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  1. Faisal says:

    Dude!!! You’re the man 🙂
    I’ve been struggling since last one month with echo issues in Smule whenever I do a recording.
    I just found this page on a random google and tried all the fixes and Bingo it worked 🙂

    Thanks a ton!!!

    • Chiranjiv Sodhi says:

      I am facing the same problem. I hear Echo of my own voice while recording. How did you solve your problem? Please help.

  2. mohan says:

    not able to share the recorded songs on smile by what’s help

  3. eyu says:

    why my smule sing app only work on wifi but when I start use 3G/4G it says unable network occur ….?

    • Nikhil says:

      Under My Apps. Grant all the permissions to Smule Sing App.

  4. Prashant Patil says:

    Not able to share my songs through WhatsApp..plz helpto resolve

    • Nikhil says:

      Under settings of Android. Check for App manager. And allow all app permissions.

  5. geeta says:

    still says ‘cant reach network’ even if wifi is connected and my brother is using same app..but not working on my mobile (j5)

  6. Mohan says:

    My nokia 6 not supported to smule app. When i recording song its noisy and blurred after singing

    • MOOSA SHAKIR KK says:

      I have same issue in my Nokia 6.

      • Nikhil says:

        I think it is an issue with Nokia 6 model.

        • Jenny says:

          On what basis do you claim it’s an issue with Nokia 6?
          I have other apps on nokia 6 that records audio without a hitch.
          So i believe it’s smule’s problem.

          • Nikhil says:

            I mean to say the same. It is an issue with Nokia 6 with respect to Smule App.

  7. ives says:

    mine is also nokia6 having the same issues

    • Nikhil says:

      Try downloading an older version of the App.

  8. madhu says:

    Voice delay or ahead or off track from tempo of the Song while using smule app. pls help

    • Afsal says:

      Same problem for me for the last 3 to 4 to rectify?

      • Nikhil says:

        Temporary server issue.

  9. sambit biswal says:

    Hi nikhil . previsosly i used smule in blackberry z10 with a normal headphone,and recordings are good. but now i am using oppo f3 and a good quality sony headphone. but i am not satisfy with the recording quality.can u help me?

  10. santosh says:

    Why Rio filter is not working in smule after updating…. I have seen few people using Rio filter for their video songs….

  11. Lucy says:

    Hi nikh,
    I got a login problem after reinstall Smule App

    When i started, there is always the “songbook page” and warning that i can’t upload songbook

    I literaly can’t login to my account :'(
    If you know the way to get it back to normal, please tell me.

    Thanks before

    • Nikhil says:

      Try an older version of the App.

  12. Mico Alinsub says:

    Hi Nikhil! Please help with Smule. When I’m recording a video OC, it would stop, goes white screen and then goes back to songbook. It usually happen in any part of the song. Sometimes, during the opening, in the middle or during preview screen after recording. I tried deleting and re-installing the app, even clearing the cache but it’s still the same. I even allowed camera, mic and storage for this app and disable permissions for those other apps which uses camera but unfortunately the issue is still ongoing. There are few video recordings that goes through but most of the time it crashes. Audio recording works great though.

    • Nikhil says:

      Clear Cache of the phone in recovery mode. It will fix the issue.

  13. Tamara says:

    I’m fine with the recordings but once i upload them it gets stuck(takes forever to upload) for days. I tried re installing the app but the same thing happens everytime..

    • dsk4u says:

      same thing is happening with me since last 3 days. Let me know if u get any solution

  14. Goldi says:

    Can you please help me…Audio + video is out of sync. I have updated the software and also uptaded the smule app but still it continuous

  15. Sneha TG says:

    My phone s oppo F1 selfie expert, m not able to video record songs , though I close all the other apps which use camera, the following error message s displayed
    “Something is causing the conflicts with camera. please close the other apps which use camera and try again.”
    How do I fix this issue??? Pls help me out

    • Nikhil says:

      Clear cache in recovery mode.

  16. Hannah says:

    Hi Nikhil!

    I have a problem with creating a duet / group recording on smule. Whenever I select to record a song, it always tells me that I should have VIP access to be able to record but shouldn’t regular users be able to record atleast in a duet/group? My friend is a regular user and she can record just fine but why can’t I?

    I would really be glad if you could help me out. Thanks!

