5 Best Offline Messaging Apps: Send Text without Internet

Looking to Send Text Messages on Android without Internet. Here are the Best Offline Messaging Apps for Android that Run with No Data.

If you want to send messages without enabling your internet connection, an offline messaging app is something you need. They are the best option if you want to send important messages even though you are facing issues with your network connectivity. These applications are mostly helpful in areas that just don’t have any network coverage.

Although there are a lot of options when it comes to the best offline messaging apps, very few live up to the hype. To ease your problem, here’s a list of the top offline messaging apps that you can try in 2022. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Here’s a list of the best offline messaging apps for 2022. 

1. Firechat

Fire Chat

Firechat is the very first name on our list of the best offline messaging apps. It offers its services with the help of Bluetooth and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. It establishes a mesh network to transfer data. As a result of that, whenever a large number of users use the application, it becomes faster.

Firechat is especially recommended for users who live on school campuses or travel via public transport. The reason is that it’s easy to find a large group in such places. The application uses the built-in radio of the iPhone to communicate with each other. And when it comes to range, Firechat can send messages up to a maximum radius of 210 feet.


2. Bridgefy


Bridgefy is an offline messaging app that comes with an encryption feature. To be more precise, you can use the application to send encrypted messages to your friends even though you don’t have an active internet connection. It uses the smartphone’s Bluetooth to offer its services.

The Bridgefy app can send data to other devices that are within a range of 230 feet. The Wi-Fi network mode of the application helps you connect to your friend’s device using a Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, this offline messaging app supports mesh and broadcast mode.


3. Hike


Hike is one such name on our list that you must have heard of. You can communicate with your friends using 5000+ free stickers. Not to mention, chat themes that let you customize your chat according to your mood.

Hike also comes with the option of hiding all your private chats with your friends and family. And in case you don’t have an active internet connection, you can communicate with your friends that are within a range of 100 meters. If the person to whom you are sending the message has his internet connection turned off, the message you have sent will be delivered in the form of a normal SMS.


4. Briar


Briar will be the name for you if you are a businessman or regularly have to travel out of town. You can use this application to deliver messages even if your smartphone doesn’t have an Internet connection. It uses its smartphone’s Bluetooth to offer its services.

The best part about this application is that, unlike other applications, it doesn’t have a central server concept. Furthermore, it makes use of a Tor connection to send messages across the network.


5. Peer Chat

Peer Chat


To conclude our list, we have a Peer Chat. It uses WiFi radio and a mesh network to deliver messages to your friends. The best part about this application is that you can use it to send both private and group messages. It also has the exclusive feature of drawing messages.

It doesn’t matter if the receiver is in the range or not, Peer Chat will deliver the message. And whenever the receiver comes into range, they will receive the message. However, there is a great downside to this application, i.e., it doesn’t have the encryption feature. Other than that, it is a great application that you can use to send offline messages.


Final Words

These are the best offline messaging apps that you can try in 2022. Let us know which of the above-mentioned names you are going to try to send offline messages under.

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