10 Best Offline Voice Assistant Apps for Android

Best Offline Personal Voice Assistant Apps for Android to Assist you out even without any Internet connection.

Voice assistant apps are the need of the hour. Everybody needs an assistant in this busy fast-changing world, and we can’t deny the fact that voice assistant apps make things easy for us. They can schedule the work, sing us a song, answer our queries, and can do a lot more than we desire. The first digital virtual assistant (Siri) was introduced by Apple on October 4, 2011 (in iPhone 4s).

And since then, there’s a line of virtual assistants followed by, Google Now which later became Google Assistant. But there’s a problem with these voice assistants. They don’t operate without the internet. So if you are a person who always struggles with an internet connection and still seeks a voice assistant, we are bringing you the best offline voice assistant apps for your comfort.

Best Offline Voice Assistant Apps

Here are the Best Voice Assistant Apps that can be Operated Offline

1. AiDelight

AiDelight is the voice assistant that everybody desires. You can play music, set an alarm, record video, check time, and can do a lot more. This 1.8 MB-sized app has an interactive UI and is strictly functional. Also, with over 10,000 plus downloads and 3+ content ratings over Play Store, the app is among the most adored offline voice assistant apps online.

Download AiDelight

2. Bestee 

Bestee beats the other offline virtual assistants with its performance. The assistant is insanely fast compared to any offline virtual assistant. The UI is easy to operate, and the app is 7.7MB in size with 50,000 plus downloads. You can ask the assistant to remind you about day-to-day tasks, make a call to your friend, change your accent, send WhatsApp messages, and much more. As a bonus, the assistant is capable of fluently talking to you while cracking hilarious jokes to make your day.

Download Bestee

3. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra is among the most promising artificial-intelligence-powered virtual assistants over the Play Store. You can talk to Lyra, and she replies like a normal human being (with full understanding) without any hiccups. You can play YouTube videos, ask for directions on maps, find local restaurants, set alarms, save notes, manage your diary, etc. The size varies by device and the app has a 1 million-plus install so far.

Download Lyra Virtual Assistant

4. Extreme Go

Lightweight, fast, and with offline operation capability, Extreme Go is among the preferable personal voice assistants by many. The voice assistant can give directions to you to your near coffee shop, schedule your pending tasks, play your favorite playlist, feed you about your daily interests such as football news for football fans too. The app size is around 17MB and has 50,000 plus installs.

Download Extreme Go

5. Robin

“Robin has depth,” reported by CNET seems to be true in some context. This voice assistant has almost everything to offer. You can ask Robin about the traffic, local news, weather reports, the latest stats on sports, entertainment, and whatnot. A fluent, efficient, and never fails to impress voice assistant with 14MB of size and 1 million-plus install till now.

Download Robin

6. Jarvis AI Personal Assistant

Jarvis is the fancy ai-powered virtual assistant that can assist you anytime and anywhere. The app has special voice recognition and hot-word detection functions that make things easy for you while you are outdoor. You can make calls, open apps, set alarms, teach the assistant personalized commands and everything that you wish for in an app. At last, the app size is around 20MB and requires you to update to the 4.0 or higher version of Android to operate.

Download Jarvis

7. Ultimate Alexa

Ultimate Alexa is Amazon’s Alexa voice service. The first on Google Play Store to support Alexa’s Display Card technology. You can explore weather forecasts’, make phone calls, set reminders, alarms, and every basic task that you can imagine. In addition, you can connect the assistant with your Google Watch. To do this, simply tap on the big button or say “OK Google. Open Alexa”. The app size varies by device and has a 1 million-plus install.

Download Ultimate Alexa

8. Rino

Rino is the newly launched offline virtual assistant that has the potential. Made by Rikus games, the assistant is there for you 24×7. You can ask for a weather forecast, news, music, chit-chat, jokes, and rest you will figure it out after download. The app is 10MB in size and is expected to exceed 10,000 downloads soon.

Download Rino

9. Vision

Vision is the smart voice assistant that will help you in many activities. It supports Philips Hue Light and can operate on multiple voice commands. You can search for information on Google and can learn many new unexplored things. Its key features include easy voice control for Wikipedia, rescue options (life-saving mode), voice-controlled Google Search, Google Maps, etc.

Download Vision

10. Voice Access

Voice Access is Google’s service to extend your voice assistant need. The app is capable of doing all the basic tasks such as calling a friend, scheduling a to-do list, sorting emails, and navigating through apps, etc. The app has more than 1 million installs, and the size varies with the device. Rated as 3+ on Play Store, the app is worth the download in our view.

Download Voice Access


So these were some of the best offline voice assistant apps. If you find this article useful, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear that.

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