open Apple Music and enjoy your restricted song.

Update the iOS

The next troubleshooting includes updating your iOS to a recent version. The current build of iOS may have some bugs. So, once the developers from Apple realize the existence of the bugs, they fix it through software updates. It’s the user’s responsibility to install the software update when it becomes available.

To look for an update,

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap on General
    tap on General
  3. Then tap on Software Update
    software update
  4. The system will search for a new update
  5. If an update is available, then you will be notified to install it
  6. To do that, tap on Download and Install
  7. After updating the iOS, go to Apple Music and check if you can play the song seamlessly.

Sign Out and Sign-in back to your Apple ID

In this troubleshooting, you have to disconnect your Apple ID from that concerned iPhone on which you are facing the issue with Apple Music regarding the song’s availability. This fix has helped a few users from what I have known.

This process will remove the songs from Apple Music that you have downloaded on your device to hear them offline. It is natural as the Apple ID representing the subscription for Apple Music gets disconnected.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on the name(your Apple ID username) that you see at the top of the display
    Apple ID name
  3. On the next page, navigate to the bottom of the page
  4. Tap on Sign Out
    sign out of Apple ID
  5. You will have to enter the password for the Apple ID
    enter Apple ID password
  6. Next, sign-in back to the device using the same Apple ID credentials

Access Apple Music and check if you are still getting the message This Song Is Not Available in Your Region.

Remove the Song from the Library and Add it Again.

This trick once worked for me, so there is no harm in you trying it as well. If one particular track shows the unavailability error when you play it, then this trick can work. The song must be already present in the library, though, before you trying to remove and add it back again.

  1. Open Apple Music
  2. Go to the Apple Music Library > tap on Songs
    apple music library
  3. Long press on the song that you want to remove
  4. From the menu, select the option Delete from Library
    delete from library Apple Music.
  5. and confirm the action by tapping on Delete Song

Enable Automatic Download for Apple Music

iOS has this feature, when enabled, automatically downloads the songs from Apple Music for any active Apple ID. You have to check if you have enabled this feature or not.

If you have not enabled then make sure to activate it. Otherwise, if you have already enabled the feature, then disable it and enable it back again.

To do that,

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to the option Music
    go to Apple Music iOS settings
  3. Under the tab Downloads, navigate to Automatic Downloads 
  4. Tap on the switch beside it to enable it
    enable automatic downloads for Apple Music

Now, go to Apple Music and see if you are still getting the Music is not available in your region message when you play a particular track.

Disable and Enable Sync Library Feature for Apple Music

Here is one more troubleshooting that often helps out iPhone users.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Navigate to Music
    go to Apple Music iOS settings
  3. Under that, there is the option Sync Library
  4. Tap on the switch to disable it
  5. Tap on Turn off
    disable Apple Music library sync
  6. Enable the option Sync Library once again
  7. Next, tap on Keep Music
  8. You will see a pop-up mentioning Syncing the Libray

After the syncing is over, try to play the music or album you were trying to play earlier, and now you should not get any error message.

So, if you are facing the issue of “this music is not available in your region” while using Apple Music, then follow this guide. The troubleshooting methods mentioned herein will fix the problem.

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  1. henk says:

    This is a pretty much vaporware article. Upgrade iOS is the exact opposite of what helps; Apple does not want non-Apple Music to coexist on your phone since 15.4. On older iOS you are fine. VPN has nothing to do with it either. The only thing that helps is a third party music player like VLC or File Browser Basic.

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