Best Apps to Root Android Device With or Without PC

Here are some of the best Android Apps to Root your Android mobile with APK, windows or Mac software application.

Android is a powerful ecosystem controlling more than 90 per cent of the smartphone industry. The success of Android can be credited to its being an open source operating system. These allow the users and developers to tweak around and test some features on the Android phone itself. Rooting is one such feature which lets the users gain full access to the Android mobile.

There was a time when performing root was a complicated business but today the process has smoothened a lot. There are a number of Apps which help in injecting the binary onto the Android phone easily and without any codes and scripts. With a rooted device, you get full access to the mobiles subsystems giving you the power to perform operations like blocking Ads, hibernating Apps, removing bloatware, accessing system files etc.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of allowing users on devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control over various Android’s subsystems which cannot be gained with a stock OS system.

Root is just a user with elevated permissions, who can do anything to any file or folder in the system. A rooted phone can be used to modify the system files, install any other party firmware, block Ads or access some Apps which cannot run without the root permissions.

Prerequisites for Rooting Android

Rooting Can be Done Easily if certain important stuff is taken take of. Below are important preparation needed before you proceed.

Enable USB Debugging

You may need to enable USB debugging if you wish to connect the computer and Android via USB cable.

  • Open Setting of Android
  • Scroll down and click on About phone.
  • Tap 7-8 times on the option to unlock Developers option.
  • Now under settings, you will see the new option at last Developer Options
  • Enable USB Debugging. (Right, check ‘Always’ if prompted).

Enable Unknown Sources

The root Apps are not available on the Google Play Store as it violates ToS. But they are freely available on the net. Enable unknown sources and install the App.

Settings → Security → Enable Unknown Sources.

You can now directly install the App without any issues.

Apps to Root AndroidBest Apps to Root Android With or Without PC

Rooting used to be a tricky back then but with the development of more prominent and reliable tools, it has become less complicated and at the same time with increased safety. Developers are always on a battle mode to release tools to root the latest versions of Android.

Here are the best Rooting Apps for Android without PC using APK file or With Computer PC.

1. KingoRoot

KingoRoot PC

KingoRoot PC

It is the most popular rooting App for Android. The KingoRoot supports a large base of the Android phones, Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo, Micromax, Oppo etc. It is one of the most trusted Android rooting application and has a high success rate.

Even if the rooting fails the probability of risking the phone is very low as the application only executes some codes which modify the root files.

You do not need any coding or scripts to run the application. All you need is to connect the Android phone to the PC using the USB Cable. And then it is a one-click process.

Features of KingoRoot:

  • Capable to Root Android up to 8.1 Version
  • Simple user interface.
  • High success rate.
  • Low risk associated with bricking of the device.
  • The App itself will download the drivers if not already present.

How to Use KingoRoot Application?

  1. Download the KingoRoot PC Version.
  2. Install and open the App.
  3. Now connect your device to PC with USB Cable. (If your device driver is not installed on your Computer, Kingo will install it for you automatically, make sure your PC is connected to the internet).
  4. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device.
  5. Click “ROOT” on the Kingo App.
  6. Within a minute the Kingo will upload the exploit onto the device.
  7. Until your device reboots itself, do not touch, unplug or move your device causing connection breakage. Done!

Download KingoRoot | Windows

2. Framaroot

Framaroot is a one-click root App for Android which can be directly installed on the phone without any computer software. So, you will be safe from rooting complications like black screen, dead screen or soft brick. The App exploits loophole if any in the software to inject the files onto the device. Framaroot explores the device to be root and provides with the perfect exploit for the process.

Features of Framaroot

  • Secure rooting method.
  • You can even unroot the device.
  • Simple and easy rooting process without any PC
  • The App has a good success rate for the devices running on Android 5.0 and below.

 Check your Device Compatibility

How to Root the Device using Framaroot?

  1. Download and Install Framaroot APK on your Android. (Enable Unknown Sources)
  2. To root mobile, click on ‘Root’. The app will check for potential exploits in your device.
  3. Once the app completes the scan for exploits, it will show you the below options.
  4. If you get ‘Exploit Successful’ message. Try each of the exploits until your device is rooted.
  5. Once your device is rooted, you will see a confirmation message on the screen.
  6. Now you can Install SuperSU.

Download Framaroot | APK

3. KingoRoot

Kingoroot APK is the most trusted Android rooting application which does not require any 3rd ecosystem for its functioning. Just download the App on your Android phone and follow the steps on the screen to root the device. The App supports Android Lollipop, Marshmellow and Nougat version on many manufacturers. It is a simple, safe and convenient way to root the phone without any trouble. Kingoroot supports all the major manufacturers running on Android 1.5 to Android 7.1.

The App can exclusively root Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony etc devices. If you face failure with the Kingoroot APK then I recommend to with Kingo Root PC version which has more success rate.

How to use Kingoroot APK?

  1. Download and Install the App.
  2. Connect your device to the internet.
  3. Open the App and click “One Click Root”
  4. Within a few minutes, the App will download the script to root the device.
  5. Try this several times if it fails as the App downloads only one exploit at a time.

