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  1. Lindah says:

    Am also banned from all ogwhtasapp. What can i do

  2. panashe says:

    I was banned from GB WhatsApp. what can I do

  3. Saleem baloch says:

    I got error by login whatsapp because gbwahtsapp.
    So i remove this app and install orignal whatsapp .
    Now my whatsapp working fine.

  4. Keith says:

    You guys clearly cannot force us to use the normal WhatsApp if we don’t too. You’re soo desperate that you ban us from the modded apps that we like to use, it’s pathetic how you guys are. Unless you update the stock WhatsApp I will sue you useless people. WTF is wrong with y’all 😒😒

  5. Dominic says:

    This its borring were used in using gb and fm whatsapp and its enjoyable mire than official whatsapp !!! Just permit us to go on. With oyr normal apps( gb and fm whatsapp)

  6. pretty cathylovie says:

    I too I got banned for 10 hours if u don’t want us to use your services remove those kinds of things we don’t want to see them🤨😏😏😏😏😏

  7. Issahaka Mohammed says:

    As far social media is concern please permit us to use Gb and other types of WhatsApp. Or better create another version of WhatsApp which would similar to GBWHATSAPP and the rest to ensure safety used

  8. Louise says:

    This banning process for no reason especially GB is now unfair coz you banning for no reason

  9. Abduull says:

    I to i got banned more than 10 hours
    Please try and do something on it or
    We will stop using this whatsapp

  10. YOUR BOSS !! says:

    This is now v7.96 no good as says google play services not work on your device when install this, so put original back on and it works fine so this needs sorting out as miss using this one…

  11. jagkreng says:


  12. Roobens says:

    I got the same problem ,i got banned si help me plzzz

  13. Patrick Stephen MIIRO says:

    Why have you decided to disconnect or ban the following versions Of WHATSAPP?Whatsapp gold,gold lite,premium GB,etc and the WHATSAPP which you have left on can not be powerful like the banned versions. The version which comes on all smart phone’s are not modern or efficient especially

  14. Flo says:

    Using the normal WhatsApp is just useless as sleeping the whole day.Will stick to fb other than WhatsApp.

  15. Shk Faizan says:

    Hey guys Don’t be depressed.. U should to download the latest version 7.99 this version is anti ban…

  16. Tamil says:

    pls update new mod whatsapp plus

  17. Faith says:

    I want whatsapp which can allow me to view hidden status posts of my contact

  18. Manuel says:

    So what are the founders of the banned WhatsApps doing about this,I think they have to do something.

  19. Nafisa says:

    Konse whatsapp me deleted messages delete nhi hoty?

  20. Kiki says:

    Can the what’s app mods allow for say if I get blocked by one of my contacts I can still see their status and profile pic

    • Nikhil says:

      Yes check features individually

  21. Hamza says:

    does business whats-app is similar to gbwhatsapp

  22. julio says:

    They should consider expanding the maximum number of contacts on a broadcast list since they are currently only 256 in the normal whatsapp.

  23. Rohan says:

    Well I used FMWhatsapp nd it had all the features combined of all given here.. except message scheduler nd sm unnecessary ones like unlimited stories, more than 100files etc. Otherwise it has anti-delete, hiding blue ticks, typing, double ticks, recording etc. Moreover it hs dark theme, thousands of themes, very minute changes, different types of bubbles, fonts, tick styles, icons, etc. Has that anti-see status nd download status option evn.. nd uniquest is inbuilt wasp status trimmer which trims video in 30sec parts..

    • Rohan says:

      Nd the best one being the status of contact do nt get deleted evn if they delete thm.. it’s my fav.

  24. Melissa Reddy says:

    Fm whatsapp is the best but must create new features…..tanx

  25. Mantu kumar says:

    Gd WhatsApp

  26. Rohith says:

    Which mod what’s app can do unblock yourself

  27. SK says:

    With whats app can add participant left many times…. By group please reply

  28. Jordy Fajard says:

    Muy buenos mod de whatsapp, pero y que hay sobre RC Whatsapp, ese tambien es un gran mod y de lo mas completos que eh usado.

  29. Waleed says:

    GB what’s app is the best please re launch the GB what’s app

  30. Rocky says:

    Is there any Whatsapp apk that can help me hide my profile pic from a specific contact without blocking him on Whatsapp?

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