Fix – This APK File Might Contain Unsafe Content

Fix the issue of APK file with Unsafe Content on Android and also fix the error of no proper app for viewing this content.

Android is an open source eco-system which allows the installation of all kinds of Applications without any prior scrutiny. Android scans each APK file during installation and notifies if something is not correct with the App. The error message which is generally seen is “This APK File Might Contain Unsafe Content”, Make Sure You Trust the Sender before you Open and Install it”.

The Error generally comes when you try to install the App from 3rd party Application from where the file is shared. The Android OS which generally scans the App during installation may skip the scan due to Apps small size or Apps nature. This makes it difficult for the Google Protect to detect the App Code and its content. This results in the App being recognized as unsafe and asks the user to trust the App from the source through which he received it.

And many times when you try to install this unsafe file you see the error.

What to Do if the App says APK is not Safe?

Generally, the App is Safe to install and the warning message is due to the inability of the 3rd party app to verify the content of the App. If you believe the App is from the safe source and has normal content then you can proceed forward without any worries. Make sure you enable unknown sources before going for installation;

Settings ⇒ Security ⇒ Unkown Sources (Turn it On)

You May Not Have a Proper App for Viewing this Content

You may Not have Proper App for Viewing this Content

You may Not have Proper App for Viewing this Content

This issue occurs when you try to view or install the application from a 3rd part App like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat etc. If you see this error during installing APK then the reason is the 3rd party App cannot load the App installer which is by default present as the system software. 

The issue generally occurs when the App or system cannot verify the content of the APK file showing the error that there may not be a proper app for viewing this content.

How to Fix ‘You may Not have Proper App for Viewing this Content’?

There is a very simple solution to fix this problem, all you need to do is just open the file manager and search for the App and install it. The application will be installed without any warning message.

Conclusion: The above post gives complete details regarding the issue of the file safety and method to resolve it.

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