How to Get The Poncho For Elliot in Stray?

Here is the Comprehensive Guide to help you to get the Poncho For Elliot in Stray to Fix the Tracker.

Although the Poncho isn’t for you because you can’t wear it in Stray, but there is someone in the Slum who need this badly when you reach Chapter 6: The Slum (part 2). Stray ponchos can only be obtained by trading detergent for electric cables with the Barterman.

There are details about where to get the Electric Cable, how to use the Poncho, and who to give it to in this Stray Guide. So, if you want to get the Poncho for Elliot in Stray, you must follow this guide until the end and see if it helps.

What to Do With the Poncho?

In The Slums (Part 2), there is someone who really needs the Poncho. Sadly, it isn’t for you and can’t be worn by you. There’s a small shop near Grandma’s Clothes, on the left side of the Slums, called Elliott’s Electronics.

There is a sign on the door with four red dots that you can scratch at, and someone will allow you inside. Elliott is on the second floor, and you can talk to him and give him the Mysterious Safe Code to decipher, as well as the Broken Tracker in Chapter 6.

In spite of this, the cold will prevent him from fixing the tracker. It is possible to warm up Elliott with the Poncho, and he will happily repair the Fixed Tracker if you give it to him.

How to Get the Stray Poncho From Grandma

How to Get the Stray Poncho From Grandma

Your first port of call should be Elliot, the local computer genius, once you’ve discovered Doc’s hidden room and retrieved the broken tracker. For more information on Elliot and how to decipher the strange password, check out our article on the Stray safe code.

It’s not easy to fix Elliot’s broken tracker after you’ve found and shown him the broken one. Elliot can repair the tracker, but they’re trembling and are in need of a blanket, which prevents them from working.

There are no spare blankets lying around The Slums, but don’t worry. The Stray Poncho is here to save you. In addition, it is located very close to the city center. Once you’re out of Elliott’s Programming, take the next right after passing two blanket-wrapped robots.

There is a chair under a string of lights beneath Grandma Clothing, which is located at the end of the alleyway. The Stray Poncho can be exchanged immediately for the electric cable if you show her the cable.

To get Elliot to try on the Poncho, show him the Poncho. Afterward, speak with him again, and he will replace the tracker as promised.

How to Get Electric Cable

How to Get Electric Cable

The Barterman at the front of the Slums may be the only one who sells Electric Cable, but he’ll only exchange it for Super Spirit Detergent, so if you haven’t already done so, let’s stop at the laundry first and get the Electric Cable.

How to Get Super Spirit Detergent

How to Get Super Spirit Detergent

Scratch the door below Momo’s house to reveal the owner of Super Spirit Laundry is extremely grumpy, especially about cleaning up the mess made by the two robots above tossing paint cans.

You can talk to one of the robots on the roofs above the building and sit next to that robot as he prepares to toss the next can by pressing Triangle. He will stumble as he tries to throw it, resulting in the laundromat owner having to come outside and clean up the mess after he meows and circles Circle.

B-12’s help will enable you to digitize the bottle of Super Spirit Detergent you found near the front windows by stepping back down and entering the laundry room while the owner is distracted. You can now return to the Barterman, obtain your Electric Cables, and have Grandma make your Poncho following the purchase of the item.

How to Use a Poncho in Destiny 2

When you have the detergent, go back to Azooz to buy the electric cable and give it to grandmother so she can knit you a Poncho. With the Poncho in your possession, you should return it to Elliot. After Eliot receives the Poncho, he will say that he can make some repairs. He will be able to fix your tracker if you show him your tracker.

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