How to Use Google Lens on Desktop PC?

Are you Looking to Access Google Lens on Desktop Browser Like Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Here is the Simple Guide to Use Google Lens on PC.

In this guide, we will know the various ways to use Google Lens on a desktop PC. Based on machine learning, Google Lens uses images and textual content on the images to search for related information in detail.

Back in 2017, Google introduced Lens as an exclusive feature for its Pixel line of devices. Later with smartphones (especially Android) becoming a necessary and common gadget, Google rolled out Lens for Google Photos app and camera apps on Android devices. Also, Google Lens can now be used on Google Chrome on a computer.

Google Lens analyzes the image using machine learning algorithms to recognize objects, text, and other visual elements within the image. Based on the visual data it analyzes, Google Lens provides the user with relevant information, suggestions, and actions in the form of search results, translations, and recommendations.

How to Enable Google Lens on Chrome?

Here are the steps to enable Google Lens on the Chrome browser.

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. In the URL bar, type Chrome://flags, and press enter.
  3. Now, type Google Lens in the Search Flags field.
    access Chrome flags
  4. In the search result, you will see a flag Search your screen with Google Lens.
  5. Set it to Enabled.

If you are running the latest version of Chrome browser, then most likely you do not have to carry out the above steps to enable Google Lens for Chrome.

Note: Google Lens is integrated with Chrome browser which is native to Google. On other prominent web browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, Google Lens will not work.

Top Ways to Use Google Lens on PC

While using your PC, there are several ways by which you can make use of Google Lens to retrieve information from other components, such as images or text present in the images.

How to Use Googe Lens on Google Images?

  1. On the Chrome browser, go to
  2. In the right corner, click on Images.
    google images
  3. Next, in the Images search bar, enter the keyword you want to search.
  4. Once the search result appears, you can click on any one image. It will be highlighted on the right-hand side.
  5. You will see the popular Google Lens icon below the highlighted image. Click on it.
    search image using Lens from Google Images
  6. A highlighter with a white border will appear around the image. You can resize this highlighter to focus on a certain part of the image where there may be a particular text or a part of the image.
    Google lens highlight

Then relevant information and related search options regarding the image will appear.

Using Google Lens on an Image Present on a Website

  1. Open any website using Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to any image you see on the website.
  3. Right-click on the image and select Search image with Google.
    search image using Google Lens from a website

The Google Lens interface will appear on the right-hand with information regarding the selected picture. Also, relevant visual matches and related items to the selected picture will show up.

Select Text Using Google Lens on Desktop

Here is how to select text from an image and use it to search for relevant information using Google Lens.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. In the URL bar, type
  3. Press enter.
  4. Once inside Google Photos, you can open an existing image or upload one from the computer.
  5. Hover the mouse on the image.
  6. If the image has a portion of text on it, you will see an option at the top of the image named “copy text from image“. Click on it.
    copy text from image Google Lens
  7. All the text from the image will be displayed on the right-hand panel.
  8. Double-click on any of the text and paste it into the search bar of Google search.
    copy text from image
  9. Then you can select any of the search results and access them for more detailed information.

How to Use Google Lens on an Image from a PC?

In this method, you can upload any image from the local storage on your PC to Google Photos. Then from Google Photos, you can use Lens to know the details of that image or get details about any other relevant information present in that image.

  1. Launch on the Chrome browser and sign into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Upload button.
    upload option in Google Lens
  3. Click on Computer.
    upload from computer
  4. Browse for the required photo within the PC and upload it.
  5. Click on the photo once it is uploaded to highlight it.
  6. Right-click on the photo and select the option Search Image with Google.
    search image with Google Photos

Google Lens interface with highlighter will show up, and the related search result and visual matches for the image will also appear.


That’s how you can use Google Lens on Desktop PC. To make information availability more widespread and easy across devices, Google has made Google Lens more functional. Whether you use a mobile or PC, you can obtain more data on any object or topic simply by analyzing its image using Google Lens. I hope this guide was useful.

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