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  1. Joseph says:

    Worth noting that these are not new messages but are your old inbox messages not loaded. I know this because I flag messages often and the flags are in the same order on the ghost messages. In fact I have over 7k messages in inbox and I ended up with the same amount of ghost images.
    Also I fixed this problem by simply filtering to unread than back to all messages, hope this helps

    *to moderator: feel free to add fix to your list, also no need to keep my reply.

  2. Steve G. says:

    I tried every type of fixed mentioned here and elsewhere except for deleting the email account. When all else failed to fix, i deleted the email account and reinstalled it (is on Exchange so reinstall was quick & very easy). That ended up doing the trick!!

  3. Glenna says:

    Thank you Joseph for you tip. It was the only one that helped me. What triggered this problem? So frustrating.

  4. Kator says:

    Oh i like this

  5. Julian Marks says:

    These messages are genuine and eventually the content is there but it takes time.
    I would like to know why they happen.Julian

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