How to Record a Video in 4K 60FPS on iPhone?

Looking to Capture Videos in 4K 60FPS on your iOS Mobile. Here is the Simple Guide to Record 4K 60FPS Videos on iPhone.

4K video recording is now a very normal thing, even on our mobile phones. And there’s nothing much to switch from 1080p to 4k mode. However, if you own an iPhone and maybe want to upgrade your video recording quality to 60fps, you got all the freedom to do that too. Recording 4k at 60 fps simply provides you with that extra flexibility. You could slow it down at certain points to get the visuals clearer and get a more detailed recording.

By default, the video mode on your iPhone is mostly set to 1080p, and if you need 4k recordings, you need to switch your video modes accordingly. However, many iOS users find it difficult when it comes to change their camera recording settings. But now that you are here, we will guide you through the complete process step-by-step. In this article, we will see how to record videos in 4k 60FPS right on your iPhone by changing the camera settings.

Steps to Record a 4K Videos on iPhone

Fortunately, if you are using iPhone Xs, XR, or the later versions, all of them have got the option to record in 4k 60fps. But more importantly, the steps to change your camera settings to 4k isn’t any harder at all. You could simply start recording crisp and clear videos in 4k at 60 FPS by following these few steps:

  • Go to Settings, scroll down and tap on Camera.

iphone camera settings

  • Tap on the ‘Record Video’ option to switch it to 4k.

iphone camera video resolution settings

  • Finally, select the 4k at 60 FPS option in Video mode.

iphone camera 4k video recording

  • Now turn on the camera again and your iPhone will start shooting at 4K 60FPS resolution.

Final Words

The fact that we don’t need a DSLR or other specific cameras to record higher-quality videos makes life simpler. Moreover, iPhones were always popular when it came to smartphone cameras. And now that it has got the capability to shoot at 4k 60fps, you can easily record your best videos right from your iPhone.

The steps above will help you set the right settings to get your desired recordings from your phone. However, make sure that you are using iPhone Xs, XR, or the later versions to record in this video mode. For more queries, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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