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  1. GaryJ says:

    Not the problem: not the phone. Seems most people who have iPhones can fix them by turning them on and off. Im on a Mac Mini. Can sign in user1, user2 on computer, but home user fails. 9 months now.

  2. Care says:

    None of these solutions worked for my sons mini iPad. We have had to make 2 Apple ID so far and am ready to throw the iPad out before I have to create another. Going on 7 months now.

  3. Yani says:

    Server error no network and specific connection

  4. Hannahmk says:

    same comment. don’t know how to connect to macbook. iphone ok with these fixes

  5. ekbar says:

    unfortunetly I’ve tried all of the mentioned solutions, but still i have the same problem

  6. Thembi says:

    After I updated software on my ipad to 11.0.1 My device couldnt connect to the server. I posted dated my device to a further date and tried to connect again…. It worked!!!

  7. khaled says:

    apple destroyed my life 2 iphone and 3 ipad locked and error message when i try fix by mail

  8. dmarsden says:

    Make sure your device is plugged in and wi-fi is on.

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