Looking for Google Chrome Lite? Is your Chrome Hogging and Slow?

Chrome Lite is much demanded but at present there is not such app relased by Google for Android or Windows or Mac PC

Browser Addiction is not any myth, its real. Google Chrome is one of the most addictive Apps in Browsing Section. The Browser is undoubtedly one of the best and most downloaded web utility App. It dominates the web with more than 50% usage worldwide. Google Developed the App with great thought and utmost dedication to meet all the expectations of any general internet user. Even the critics applauded the browser for its simple user interface and high speeds. You will get multiple cool features in the Chrome which will make you fall for it.

Google hasn’t released any lite version of the Chrome Browser for Android or Windows. A lite browser would consume less data, low RAM, eat less storage and also do not drain much battery. But there is no any official Lite Browser for Android or Windows. Though there are a number of ways by which you can speed up your Chrome Browser.

Chrome is known for its agility and high browsing speeds. The ability of the browser to optimise the web pages in case of poor internet connectivity and load AMP pages on mobile when available has made it an unbeatable application. The Browser runs on its own Blink Engine and is based on open source Chromium project.

Google Go a Lightweight Version of Chrome for Android

There is no App like Chrome Lite developed by Google but if you wish to use Google Search with an ability to load results and pages quicker, than you can try Google Go, a lightweight App alternative to Google App for Android. With the Go App, you can go for the voice search and load the pages easily.

The App also allows you to load all the pages with Googleweblight for low consumption of data and for a very high speed of page loading if you are on slow internet network. The Weblight option is available in Go setting and by default it loads all the web pages optimised. It also has Google Assistance integrated. Google Go is the best and only Lite version of Chrome App

Download Google Go | 4 MB

Chrome Lite for PC?

Sorry to say but there is no any Lite Version of Chrome App for Windows or Mac. If your Chrome is hogging and running slower than you can try the following methods and extensions to speed up the Browser.

1. Delete Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions may monitor your data usage thus causing issues with internet speeds. It is good to delete extensions which are not in daily use or are installed mistakenly.

2. Smoother Scrolling

Type chrome://flags into the address bar and find Enable fast tab/windows closed. This option speeds up Chrome. Click the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen to apply the setting.

3. Data Saver Extension

If you have a poor internet connection then you can Google Data Saver extension. This extension uses the Google servers to compress and optimize web pages before they are delivered to your browser. Thus reducing the load on the Chrome App.

Conclusion: Make most of your Chrome browser with this method to make your chrome lite and enjoy the best of the experience.

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  1. altab raja says:

    When I Open Chrome Its Run Very Slowly
    Please Contact to Developer

  2. jordan says:

    my laptop only came with 32 gb storage and 2 gigs of ram and I need chrome for every day use. its just hard to even use it now as my computer just can’t handle it

  3. Jan Alexander Beckmann says:

    thanks for the article!
    Jan Alexander Beckmann MSc. from Germany

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