  17. MicSan says:

    Anyone have issues with smule app on apple tv? No songs available
    Anyone know how to fix this? Thx

    • Nana says:

      I have the same problem with my Apple TV. Did you fix it yet? Please lmk

  18. suraj says:

    Hi guys m using lg q6 b4 i was using opp a37
    Where every thing wasas ok but now whenever i start singing my high notes comes with with irritating broken sounds
    Any body help me out of this

  19. Alice Commodore says:

    I paid for VIP and don’t have it yet! It has been 4 or 5 days !!

  20. Arun Williams says:

    hi nikil i am using nokia 6 andriod mobile my smule application its not work properly video and audio its very very poor u have any solutions kindly please help because i am a music lover

    • Nikhil says:

      Seems problem with Nokia devices. Just wait for the device update.

  21. bhal088 says:

    Problem with creating recording. This appears every time I am saving my recordings. How to fix? Please help!

    • Nikhil says:

      Clear the Cache from Recovery Mode. Done!!

  22. Yagirll says:

    I have a problem with recording, it just doesn’t record anything, even tho I changed several earphones and even without.
    I’ve tried sol.4 but it didn’t help.
    Pls help meeee

  23. Fee says:

    Can i get back my recording that was deleted??

  24. Allison Schultz says:

    I cannot record on my Samsung Galaxy S8. It will record a little then cut out….then record a little and cut out again. So, I record on my samsung tablet just fine but then the recording is ahead of the tempo and even having VIP tools to fix it, it will not work. Song is way, way off and it’s been going on now for a couple months. UGH! It’s especially bad on the duets I sing.

    • Tabatha_TEV says:

      Lg stylo 2(k450) marshmallow 6.0.1 having the same problem. Have somewhat fixed with soundabout app installed.

  25. Sam Raj c says:

    Hi nikhil I have a problem in smule app with my new Nokia 6 TA 1021. It’s audio quality is very poor and sound disturbance is too much. Also lagging the audio totally. I can’t sing any songs from phone book or invite till now. So kindly give me a solution for this problem, coz I’m music lover.

  26. Ponni says:

    my problem is that the song is not getting loaded when i am on wifi (airtel),…on mobile data it is working fine…could u please help?..Thanks in advance

  27. Lakshmi says:

    I am not able to use smule when connected via WI-FI. It works perfectly fine when using mobile data. This problem happening only for the past 1 week

  28. Ash says:

    I am also getting the same issue that the songs doesnt load on wifi(airtel) but load on mobile data and this is happening since last couple of weeks.The only change Airtel did is changed the modem.Not sure if that caused this.Which modem are you using.
    I tried reinstalling smule and upgrading to IOS11 but no luck.
    Any help will be appreciated 🙂

  29. preethi says:

    My recording song is very noisy am getting buzzing sound its very irritating not able to listen my voice clearly..pls help me even though i changed my headphone..i use vivo 1713

  30. Tabatha_TEV says:

    The suggestions helped some. The audio does register slightly on all filters but is still low.

    • Nikhil says:

      I contacted the Smule Support team and they said that. The audio will flicker if used with Wireless headphones.

  31. Joody says:

    Hi NIKHIL..
    before 10 days I delete the app and when I tried to sign in again they said its wrong password, and when I tried to rest my password they don’t send me anything to my email account..
    what is the problem in your opinion and how can I rest my email..
    by the way I had about 2000 followers and I was VIP

    • Nikhil says:

      Contact Smule support.

  32. raja says:

    Downside options are not discovered.. like songbook,recordings,listen,notifications..

  33. NIKHIL says:

    only the voice recording portion is breaking…I recently bought a new phone and I installed smule now the voice portion is breaking..earlier it was working properly only when I had my old phone I don’t know what happened…I upated the smule and saw but still happening the same thing

    • NIKHIL says:

      and I am using the earphone only not the Bluetooth one and I tried using other earphones also same is happening

      • NIKHIL says:

        yeahhhhh…i got the solution..i found it…what i did was, i uninstalled the app and i went to google and downloaded the older version of the smule app and installed it then as you open it they will ask for update so i had to update it ..i updated the app, now its working properly

  34. Chitham says:

    Everyday I get new followers in my account. But my account shows only 12. It has not changed. Can anyone suggest, how to clear this bug

    • Kusum says:

      May be.. They follow you n unfollow later. This is the technic of getting more followers of them

  35. Kusum says:

    Hi…. I couldn’t load my previous recordings. It always shows a half of my songs not the previous one.

