How to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone Using in-built Photo Editor

Looking to Add Watermark Logo to Images on iPhone and iPad Using Built-in Photo Editor App. Here is the Simple Guide to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone.

In this guide, I will explain to you an easy trick to add a watermark to photos on iPhone. Rest assured for all you need to use is the in-built photo editor of the iOS to add the watermark. As a content creator or a photographer putting a watermark helps in preventing others from lifting and reusing your images. In the digital world, this issue happens a lot.

With a proper watermark on your photos on the iPhone, you can not only claim them as your work but it also helps in creating your branding. When a digital consumer sees your images, seeing the watermark he gets to know that who is the creator behind this image. So, now you must be understanding the importance of adding watermarks to photos that you have clicked.

Usually, when we talk of putting a watermark over photos, we think of heavy-weight software like Adobe Photoshop or similar such apps. On a professional front, image designers prefer to use these apps on a PC. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone, all you require is to access the Photos app of iOS. There is an option to quickly design and integrate a neat watermark on the images. Let us check out how to add Watermark to Photos on iPhone.

Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone Using built-in Photo Editor

So, grab your iPhone, and let’s create and put up a watermark on the photos you have clicked using the device. What we will do is create some text over the original image and tweak it as a regular watermark.

  1. Open the Photos app and select any photo that you have clicked.
  2. As the image opens, you will see an option Edit at the top right corner. Tap on it.
    edit photo on iOS
  3. Next, navigate to the top-right corner again and you will see an icon resembling a pencil. Tap on that icon.
    photo editor of iOS
  4. At the bottom of the image, some image designing tools will appear.
  5. Next, on the right-most side, there will be a ‘+’ icon. Tap it to expand a small menu.
  6. From the menu, tap on the option Text.
    add text on photo iPhone
  7. This will create a text box on the image. To enter any text double tap on the box and the text cursor will appear.
  8. Now, enter the text you want to use as your watermark.
    enter the text for iPhone photos watermark
  9. To position the watermark text suitable as per your requirement, tap and hold on the edges of the textbox to move it around the photo.

Changing the Font of the Watermark Text

Boring text font doesn’t look appealing when you wish to share your image on social media platforms. For that, the in-built image editor provides three types of font. You can choose any one of them.

Type on the AA button to set the Font Type and text alignment of the watermark on the photo you are editing.

set font of the watermark text

Setting the Color of the Watermark on a Photo of the iPhone

Instead of using the plain boring black or white color text over the photo while setting the watermark, you can select from a broad range of the color spectrum.

customize color of the watermark text

You may select from the basic RGB color streaks provided or tap on the custom color design button to set a custom color palette. There are three color customizations to choose from namely, Color Grid, Color Spectrum, and Color Sliders.

set your choice of custom color spectrum

How to Make the Watermark Transparent on the Photo?

Also, there is an option to set the opacity of the watermark. Normally, photographers and content creators put the watermark in the middle of the image. For this, they make the watermark text or logo transparent.

Instead of a solid text lying over the subject of the photo, a transparent watermark looks professional and appealing. The subject of the photo still looks prominent even with the watermark on it.

With your iPhone in-built image editor, you can make the watermark transparent. There is an option Opacity quotient that you can use to adjust the text to make it a solid text or keep it transparent. Just slide on that Opacity option and set the Opacity percent.

  1. Tap on the custom colors selection button.
    customize color of the watermark text
  2. Under the Colors tab, you will notice the Opacity meter.
  3. Drag the slider to set the opacity.
    set opacity of watermark of iPhone photos
  4. Once you set all the color and transparent quotient, you can place the watermark as per your choice.
  5. To save the new photo with the watermark, tap on the option Done present at the top-right corner.
    save the image after adding watermark

Using Third-Party App to Apply Watermark to Photos on iPhone

Let me show you how to set a watermark on Photos of iPhone using any third-party app. For instance, let us use the popular Adobe Lightroom app. It is free to download.

If you edit your iPhone Photos using the third-party app(Lightroom in this case) then you can directly set watermark with the dedicated watermark customization option.

  1. Open your image in Lightroom.
  2. Edit the image if you wish to change the texture, exposure, brightness, and contrast.
  3. Once the primary editing is done, you have to now add the watermark.
  4. To do that, Tap on the Share button at the top of the screen.
  5. From the menu select the option Export As.
    export the photo on Adobe Lightroom
  6. Select which image file extension you want the final photo to be in [such as JPG or PNG]
  7. Then enable Include Watermark by tapping on the toggle.
  8. An option Customize will show up right below the Include Watermark option. Tap on it.
    enable watermark on Adobe Lightroom
  9. You will be redirected to the next screen where you can choose between placing a textual watermark or graphical watermark such as company logo etc.
  10. For example, I selected the option Text watermark.
    add watermark to iPhone photos using Lightroom
  11. Enter the text in the text field and the same will show up on the image.
  12. The photo will have several dots scattered over it. Tap on the dots to place the watermark according to your requirements.
  13. You can then set how transparent the watermark will look by adjusting the Opacity quotient bar.
    set opacity of watermark on Adobe Lightroom
  14. To change the font of the watermark text, tap on the ‘T’ icon to select from a wide variety of text fonts for the watermark you want to put.
    set text font of watermark in Lightroom for iPhone
  15. Once setting the watermark is finished, simply export the image and the resulting photo will be ready in a few seconds.

Apart from the above methods, if you want more scope of customization with adding a watermark to your photos, then I suggest transferring the images to your PC. Then use PC-based image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva. That should do the job for you.

So, that’s all about how to add watermark to photos on iPhone using the in-built Photo Editor and third-party image editing app. I hope this guide was helpful.

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