Download Kingo Android | APK

4. One Click Root

One Click Root

Click Root is another popular application for injecting the exploit into the phone. Rooting an Android phone using Mac is very easy, all you need to do it just download the OneClickRoot Application on your Mac and connect the device with the PC. The success rate of the phone getting access permissions with a PC tool is more than a standalone rooting App. There is also a dedicated chat support on their official site, this will help you troubleshoot any issue

How to Root using OneClick?

  1. Download and Install the App on your Mac.
  2. Connect the device with the PC using the USB cable.
  3. Enable USB debugging under developer option of the phone
  4. Connect the PC with a working internet connection.
  5. Now Click on Root option and let the process complete Done!

Download One Click App | Mac

5. SuperSU Root

SuperSU is the leader in the mobile world for developing files for rooting. The SuperSU is developed by #Chaifire. The SuperSU has the highest success rate, though it is not an App, the process to root the device is very easy and simple. All you need to do is flash a zip file in recovery mode. The SuperSU App on Android holds a rating of 4.3/5 with over 100 million downloads.

Android SuperSU

How to Root your Android using SuperSU?

  1. Download the SuperSU Zip file on your device by having a Google Search.
  2. Turn Off the phone and reboot the device in recovery mode. (Varies with the device so it is better to have a google search)
  3. Once in recovery mode, look for option install Zip.
  4. Open it and locate the SuperSU file and confirm installation
  5. Reboot the device after the completion of rooting. Done!

Download SuperSU | Zip File

6. Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a GUI tool for working on Android using Mac OS X. The Application allows Mac users to obtain root access on their Android devices. The Cydia Impactor works on all major Android manufacturers like Sony, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Zen etc.

How to Run Cydia?

  • Download and Extract the file package, run Cydia Impactor.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android device.
  • Plug android device into Mac via USB cable.
  • Select “# drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su” in the drop-down menu and click Start.
  • Once done, download and install SuperSu to access your Android.

Download Cydia | Mac

7. RootMaster


It is is a powerful rooting App which is able to introduce the codes into the Android subsystem to give you all the excess permissions. The App is developed by senior developers at XDA and is lightweight with fully functional capability to break the code on any Android. You do not need any 3rd party hardware device to perform the operation. The App is safe to use as it will stop the process if it cannot impregnate the system.

Features of RM App

  • No need for a PC or any other gadget.
  • Safe to use due with the capability to stop the process in case of danger.
  • The capable to root successfully up to Android Marshmellow in most of the devices.
  • You can also the unroot the device.
  • Simple UI

Download RM | APK

8. iRoot

iRoot is a reliable way to root the Android mobile without bricking it. As it runs with on PC the success rate is very high and risk associated while rooting process is pretty low. The App has updated scripts and codes which makes it very safe and works on most of the ecosystem. The process to root the device is very simple all you need is to connect the device with PC using USB, enable USB Debugging Mode on Android, connect the PC to the net, once done on the screen you will get prompt you to click the root. It is a one-click root process to gain the subsystem access on the Android.

Download App | Windows

9. TowelRoot

The App is developed by XDA developer to root the Android device easily without any coding complications. It is a one-click process. The APK is capable of rooting Android 4.3 and 4.4 without any issues. The TowelRoot is just another powerful such App which can make your work easy.

Download TowelRoot | APK

10. Z4 Root App

Z4 Root App is a simple Root app for android with the ability to inject the exploit temporarily, permanently or remove the codes. The App interface is simple three options to choose from. The App is able to root any device up to Android 4.5+. Z4 App can do your job easily without any issues.

Download Z4 App | APK

11. Root Genius

Root Genius is the best tool for root any Android smartphone. Genius supports more than 1000 devices. The App is best to safely. Simply download genius on your PC and run, connect your device to the PC using USB. The latest update Root 3.1.7 is only available with Chinese interface and Root genius apk is also available for direct download on Android smartphones. But the PC version is found to have a high success rate. It is capable of rooting up to Android 4.1

Download Genius | Windows

12. Superuser X [L] Root App

The app is designed for developers and is generally used for performance and testing purpose. This app permits all the apps to access roots once the binary file is installed, thus you do not need to give permission every time. Once the task is done you can uninstall it. Hence, you won’t get any pop-ups asking for permission to access the root, though the App is not a rooting service in itself. But it is a very good App to if you are deep into coding stuff.

Download Superuser | App

13. SRS Software

SRSRoot can be dubbed as the oldest rooting tool for Android. You can root almost all android phones. It is a 1 click app, and all you need is to only download and install the app, open it and follow the on-screen instruction to complete rooting with SRS rooting method. The software is a top tool for rooting/unrooting Android phone or devices. It can root almost all android devices running from version 2.2  to 4.4. The App is risk-free and can be used on tablets also.

SRS Sofware | Windows

Note & Conclusion: With the Apps above you can root any Android phone without any computer laptop or with Windows or Mac.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support.

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