20 Best Google Doodle Games

Looking to Play Google Doodle Games on your Computer Browser. Here are the 20 Best Google Doodle Games That we have curated for you to Play.

What do you like to do to kill time? You certainly engage in gaming, am I right? And if you truly enjoy playing games, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Google Doodle game. Google Doodle Games featured everything from sports to science, Rubik’s Cube to Valentine’s. There are loads of secret video games on Google that you can play for free and that can be played by everyone, regardless of age or ability level. This post will discuss the top 20 Google Doodle games that will capture your hearts and send you on a trip down memory lane. So let’s begin.

1. Pac-Man


The first version of Namco’s iconic arcade game Pac-Man appeared in 1980. A yellow, circular figure that eats pellets and moves around a maze is controlled by the player in this game. Getting all of the pellets while evading the four ghosts that chase Pac-Man is the aim of the game. Power-ups in the game enable Pac-Man to momentarily consume the ghosts, gaining extra points.

2. Pony Express

Pony Express

Pony Express is a 2013 Google Doodle game. A well-known mail service that linked the East and West coasts of the United States was the Pony Express. This occurred between 1860 and 1861. Players travel through the Old West in the game as they assist a Pony Express rider to deliver letters and packages while avoiding obstacles along the way The game is well-known for its charming 8-bit graphics, simple controls, and fast-paced gameplay. Pony Express was created to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express mail service, which played an important role in American history.

3. Champion Island Games

Champion Island Games

Champion Island Games is a fun and engaging game that was released in 2021 to celebrate the Summer Olympics. In this game, there’s a charming cat character who competes in several sporting events to win the grand prize. The game has numerous sporting competitions, like table tennis, archery, and skating, each with its own set of difficulties and rivals. Players of all ages will enjoy playing Champion Island Games for hours due to the captivating plot and intriguing characters.

4. Rubik’s cube

Rubik's cube

Rubik’s Cube was released in 2014 to celebrate the iconic puzzle toy’s 40th anniversary. The object of this game is to rotate the cube’s many faces until they are all solidly colored. The game features various difficulty settings, and each one makes the problems more challenging. The game is well known for its difficult puzzles, captivating gameplay, and tasteful and appealing presentation. Rubik’s Cube is a well-known Google Doodle game that is enjoyed by players of all ages.

5. Hip Hop

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is another game every person should check out if they have a dream of becoming a DJ. This Google Doodle Game was released to celebrate the 44th anniversary of hip-hop’s birth in 2017. In this game, you can be a virtual DJ and live your dream, creating beats with various samples and instruments. Using their creativity, the player can mix beats, rhythms, and melodies to produce a soundtrack. Its visuals and sound will give you a vibe of old-school hip-hop culture. Every music lover should try this free Google Doodle game.

6. Hurdles


Hurdles were released in 2012 to celebrate the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. In this game, players use the arrow keys on their keyboard to control an athlete competing in a hurdle race. The player must jump over hurdles while maintaining their speed, with each successful hurdle clearance earning the player points.

7. Basketball


Basketball has been a popular sport for people of all ages all over the world for over a century. In this game, the player controls a basketball player and tries to score as many baskets as possible in a short time frame. The player uses their mouse to aim and throw the ball towards the hoop, earning points for successful shots.

8. Cricket


Cricket is a Google Doodle Game released in 2017 to celebrate the ICC Champions Trophy cricket tournament. Cricket is a Google Doodle game that was released in 2017 to commemorate the ICC Champions Trophy cricket tournament. In this game, players control a cricket player who aims to score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball with their bat. The player uses their mouse to control the direction and strength of the shot.

9. Coding for Carrots

Google Doodle games

Coding for Carrots was released in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Logo; this programming language will help your child learn how to code. In this game, players use a simple programming language to guide a rabbit around the screen, collecting carrots. The player uses their mouse to direct and strengthen the shot. Coding for Carrots is well-known for its educational value, enjoyable gameplay, and accessibility to beginning coders.

10. Soccer

soccer game

Soccer 2012 is another game you can play if you prefer soccer over cricket. It was released in 2012 to celebrate the UEFA Euro 2012 soccer tournament. In this game, players are given a time limit and have to score as many goals as they can within that time frame. It is a fun game with simple controls, as the player can be controlled with the arrow keys and the ball can be kicked with the spacebar.

11. Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who was released in 2013 to celebrate the 107th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Virginia Apgar, an American obstetrical anesthesiologist who developed the Apgar score to assess the health of newborns. Children who dream of becoming doctors will get a boost in their ambition while playing this game. In this game, the player has to treat patients suffering from a variety of diagnoses. With its simple controls and graphics, the player can explore a wide range of medical scenarios. The doctor is an excellent choice for anyone interested in medicine or wanting to learn more about the healthcare profession, thanks to its educational value and enjoyable gameplay.