  36. Rafa says:

    Hi, I got a problem with connection in my Oppo A37 won’t connect to smule with my mobile data, but can with Wi-fii. I just try the suggestion above but still the same. Please help me.


  37. Feby says:

    My video and audio is out of sync is there any solution

  38. Ramya says:

    It takes too much time to share this karoake recording through watsup..

  39. alfianbeckham says:

    under freestyle colan sync is problem…the 2nd join will be delayed or ahead of tempo recording,i deleted the app then install back but the same issue appears…i contact smule report 3 times but they say will fix it but till today nothing has fix…its keeps delay or ahead on 2 join sync…after i sing and listen back while adjusting the volume and presets everything was sync and nice,but after i press continue to post then the recording will be delay not sync on 2nd join

  40. Jill Herrington says:

    I was a vip member but was hit by a semi truck and lost my job so can’t afford it right now and people request me to join them that are still vip members and it will allow me to record but won’t allow me to continue the payment options just pop up and won’t allow my recordings go through but yet it says you can sing certain songs for free the vip members that ask me to join them are upset because they say that’s false advertising how can I continue with just the free songs for now can someone please help me and thank you in advance

  41. Aman says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    I always got error while saving the final recorded audio to my profile.How to fix it?

  42. Mia says:

    Ugh, I had a account miacat5569 but I forgot the email and password please help

  43. RAJESH BABU says:

    Hi, my video does not sync with starts only 5-10 seconds
    after audio…very dissapointed. sorry

  44. Isabella says:

    It seems the app unfollowed me from a Smuler I sing with regularly. I disappeared from their followers list and my following list. In the upper right coner of their page the little person icon had a check mark. I figured it was a glitch. I clicked on it to clear, then clicked again and got this pop-up: “There was a problem following this singer, please try again in a few minutes”. I’ve tried a few times and keep getting this.

    • kas_9987 says:

      Same exact problem. Is this fixed?

  45. Quentin says:

    Before, i had no issues with Smule and it was working fine but since last month, i can’t manage to launch the application ( let me explain ) :
    The app launch fine with the Smule logo, but after that, a checking loading time takes place and seems to keep on going forever. I tried to delete it but even then, Smule won’t load to the main menu. I tried some fixes but to no avail; anyone willing to give me a solution?

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Core phone.

  46. Girish Kotwani says:

    I cannot open smule even after clearing cache. This problem occured after the recent update of sing smule.

  47. niyas says:

    bro i cant pay for vip its shown use another card

  48. vinay says:

    FAcing the problem while recording. there is hiccup of milisec and the recording is distorted. I have match the musics again and sing along.
    while doing VOC the same issue occurs and the lips movement is skewed up.the sound comes before and the lips move later.
    please help , as I am not able to record properly and takes lot of time for perfect song
    ID vinaykumar015.. u can see my latest duet recording for this issue.I am using MotoG5 Plus with android 7 version

  49. Harikesh says:

    Bro icant join in any songs.. When am trying to join it shows that close all recording app and try again.. So tried all possibilities.. Evin i uninstall my Smule and reinstall that.. Still having the same prblm.. Can you please give me a solution…

  50. Anamika Bose says:

    i cant hear back while i record ..please suggest …i am an android user . The option only worked for a day and then gone

  51. Carla Barón Rozo says:

    I have internet on all the apps but smule sing says UNABLE TO LOAD SONGBOOK: PLEASE CHECK YOUR NETWORK CONNECTION I try the same with 4G and still I get the same message over and over again. How can I fix this???

    • Nikhil says:

      Check app permissions

    • Ashwin says:

      Un-install and re install the app. This worked for me 🙂

  52. Nora says:

    thank you for your wonderful help and tips! problem solved.

  53. Praswell says:

    Hello Nikhil,my problem is my voice like Robot, i did change different headset, i did clear cache, clear data, uninstall, but still, my voice like robot when i do sing or recording on smule, idk how to fix this , pls answer me
    email me also if u available, pls and thhnnks

    • Nikhil says:

      I recommend you to try an older version of app

  54. francesco lo casto says:

    Please I need help on Sing ! Karaoke By Smule : I’ve got a PC and I have downloaded Bluestacks, then Sing ! Karaoke By Smule last week; but I can’t keep any video : each time the recording ends and the video is downloaded, the picture turned right and it stays like that from the beginnng to the ending (sometimes the picture freezes too during the video) ! What should i do to put the image back in the right direction so that I can be seen singing normally ? Thank you for your reply.

