Fix Invalid IMEI on Mediatek Android Devices [No Signal]

Fix and solve the problem of invalid IMEI in your android device causing no signal & no network with this effective method for Mediatek phone

Invalid IMEI is a common problem faced when you install a custom ROM or update your Android device. The issue mostly occurs in Mediatek based Android smartphones. The problem causes the network to be unrecognised by the SIM card and the SIM will not show any signals or network.

Here I have come up with a couple of methods to fix the problem.

Method 1. Assign IMEI Number


  • Rooted Android Phone.
  • You should know IMEI number of your device.
  1. Dial *#06# in the dialer.
  2. You Can also check for IMEI in About phone under Setting.
  3. You can also find IMEI in Box or somewhere on the battery.

Steps to Follow

Step. 1  In MTK Engineering Mode App select MTK settings.

Step. 2  Go to connectivity and select CDS information.

Step. 3  In CDS select Radio information.

Radio Information under CDS

Radio Information under CDS

Step. 4  Select phone 1 and in input box enter AT+EGMR=1,7,”Your IMEI Number” and press Send AT Command. Now reboot the device.

IMEI Command

IMEI Command

Step. 5  If you have a dual SIM device then again go to the MTK Engineering App and now select Phone 2 and enter the command  AT+EMGR=1,10,”Your IMEI Number” ,send command and reboot the device.

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Step. 6  Once done you will see the network.

Note: If the command doesn’t work just simply put space after AT i.e AT +EMGR instead of AT+EMGR.

Source: Watch Video

Method 2. Install IMEI Backup


  • Root access
  • IMEI number
  • Download Mobile MTK write Tool zip
  • Download Uncle Mobile Tool
  • PC

Steps to Follow

Step. 1  Open the MTK tool application file and First enter the command and hit enter.

Step. 2  Now Enter the IMEI number and hit enter.

Step. 3  Again enter the IMEI number and hit enter.

Step. 4  Create IMEI.bak file and copy it your device storage.

Step. 5  Open the mobile uncle tool, choose IMEI Backup & restore the .bak file

Step. 6  Once done reboot the device. You will see the network again.

Note & Conclusion: Do not make any unnecessary changes in MTK App it is a very sensitive tool. ***DigitBin is not liable for any risk so do not use any other tools in MTK settings. I hope the post was helpful do comment below for any assistance required.

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