Apple Verification Failed: There was an Error Connecting Apple ID Server

Fix the error Apple iTunes and iCloud, verification failed - error connecting ID server. Here I have given few solution to solve the problem.

If you are unable to verify your Apple Account then today I have come up with few solutions to fix the problem. Apple ID is the primary source of all the apple products to be used. Apple servers may face issues connecting the server.

Solution I – Restart your Apple Device

If your device is saying incorrect username or password then simply reboot your Apple device. This will fix any technical glitch occurring due to update.

Solution II – Re-Sign

  1. In Settings go to App & iTunes preferences (even if you’re just trying to use iCloud).
  2. Click on your Apple ID at the top.
  3. A popup will allow you to sign out, do that.
  4. Sign back in.

Solution III – Change Password

Go to settings followed by managing your Apple ID. Now change your password and again try to log in. You will be successful in connecting to the iCould server. The problem may occur due to Apple changing its basic requirements for password nomenclature. So, changing the password will surely fix the problem.

Solution IV – Hard Reset your Phone

Error in connection can also happen due to faulty DNS Cache request saved in your iPhone that keeps coming again and again without checking the server availability. To solve the issue hard reset your device by pressing & holding Home + Power button for 10+ seconds.

Note & Conclusion: I hope the post was helpful in solving the iCould problem. Do comment below for any assistance required?

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