Unlock Temporary Locked Yahoo Mail Account Immediately

Unlock your temporarily locked Yahoo Mail Account quickly with this simple tricky guide below. Unblock access to get back your account working

Yahoo! is very strict in keeping its products and services up to its policies. Any malfunction with its products may lead to a strike on your service usage. If your Yahoo mail account is locked temporarily (12 hours), read the post carefully to regain your account back.

Following reasons are potential causes for blocking

  • Trying incorrect password attempts multiple times
  • Sending mails in large numbers more than specified limit
  • Hacking attempts on your Email ID
  • Suspicious activity on your account
  • Spam mark by recipients on receiving invaluable message
  • Unauthorised access to third party apps and softwares
  • POP and IMAP settings
  • Using your account at different locations at time

How to unlock Yahoo Account immediately ?

We have come up with two methods to unlock your Yahoo Mail account quickly.

Method I:

When you log in to your account, cookie in the form of packets of data are stored on Yahoo servers. These cookies are the one which helps recognize your Yahoo account for further references. But when someone attempts a sign in using wrong password the cookies are deleted. And when the limit number of attempts are crossed the cookies expire. This stimulates the Yahoo filters to think account activity as suspicious and thus locks it temporarily or for so called 12 or 24 hours.

To unlock or unblock your account you can try to Log in using another Yahoo server. These results in formation of new and fresh cookies. New server do not have any knowledge of expired cookies. And you are able to login and access your Yahoo! mail account again.

You can use any server listed below. (Try different servers if one doesn’t work.)

Method II

  • Remove POP and IMAP settings from email client software.
  • Revoke access to all third party apps and software.
  • Use any other browser to log in a re-open your account.

Note & Conclusion: I hope the above methods helped you in unblocking your locked Yahoo mail. If the methods doesn’t work you have no other option other than waiting for 12 hours which is loose set time of account lock down.

Comment below for any assistance, query or suggestion, we will be happy to hear from you.

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19 Responses

  1. Nitish says:

    Pls unlock my account

    • Nikhil says:

      Try the methods above, they will help you. If you are facing any problem then provide us with more information we will surely assist you.

  2. Ajao mojisola says:

    please help me to unluck my email

  3. itzukake says:

    no one else on your method work ill wait for 12 hours but still thanks for your methods

  4. onyekachi morientes says:

    please help me unblock my email account onyechichi1@yahoo.com

  5. Isah abdul says:

    Pls help me unluck my account

  6. Fernando says:

    please help me too to unlock my account. someone hack my account then change the password. please i follow the step in the top but that was not work 🙁 , this is my account cute_guy_31_fox@yahoo.com

  7. lijo says:

    Plz reply remove temperary lock

  8. thomas says:

    please help me unlock thomas@yahoo.com

  9. Judy says:

    Been locked out of my laptop and now also my old phone, I can’t access my mails. Yahoo server sign in is not helping either, doesn’t provide other alternative to retrieve password. Before I locked up from my old phone tried to reset the password but on numerous occasions they didn’t send the confirmation email to change password. Worst service ever. How do I get my yahoo account back when nothing seem to be working? As I switch to gmail #disappointed client

  10. Judy says:

    It’s been a week now since got locked out of my laptop and few days later my old phone followed. None of your methods/steps seem to be working here’s my account jmafuyeka@yahoo.com

  11. Fernanda says:

    Hi, Could you please help me unlock my account fernandapz@yahoo.com? It’s been a week since I got locked out. I was unfortunately unable to access it using your suggestions above. I had to make a new Gmail account but don’t want to loose all my Yahoo emails. Thank you in advance.

  12. Daniel Tsado says:

    unlock email account please.

  13. Nizam says:

    Pls help me unlock my account.
    I have change mobile number but forget to update.

  14. Shelley says:

    I tried ALL of the steps above. AND nothing Still locked out. Been about 2 weeks. HELP me

  15. Teri cooj says:

    I have changed my phone number and cannot access my yahoo email because I gave authorized two step verification and no longer have access to the phone number. How can I get back in it

  16. Linda Jackson says:

    Can’t get into my email and phone no longer valid…help me please

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