Completely Remove Ads on Chrome Browser for Android Without Root

Remove all the Ads from Chrome Browser for the Android phone with this custom built NoChromo App and enjoy the browsing Ad-Free without Root.

Ads! Ads! Ads! They are very irritating and can irk any user if in large numbers combined with wrong positions. Although many web browsers have built-in Ad-Blocking feature. The most popular web browser, Chrome for Android lack any such option of Ad Blocking. The Chrome displays ads while you browse through web pages. The browser has the option of blocking Pop-Up Ads but they can’t block display and text ads on the web pages. Though display and text ads may not be irritating but can they seriously reduce the page load time by displaying high-density Ads.

Today I have come up with some good news so as to block all the type of ads on your Chrome Browser on Android Mobile and enjoy the browsing experience with no annoying adverts.

Issues with 3rd Part Ad-Blocking Apps

If the device is unrooted then you might have surely dabbed with few 3rd party apps like Adgaurd, Adaway etc which can block ads on your phone. But there are few issues with such Apps;

  • The 3rd party use a proxy VPN Network to filter the host files.
  • They can slow up the internet speeds on your phone.
  • They can eat up loads of memory from your device as they need to continuously run in the background.

How to Block Ads on Chrome Without Root?

#1. Ad-Blocked Verison of Chrome

#NoChromo is a modified version of Chrome that comes with an integrated adblocker. So, it is practically a Chrome Browser with an inbuilt Adblocking system. NoChromo is same as your default chrome browser and has all the core features like incognito mode, bookmarks and other feature.

The UI and speed are same as the chrome browser as they are built on Chromium Open Source API with Google’s Blink Engine.

So, you can now browse faster with your favourite Chrome Browser as no Ads are loaded. You can also check the XDA Forum for more details.

⇒Download NoChromo Mirror Link⇐

#2. Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary

Google is testing a new feature to block Intrusive Ads on Google Chrome. This feature may even block the Google’s own Ad Network. These will give Google more power to control ads online and will benefit both publishers and advertisers.



As said earlier by the internet giant, they will block intrusive ads on Chrome browser and a preview setting has shown up in Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary which will be rolled out to Google Chome by Next Year.

Download Chrome Dev – Play Store 

Download Chrome Canary – Play Store

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