123Movies Proxy Sites List 2024: Mirror Site

Looking for Proxy Links or Mirror Sites to 123Movies. Here is the Guide Detailing Working 123Movies Proxy List.

Are you searching for ways to bypass the 123Movies blockade and watch movies online? This website is a popular source of free movies, TV shows, and documentaries, but copyright concerns prohibit it from being accessible in all countries.

This article compiles a list of new 123Movies proxy and mirror sites operational in 2023, providing users who cannot access the site or require a dependable substitute with unrestricted streaming access.

Note: DigitBin doesn’t promote re-using or distributing copy-righted content by anyone. This guide is to provide information and share knowledge. Use Torrent sites and their content at your discretion. DigitBin won’t be held responsible for any misuse of any file or content hosted on any Torrent platform by any Torrent user.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is a popular streaming website that offers free access to a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. The website has been around since 2015 but has gone through several domain changes due to copyright issues. Despite facing legal battles over the years, 123Movies remains a popular destination for movie and TV show enthusiasts who want to watch content online for free. However, it’s worth noting that the website’s legality varies depending on the user’s jurisdiction.

List of 123Movies Mirror Sites

When certain websites are blocked, people often use methods such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or proxy sites to access them. VPNs are a commonly used technique, but another effective way to get around blocked websites is to use proxy sites.

If you cannot access the site or your ISP has been blocked; don’t worry, you can still use the 123Movies proxies. These sites act as intermediaries between the user and the blocked website, providing users access to otherwise unavailable content.

Here’s a list of working 123movies proxy lists:

  • https://li.123moviesx.org/
  • https://ww2.123moviesfree.net
  • https://upmovies.to/
  • https://123moviesfree.bz/
  • https://gomovies.delivery/
  • https://gomovies.sx/
  • https://watchmoviies [.] top/stream/
  • https://www1.123movies [.] co/
  • https://123moviesite [.] one/
  • https://123movies-to [.] org/
  • https://vw.movies123 [.] studio/home/
  • https://gomovies [.] pet/
  • http://gomovies [.] is
  • https://ww2.123movies [.] la/
  • http://123movies [.] to
  • https://123moviesgofree [.] ga/
  • http://123movies [.] net/
  • https://gostream [.] is/
  • https://www4.123movies [.] gr/
  • https://ww7.123moviesfree [.] sc/
  • https://123movies [.] co/
  • https://123moviesfree [.] world/
  • http://123movies [.] gs
  • http://123-movie [.] ru
  • http://123movieshd [.] to
  • https://vww.123movies [.] bio/

How to Use VPN to Access 123Movies?

What is VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that hides your IP address and secures all the information transmitted from your device. This ensures that the user remains anonymous.

To watch content on 123Movies using a VPN, you must connect to a reputable paid or free VPN service. Once you’ve done this, simply go to the official website of 123Movies and start streaming the content of your choice.

Is 123Movies Legal?

123movie doesn’t permit movie downloads but offers legal online movie streaming services to its users in the USA and some European countries. However, the legality of using 123movies depends on various factors, mainly the user’s jurisdiction.

Downloading copyright-protected movies from online movie websites is generally illegal in most Western jurisdictions, but since 123movie doesn’t allow downloads, its usage is legal.

Nevertheless, authorities seldom go after end-users of streaming sites, making the legality of 123Movies for end-users primarily insignificant.

Pursuing individuals to watch a movie is not worth their time, as authorities can focus on going after the website owners.

Is it Secure to Use 123Movies?

It is safe to utilize 123movies in 2023, but you will need to use a clone version of the website as it does not officially exist.

Other movie streaming sites are also generally safe to use, with the only concern being the possibility of accidentally clicking on ads and downloading malware inadvertently.

However, it’s worth noting that browsers do not automatically download malware, and closing any ads that appear in new tabs can help prevent any issues. It’s essential to be cautious as the ads on such sites can potentially contain harmful malware.

Reason Why is 123Movies Blocked?

123Movies might be blocked for a few reasons by a few different parties. This section will outline all the reasons 123Movies might be blocked.

ISP Block

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might restrict access to a website as they could be held accountable for any harm caused by someone using their service to watch movies.

Although blocking a website by an ISP is illegal in some countries, it may still occur despite its illegality.

Country Block

If 123Movies gets blocked, your country’s government is likely the first to do so, as they consider websites like 123Movies illegal. However, this only happens occasionally.

Blocked by Domain Registrar

Domain registrars often take control of websites that contain illegal material. Regular users of websites such as 123movies will observe that the domain names frequently change, rendering the site inaccessible rather than blocked.

To bypass this issue, the ideal approach is to pre-save all the mirror websites in advance. Typically, only one domain goes offline if a domain registrar closes it.

Top 123Movies Alternatives

123Movies is an excellent platform for accessing the latest movie collections. However, users may encounter restrictions based on location while using the platform.

There are several impressive alternatives that users can consider using instead.



Yesmovies is a well-known torrent site for streaming movies and has gained significant popularity following Fmovies. This website offers a user-friendly experience and a broad selection of high-quality latest films.

As with other torrent sites, you may encounter popup ads while browsing Yesmovies. Nonetheless, it remains one of the top alternatives to 123Movies.



This website displays the latest movies on its homepage, allowing you to choose any desired film. Although the website does feature popup ads that can be annoying, you can still access all content in HD quality without charge.

In addition to movies, the website also provides TV shows, web series, and content in various languages.




Fmovies is an excellent website for streaming videos online, allowing users to watch or download anything on their platform. You can also discover the latest high-definition movies on this site, established in 2016.

Although restricted in countries like Sweden, Australia, and India, it offers a user-friendly interface that does not require logging in or registration.



This highly successful platform has more than 10 million active pieces of content available for download, including a vast selection of movies, TV shows, series, music, and other forms of entertainment.

The content on this platform is of high quality, and it is one of the best options to access for such content.


Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an excellent website offering a comprehensive range of entertainment options, including streaming favorite movies for free. Additionally, users can download content from the site to maximize their experience.



YourBittorrent is another excellent option to consider. The platform offers a secure and safe environment, enabling users to access high-quality content easily. It boasts high-speed downloads and fewer pop-ups, making it a popular choice among many online users.



To summarize, utilizing proxy websites to access 123Movies offers users a vast array of movies and TV shows, but it’s crucial to be aware that the legality of these sites is uncertain, and users should exercise caution.

Protecting your device against possible malware or viruses that could damage your system is essential.

Although a VPN can improve security, it’s crucial to authenticate your selected VPN provider. Ultimately, each user must determine if using a 123movies proxy is worthwhile, despite the potential hazards.

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