10 Best English Subtitle Download Sites

Download English Subtitle in SRT format with this Best Eng Subtitle Download Sites for Free and Enjoy Foreign Language Films in English.

English is a global language that is used by more than 30% of the world’s population. Therefore if you come across any movies or tv series which are not in the languages you understand, then English Subtitles is the best helper to communicate the content. In some cases, you could watch the said film or TV series in its original language and then take the clue from the subtitles.

Well, the advantages are many, and so are the websites from which you get get your hands on these subtitles. If you are looking to get English subtitles for any movies and TV shows, I have listed some of the best subtitle download sites.

How to Add Subtitles to Video?

Sometimes subtitles are attached to the video file, but if you are downloading the subtitle from any external source, you need to do the below steps to add subtitles to the movie or TV series.

  • Download the subtitle of your favorite movie or TV series.
  • The downloaded file will be in zip or RAR format.
  • Use any compressing tool to extract the file. (WinRAR recommended)
  • Now, copy the srt subtitle file to the folder/directory where you kept the movie or TV series.
  • Now, rename the srt subtitle file as it is of the movie or TV series. 
  • Finally, play the video and enable the subtitle by using the media player.

Best Sites to Download English Subtitles

Here are the Best Sites to Download English Subtitles in SRT Format and enjoy Movies and TV Series.

1. Open Subtitles


It is the biggest open-source platform for subtitles. To begin with, the website has been translated into many languages, so browsing through the subtitles shouldn’t be much of a problem, irrespective of the place you belong to. Furthermore, the site comes with a pretty handy search tool that allows you to filter your content based on any particular season, episode, genre, or release date.

Visit: Open Subtitles

2. YIFY Subtitles


Among the most visited sites for downloading subtitles, YiFY has managed to carve out a name for itself in this domain as well. Rather than just providing the subtitles for the movies, you could also get a short synopsis about that movie, its launch date, the characters involved, and even the IMDB rating.

Visit: YIFY Subtitles

3. Podnapisi


By default, only English subtitles will be shown. To add more languages, tap on the plus icon situated at the top left. They also have subtitles adapted especially for deaf viewers. All in all, Podnapisi comes with around 2 million subtitles. So you might definitely find your favorite one from this site.

Visit: Podnapisi

4. English Subtitles

English Subtitles .org

Here, on this site, you will be able to get subtitles for popular and not-so-popular movies, Tv serials, and episodes.  The site has pretty neatly arranged all these subs into different sections, so finding your desired one should be much of an issue. All the subs are free to download without the need to log in.

Visit: English Subtitles

5. Subdl

Subdl is a free website that has subtitles of popular movies and TV shows. All a user has to do is type the name of the movie or show whose subtitles they are looking for in the search bar on the website. The website will display all subtitles available of the various movies or seasons of the show. It sources its subtitles from several sources.

Subdl has subtitles of not just the English language but also other languages like Greek, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian, etc. It also features subtitles of new shows and movies and popular shows and movies for easy access. Overall, Subdl is a great website for downloading subtitles for free.

Visit: Subdl

6. TVSubtitles.net


The site has subtitles in over 18+ common languages, including German, Spanish, English, etc. TVSubtities further has segregated the website into different sections. For example, one section for the most downloaded subtitles to date, one for the newly released, and another one for the top TV shows like Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc.

Visit: TVSubtitles

7. Addic7ed


Don’t let the name confuse you; it actually does its job pretty well. It hosts a plentitude of subtitles across a varied domain. You could even find subtitles in languages such as Telugu and Tamil and man other regional languages. Although the same is only limited to some famous movies and TV shows, still a useful addition nevertheless.

There is also a separate section for the most downloaded subtitles and even the recently started and finished translated subtitles. The site also allows you to drop in your views on any subtitles, but you will have to create an account for that. However, for downloading subtitles, no such account creation is needed.

Visited: Addic7ed

8. Subscence

This is another best websites to download English subtitles for free. The website has a huge database of subtitles. The website offers a ton of filtering features that will allow you to download subtitles of your choice in no time.

Not only English, but the website also offers subtitles in many regional languages as well. You can download them in one go without any hassle. The filter feature helps a lot to figure out the subtitles for any movie or web series.

There are popular subtitles section Subscence list the best and the most downloaded subtitles. So, if you are looking for something new, you explore that section to find something new to watch.

The website also offers a discussion forum where you can request any subtitle which is already not available on the website.

Visit Subscene

9. Subs4Free

If you are looking for English or Greek subtitles, then Subs4Free is one of the best destinations to download for free. The website offers subtitles of the same video of different resolutions for more accuracy of the subtitles. 

The search function with filter options does a great job; you can search any specific subtitle of movies or web series at ease. Other than that, the site also provides navigation to the latest subtitles and the top movies and TV series.

The website uploads and updates new subtitles every single day. You can find the updated subtitles on the homepage itself. And the website has two different versions within the same website, the English version, and the Greek version.

Visit Subs4Free

10. MovieSubtitles

User-friendly download of movie subtitles. Moviesubtitles.org offers subs of the most popular movies in an easily navigated interface. Subtitles are available in multiple languages. All subtitles here are packed with WinZip, you must unpack them to use it. Titles are categorized alphabetically, making it easy to find the file you seek.

Visit MovieSubtitles

11. English Subtitles

English Subtitles .org

Here, on this site, you will be able to get subtitles for popular and not-so-popular movies, Tv serials, and episodes.  The site has pretty neatly arranged all these subs into different sections, so finding your desired one should be much of an issue. All the subs are free to download, without the need to log in.

Only if you wish to add your own subs over their site, you will need an account. Although it holds subs from many different genres, yet they all will only be available in the English language. Well, that is pretty much evident from its name itself. So if you are looking for subs in any other language, this wouldn’t be able to meet your requirements.

Visit: English Subtitles

Conclusion: Get English Subtitles for Bollywood, Hollywood, and other Foreign Language Movies and TV Shows for Free with these Best Subtitles download sites.

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