5 Best Sticky Note Apps for Mac

Here are the Best Sticky Note Apps for Mac to Keep Track of Small Piece of Information Readily available.

Note apps are one of the best places to maintain our to-do lists and write down important tasks. Fortunately, MacBook offers users a clean and efficient Notes app to list all their daily tasks. However, often in our busy schedule, we may end up overlooking specific notes if we forget to visit the application. That’s where the sticky notes app comes into play. Sticky Notes ensures that you never miss any salient task or event ever again.

The sticky notes always stick to your MacBook desktop making it impossible to leave them unnoticed. Speaking of it, today, we have plenty of sticky note apps for Mac, thus, making it a tough call to decide the best pick. Are you having the same trouble? Well, worry no more as we have got you the 5 best Sticky Note Mac apps worth checking out.

Best Sticky Note Apps for Mac in 2024

Unlike regular note applications, the Sticky Note app interestingly does things. You can write down the most crucial tasks, which will float on your desktop screen to instantly catch your attention. Even though we have a lot of options, below are some of the best Sticky Note apps for Mac that will offer you the most refined experience.

1. Apple Stickies

Apple Stickies

If you enjoy simplicity and looking for something basic, there’s none better than Apple Stickies. The sticky note app has been there for a while and does its job quietly for the users. Although you won’t find any fancy stickies or features, it ensures you never miss any crucial task.

Apple Stickies features a very straightforward interface with a collection of simple and colorful stickies. Just write your stuff and have it stick on the desktop screen. However, the best part about Apple Stickies is that it doesn’t require a sign-in or syncing.

2. Quick Note

Quick Note

Quick Note is another amazing Sticky Note app that does its job without diverting your focus. As the name itself signifies, it allows you to create quick notes and stick them to your Desktop. It further supports keyboard shortcuts to launch the application. Quick Note also comes with a full-screen dark mode which looks clean and attractive. It is completely free to download and also available for in-app purchases. However, using the free version, you can only stick up to 4 notes on the Desktop.

Download Quick Note

3. Side Notes

Side Notes

Next, we have Side Notes, a pretty and agile sticky note app on the side of your screen. Side Notes distinguishes itself from others by sticking all your important notes on the side rather than acquiring the entire display. It displays your notes in standard stickies that look very clean on your Mac desktop. Use it to stick an idea, a message, a phone number, links, or images.

Additionally, Side Notes also support color-coding thus, allowing you to color-code your texts to make them more appealing. Unlike others, you don’t have to look for it in the Menu. Simply move your cursor to the side and press the semi-transparent bar to access it. Side Notes allow you to use three text formatting modes and share your notes efficiently with others.

Download Side Notes

4. Post It

Post It

Post It is a feature-rich collaborative sticky note app available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Apart from the basic functionalities of a Sticky Note application, Post It offers a platform you can use for teamwork and collaboration or personal note-keeping. Write your notes, organize them, and easily share them with others. Furthermore, it also allows you to export your notes on various apps and cloud services like PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, etc.

Post It is easy to use and fully integrates with the Mac ecosystem. Moreover, you can select from a variety of widgets to stick to your desktop screen. It even provides a powerful set of editing tools to style your notes exactly how you want them written. However, the only drawback is that it can get a bit laggy sometimes, but that is not mostly the case.

Download Post It

5. Ghost Note 2

Ghost Note 2

Ghost Note 2 is an easy-to-use Sticky Note app for Mac that comes with a simple and straightforward interface. It eliminates any sort of cluttered information to offer better navigation. Ghost Note 2 further manages your notes in an organized way keeping them in individual files and folders for easy accessibility. It provides an efficient way of file sharing with your teammates and others to share your thoughts and ideas instantly.

Additionally, the note app comes with a robust script editor that lets you customize your notes and a Note Browser to locate all your listings organized in a single place. However, the only hitch is that the notes may sometimes disappear while switching to other windows. Apart from that, Ghost Note 2 does a great job and comes with a 14-day trial and a one-time subscription fee of $9.99.

Download Ghost Note 2


The pre-installed Note app on Mac undoubtedly does a great job and most users prefer it for their note keeping. Yet, the Sticky Note apps on Mac offer the upper hand with better control and visibility to catch your attention and direct your attention toward important tasks. If you are more involved in teamwork and collaborations, you could either go for Post it or Ghostnote2. However, if you are just looking for personal use, Apple Stickies, Quick Note, or Side Notes will do your work. So, let us know which one of these you liked the most.

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