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  1. rajminusing says:

    The emulator for android tv?

  2. Berecz says:


  3. shelden says:

    ESX is fake, that is a fucking ad and virus

    RPCS3 require a blu ray drive to dump your games and the devs still working on it. newer titles will not able to play perfectly

  4. Go fuck yourself says:

    Good luck trying to get ESX
    It’s a never ending loop of ads to get you to buy something before you can download it.
    I promise you that you can’t get it without paying for something, if it’s even real.
    You have done 0 research.

  5. stop fooling. says:

    Looks like no real research was done.before writing this article. Only rpcs3, PlayStation now amd ppsspp are genuine. others need proper testing before writing about.

  6. jesus says:

    please stop using heroin for e-playstation.

    Jesus needs emulator purity.

  7. zabour says:


  8. Eckyhecky says:

    Never mentioned dophin emulator
    – no ads
    – working emulator
    – it a GameCube and a Wii Emulator

    • John Doe says:

      maybe it wasn’t mentioned because the article is about emulators that will run/process PS3 games….not GC or Wii…

  9. Reidit says:

    There is really only 2 choices and I am not a fan of the Dolphin Emulator. So its RPCS3 and its a good and every changing emulator that I have got Rockband 3 up and running with guitar support and over 1100 songs, 60 plus fps and its a bit of a challenge to get it working because of Rockband’s catalog and Customs. But if you need advise drop me a email and I will try to help

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