Best Free Websites to Download Anime Subtitle

In this tutorial, we will make you aware of the best anime subtitle download sites that allow you to download subs in your desired language.

From this listicle, you could get hold of the seven best anime subtitle download sites. There has been a tremendous rise in Japanese animated short films and TV series in recent years. While these animations are still in their native language, but it has managed to encapsulate audiences from across the globe.

However, to get a grip on everything that’s happening in these shorts, foreign users might need additional help in the form of either audio or captions. The former isn’t preferred by many as it tends to disrupt the original viewing experience.

Therefore, it’s the written dialogues that users are generally inclined towards. If you also echo this thought and are on the lookout for the best anime subtitles download sites, then this guide is here to help you out. Follow along.


opensubtitles Anime Subtitle Download Sites

A clean and simple UI shouldn’t let you distract from its rich collection of anime subtitles that it has in store. Just head over to its home page and type in the desired anime in the search box. Then use the Language drop-down menu to select your preferred caption language and that’s it, there will be a long list of captions right at your disposal.

Moreover, it also shows the trustworthiness of the uploader, which comes in quite useful when trying to download the correct subs. In this regard, you should only consider downloading subtitles from those who have a Trusted or Admin badge.



isubtitles Anime Subtitle Download Sites

One of the most popular sites for subtitles, it is probably the only one in this list that has given a due weightage to the website user experience. With a fast loading speed and easy-to-navigate UI, it has managed to checkmark all the requisites of the front end.

Then if we shift our attention towards its subtitles collection, then its compilation is quite impressive. It also comes with a language filter that allows you to download the sub in the preferred language of your choice.

With each title, it also holds other useful information such as its Release Date, IMDB Ratings, Genre, Time, Upload Date. All these perks make it enough to justify its position at the top of this list of the best anime subtitle download sites.



With SubtitleSearch you can find accurate subtitles for your favorite movies and TV shows. The service is a search engine that makes it easy to find subtitles in multiple languages.

Our user-friendly interface and search algorithms ensure that you can find the subtitles you need quickly and efficiently.

We understand that different users have different needs, so we’ve created a database that is easy to search and use. Our commitment to excellence means that every subtitle enhances your viewing experience and blends seamlessly with the audio.



subdl Anime Subtitle Download Sites

Its home page consists of just a search bar, and that should be sufficient to meet your needs. Furthermore, for each anime, this site presumably has the biggest collection of captions, although some of them might throw an occasional error or two.

It also has incorporated a short snippet for each anime, thereby giving you an idea or two whether you have come for the right file or not. Then there’s also an IMDB rating that rounds off its depth coverage for each anime as well as its subtitles.

Visit: SubDL


addic7ed Anime Subtitle Download Sites

With a colorful UI and well-segregated sections for different genres of films, it comes with a decent collection of closed captions as well. There is a plenitude of subs for numerous animes, and its language filter menu makes it quite easier in getting hold of the subs in the desired language.

Furthermore, it also gives you an option to directly view and edit a subtle file without even the end to download them, but you need to create an account for that purpose.

In the cons section, you may add its lack of subs in the English language, which definitely should be addressed at the earliest.



animetosho Anime Subtitle Download Sites

All the other sites mentioned in the list of best anime subtitle download sites also tend to focus on various TV shows and movies. However, Animetosho solely concentrates on providing subtitles for animes. So it automatically translates to having a tremendous collection of subs. Apart from that, each of its subtitle files has numerous download mirrors to choose from.

So even if a link is down, you have many others to choose from. All this then begs one question- why does this site occupy such a low rank in this list? Well, it’s due to its poor site design and UI choices. It proves to be quite a challenging task in even read the texts on the screen, let alone search for or download the desired subs.

Visit: Animetosho


kitsunekko Anime Subtitle Download Sites

The last entry in this list of the best anime subtitle download sites is Kitsunekko. This is a completely text-based site, with no interactive elements. Well, it even doesn’t have any JavaScript components either, which translates to an ad-free experience. Talking about the subtitles that it has at its disposal, well you wouldn’t be left disappointed with that.

What might frustrate the users is the lack of a search bar. Hence, you would have to manually browse through the preferred anime genre and then bring up the Windows Search bar via Ctrl+F. This calls for a lot of effort and could hence repel some users from trying out this site.



So with this, we conclude this list of the best anime subtitle download sites. We have shared seven different websites, each having its own USP.

While some tend to focus solely on providing the subs for numerous animes, others give some weightage to their site’s user interface as well. Keeping all these points in mind, do let us know in the comment section which site managed to checkmark all your requirements.

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