12. Halloween


Halloween was released in 2016. The goal of this game is to defend a school from ghosts and ghouls on Halloween night. The player controls the cat with their mouse, casting spells to repel waves of attackers. As the player progresses, they will encounter extremely hard levels and powerful bosses. The game is well-known for its charming graphics, catchy music, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Halloween was created to celebrate the spooky holiday and has become a fan favorite among Google Doodle games, earning a spot on the top 20 list.


13. Baseball


Baseball was released in 2020 to celebrate the start of the Major League Baseball season. The game is a throwback to the classic arcade-style baseball games of the 1990s, with simple graphics and simple gameplay. To hit the ball, players must swing their bats. Players can choose from a variety of difficulty settings in this game to suit their ability level. This game is playable by everybody because to its straightforward controls and graphics. This game will be enjoyable to play.

14. Scoville


Scoville was released in 2016 to celebrate the birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the inventor of the Scoville scale used to measure the heat of peppers. In this game, players control a small pepper and navigate through a maze, collecting peppers of varying heat levels while avoiding obstacles. The goal is to collect peppers with the highest heat level possible, eventually earning a spot on the leaderboard. Scoville is a fun and educational game that honors Wilbur Scoville’s legacy and also teaches players about the Scoville scale and pepper heat in a fun and interactive way.

15. Lotería


Lotería is a 2019 Google Doodle game inspired by the traditional Mexican card game of the same name. Players in this game match images on their game cards with those drawn from a deck of cards. Each card has a unique illustration that depicts a cultural icon or aspect of Mexican life. The game not only entertains but also informs players about Mexican culture and traditions. Lotera is an engaging and entertaining way to learn about this popular game and its importance in Mexican culture while also having fun with friends and family.

16. Slalom Canoe

Slalom Canoe

Slalom Canoe was released in 2012 to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. In this game, players navigate through a river filled with obstacles while racing against the clock. In this game, players must navigate a river filled with obstacles while racing against the clock. The goal is to get to the finish line as quickly as you can while collecting points for successfully passing through gates and avoiding obstacles. Slalom Canoe is a thrilling and enjoyable game that celebrates the Olympic sport of canoe slalom and provides players with a challenging and exciting gameplay experience.

17. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day was introduced in 2017 and has traditionally been associated with love and romance. The goal of this game is to find love and collect colorful, love-themed items scattered across a whimsical and beautifully illustrated world. Along the way, players face various challenges and obstacles they have to overcome to progress through the game. Valentine’s Day is a fun and humorous game that celebrates love and romance playfully and interactively, making it an excellent choice for both couples and singles.

18. Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

The Magic Cat Academy is a thrilling game that was released on the occasion of Halloween 2020. In this game, Momo, a magical black cat, uses his mouse to cast spells as he defends a school of magic against otherworldly beings. The player will come across increasingly challenging waves of foes as the game goes on, and defeating them will take quick reflexes and precise spellcasting. Magic Cat Academy is a fun game that players of all ages will like since it mixes adorable graphics, a frightening atmosphere, and difficult gameplay.

19. Bubble tea

Bubble tea

Another recent Google Doodle that attracted our attention is Bubble Tea. In 2020, in celebration of the 36th anniversary of the invention of this well-known Taiwanese tea-based beverage, bubble tea was introduced. An adorable little animal avatar makes and delivers bubble tea to clients in this game. To fulfill the customer’s precise request, the player must select the proper components, shake the tea, and add bubbles. As the game progresses, the orders grow considerably more complicated, and the player must move quickly to keep up with demand. The game Bubble Tea is adorable and entertaining, plus it honors Taiwanese culture and the satisfaction of helping others.

20. Quick! Draw!

Quick! Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a 2016 Google Doodle game that challenges players to draw simple objects while an AI algorithm guesses what they are. The game’s goal is to collect data on how humans draw common objects to improve the accuracy of machine learning algorithms. Players have 20 seconds to draw six different objects, such as a dog or a tree, while the AI tries to identify them. The game is both entertaining and educational, as it allows players to contribute to AI research while also putting their drawing skills to the test. Quick, Draw! is a one-of-a-kind and creative game that demonstrates the power of AI and how it can be used for research.


Here are the Top 20 Best Google Doodle Games, which have taken us on a fascinating and enjoyable trip through time. Everyone can play these games, and they offer a range of experiences. In addition to entertaining us, they educated us about many cultures and historical events. While competing for the highest scores and learning new methods to have fun and learn, players can enjoy themselves alone or with friends while playing these games.

What is your favorite Google Dongle game to play in your free time? Tell us in the comment section. I hope you found this information useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this and best wishes!

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