How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Loading on Safari on Mac?

Are YouTube Videos Not Loading on Apple Safari on MacBook PC. Here is the Simple Guide to Fix YouTube Not Working on Safari Browser on Mac.

Safari browser is the default browser by Apple and comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. The Safari browser uses its own WebKit engine to render the pages and load websites. Safari is the second most popular browser after Chrome and is widely used by Mac and Apple users due to its enhanced security and privacy features.

Safari is the default browser for Mac OS. Recently, a few complementary features were introduced into Safari, making the browsing experience better and faster, which is the reason why it is among the top recommended browsers for Mac. Though the browser loads all the websites without any issues, if YouTube is not loading or videos are not streaming on Safari browser on Mac, below are some of the best solutions to fix YouTube not working on Safari browser on a MacBook PC.

1. Restart Mac

Restart Mac PC

The best solution for most Mac issues is to reboot your computer. A PC is a complex machine, and sometimes the issue may be with any of the background processes that may cause the app or network not to work properly. Rebooting the device will give your PC a fresh start and clear up RAM and stop other unwanted processes.

2. DNS Host Connectivity Issue

The browser uses DNS to connect with YouTube to collect the data and load the videos on your Safari Browser. If the host is not able to resolve the connectivity with server DNS, then YouTube videos may not load on your Safari browser. The best solution is to change the DNS. By default, the Mac network will automatically set the DNS provided by your ISP. Changing DNS will not affect your net speeds, and it is completely safe.

The below steps are for Mac Ventura 13 and above. The steps may vary for your macOS; for older macOS, you can try the steps provided in this guide.

  1. Open System Settings.System_Settings_Mac
  2. Here open the Network option and click on the network you are connected to (in my case it’s Wi-Fi).
    Network WiFi
  3. Now click on Details.
    Network Details
  4. Here click on the DNS tab, tap on the + icon and enter the DNS.
    Click OK after entering DNS
  5. Click OK to apply the changes.  
    • Google Public DNS: and
    • Cloudflare: and
    • OpenDNS: and

3. Disable Extension

Extensions are browser add-ons that help increase browsers’ productivity. The extensions scan the webpage to see if there is any action to perform. Though the extensions are safe, but sometimes code injecting or content blocking extensions can cause site loading issues. It is good to disable or remove the Safari extension on Mac to see if add-ons are the ones that is causing the issue.

  1. Open Safari and click Safari in the menu bar
  2. Now click on Settings.
    Safari Settings
  3. Here click on Extensions and Uninstall Extensions.
    Uninstall Safari Extension

4. Clear Browser Cache and Data

Huge Cache Buildup may be the main culprit in causing server issues. The cache is data that stores the site’s data and other web information. It helps speed up the page load and fix any connectivity issues with YouTube. Clearing the Cache can help fix the server issue on Safari,

  1. Open Safari and click Safari in the menu bar and click Clear History.
    Clear History
  2. Select the time range and clear history.
  3. To clear the cache, click on Settings.
    Safari Settings
  4. Here click on Advanced Tab
  5. And Right tick on ‘Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar
    Enable Show Develop menu in menu bar
  6. Now click on Develop in the menu bar
  7. Here Empty Cache and Restart the Safari Browser.
    Empty Caches in Develop Mode

5. Enable JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that helps in website design. Though disabling the JS does not have any effect on the website speed, but some websites, like YouTube, may look broken. Therefore, it is good to enable JavaScript.

  1. Open Safari and click Safari in the menu bar
  2. Now click on Settings.
  3. Here click on Security and Enable JavaScript.
    Enable JavaScript Safari Mac

6. Clear YouTube Cache and Cookies

You can clear YouTube Cache, Cookie Data, local storage, and other network preferences on Mac. This will fix any connectivity issues with the app.

  1. Open Safari and click Safari in the menu bar
  2. Now click on Settings.
    Safari Settings
  3. Now look for the Privacy tab and click on Manage Website Data.
  4. Here click on Youtube and then select Remove.

That’s it; this simple guide lets you fix YouTube loading issues on Mac PC. If you have any other queries, please comment below.

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