  55. Sushma Laxman says:

    Hi Nikhil, I am using smule sing app on IOS device. Whenever I sing , it gives lot of echo effect. I tried changing three mics, also tried keeping SS settings at lower level, but the problem persists. Also tried plugging in headphones when it says ‘headphone recommended ‘. My collabs are sounding terrible due to this echo issue. Can u pls help me with this problem? Thanx!

    • Nikhil says:

      The location of the mic w.r.t your mouth plays a very important role in sound balancing, as you said, you have tried different mics but in vain, the location issues seems to be very obvious. Also, try some voice filters.

  56. Epifania Ortwine says:

    Thanks for the informative article and it is one of the best red in my life. I have in quite some time to follow all your articles . Easy language written and great info. Really cannot thank you enough for sharing such valuable information.

  57. Deb says:

    I joined someone on a video and listened back and it seemed fine. It didn’t end up saving it to their page or mine. There’s a dark black square box next to it on my page and when I try clicking on it, it says Optimizing. This happened to me one other time. Now I can’t post any other video because it’s still “hung up” on this one video. I tried private messaging the guy who opened the song asking him to delete it but he hasn’t done it yet. Not sure if he thinks I’m a kook or he just hasn’t seen it.

  58. Swati says:

    My audio and video doesn’t sync together even in OC also I’m facing some voice break issue. In smule settings I’ve reported both issues but no changes

  59. Eva Perez says:

    Hey can you please help me..i recored on group collab my name is on it but i dont appeared…it has happened twice😔

  60. Holly says:

    Hi by clearing cache dose that delete your recording on smule thankyou

  61. Jan says:

    Hi! I can’t open the app. I try to delete the app but it says will clear all data. Does it mean it will clear all my recordings? I do t really want that to happen. Thanks

  62. Pari says:

    Hi , I’m pari I have a issue while doing live jams I can hear all d other voices but my voice is not Audible to others can someone tell me why n wat to do.
    Thanks 😊

    • Nikhil says:

      1. Allow Permissions
      2. Check if Earphones have Mic
      3. Update the App
      4. Clear data and cache

  63. Vera says:

    I keep hearing clicking noise even with new headphones. I uninstalled/installed, updated app, restarted phone.Nothings changed.

  64. Deepti says:

    I am not able to record video on smule error is camera access denied and says I should allow permission to smule to use the camera and in my phone settings camera for Smule is allowed but also its not working please guide me

  65. Miranda says:

    Okay this is what is happening everytime I wanna record it’s making a buzzing noise with my headphones or without my headphones so there for it’s the app I don’t no what to do ,,I never had this problem before since I have been on smule , My Google account has got a sync error so I don’t no if it’s to do with that I need some help with this please

  66. Rajeev says:

    Hi.. I use Redmi y3 mobile and face recording issues with Smule… While recording distortion noices are heard in both video and audio and while playing the recorded song after temporary save, time delay due to this distorted time is felt. There is a total mismatch of video and audio as a result.. Any suggestions or solution available? Thanks..

  67. Bella says:

    Sometime, When i click to join someones invited song it start hanging..and sudden it dissapear and ‘smule is not working’.display on screen.plz help me out of this problem.

  68. Erwin says:

    I have uploaded few songs to smule by computer. All of which worked perfectly. Lately every song i upload then go to my smartphone and try singing it shows preparing studio then comes up with fault which reads that its unable to download the song, check internet connection. if i go to any of my previously uploaded songs no issue present also with any other songs on smule. I havent changed anything since i uploaded my first songs, however all the new ones have this issue. its worth adding that if i click on preview the song is playing fine in the app its when i try to actually sing it issue happens.

  69. Kaylee says:

    I’ve been trying to do a live jam on Smule and it says invalid description or something like that how do I fix that?

  70. Md Imtiyaz Akram says:

    I am trying to do recording but while I m singing then in my earphone I am getting my voice little late,it is coming little lenthy and just becouse of it I am not able to sing properly what should I do please help me?

  71. Lauren Zuponeck says:

    I have tried to use smule on both bluestacks and nox for the pc. However with nox I cant get the camera to connect and on bluestacks I the video always seems to record sideways for some reason. Are there any tips on how to fix the issue with either one so that I can play on my computer. I dont care which app i use for it as long as i can use it. I do hope you can help. thank you so much in advance.

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