How to Fix Notes App Crashing on iPhone?

Is Notes App for iPhone Crashing or Force Closing on iPhone. Here is the Simple Guide to Fix Notes App Not Working on iPhone.

Apple is the leading tech company around the globe. With new devices launched every year, they acquire the whole market. But what about their old existing tech? They don’t seem to be paying attention to that. There have been reports that the official notes app keeps crashing. People are getting furious, and they are unable to fix that problem.

If you are facing the same issue, and your note app is also crashing on your apple iPhone or iPad, this article is for you. You can follow the given steps and fix your note app from crashing.

Tips to Fix Notes App Crashing on iOS

Before coming to any conclusion, you should know the reason behind the crashing of your Note application. There may be some corruption in your device, which may be causing this issue; you may need to update the iOS version of your apple device. There may be different case scenarios for this problem. You can go through these fixes for your note app

Method 1: Update iOS version

An out-of-date iOS version is not suitable for you as it may have numerous bugs which are supposed to get fixed in the next update. So please keep your operating system updated to the latest build. Steps to update your iOS version.

  • Open your Settings on your apple device.
    settings general iphone
  • Select General.
    software update iphone
  • Now select Software update.
    download software update iphone
  • Download and install if there are any updates.

You can keep the Automatic updates enabled to get the newest update all the time.

Method 2: Update the Note App

There may be some problems with the current Note App. It is advised to update your note app to the latest version to get the newest feature of the note app.

  • The launch app store on your apple device.
    notes appstore iphone
  • Type Notes in the search bar.
    notes app update iphone
  • Tap on Updates.
  • Your Notes app will be updated to the latest version.

Method 3: Stop sync from iCloud

All the notes you have on your apple device are automatically synced with iCloud. You can stop sync from iCloud to stop your note app from crashing.

  • Open settings.
    iphone icloud section settings
  • Tap on your profile details and look for iCloud.
    icloud settings
  • Locate the Notes app from the list.
    icloud notes settings iphone
  • Toggle off the Notes app from iCloud.

Method 4: Change App Restrictions

You can also remove app restrictions from your Note app. It may be the case that your note app is restricted by someone from the settings accidentally, and this is causing the crashing of your note app.

  • Open the settings on your iOS.
    How to Fix Notes App Crashing on iPhone? 1
  • Go to Screen time and then Content and privacy restrictions.
    content restriction settings iphone
  • Toggle off the content and privacy restrictions.
    toggle off restrictions iphonee

Method 5: Remove Unused App

Some applications are causing problems with your note app. You. Also, remove those applications which you don’t use all the time. This can fix your problem.

Choose those apps which are not used daily or frequently and remove those applications from your device

Method 6: Reset your iOS

The last option is to reset your device. This will reset your phone to the factory settings and can fix the crashing of those applications. By doing this, you will lose all the data you had stored on your local device storage.

  • Go to Settings.settings general iphone
  • Tap on General.
    reset iphone
  • Tap on Transfer or reset phone/device.
    reset all iphone factory reset
  • Tap on Reset and follow the Screen instructions.

This will reset your phone to the factory settings

Final Words

Writing notes is important for some people. Instead of keeping a notepad, you can use mobile to create your notes. But this creates problems when your notes app is not responding accordingly. You can follow the above steps and see if this fixes your application crashing.

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