How to Fix Playback Failed on Kodi for MacBook?

Facing Video Error, One or More item Failed to Play, check the Log for More Information on MacBook. Here is the Guide to Fix Kodi Playback Failed Error on Mac.

Kodi is a free and open-source media center that helps you stream media content and also organize the playlist. But Kodi is mainly used for live tv and movie streaming; Kodi is primarily used for streaming media over the internet. You just need to add the Repository to your Kodi, install the app, and enjoy seamless content for free.

If you are using Kodi on MacBook, trying to stream Live TV or watch movies and tv series on your Mac PC but facing the video playback error “Playback Failed, One or More item Failed to Play. Check the Log for More Information about this Message”. This is a simple guide to fix Playback Failed Error on Kodi for Mac.

Playback Failed, One or More item Failed to Play Kodi Mac

Basic Fixes you can Try

Before moving forward with the technical fixes, you can try this simple solution to see if these solutions can come in handy.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Kodi installed. If the latest version is causing the playback issue, roll back to an older version to see if the older version is working fine.
  • Check your internet connection. If your connection is slow or unstable, it could cause problems with streaming.
  • Restart your computer. Rebooting the PC will restart all system processes and close unwanted background processes.

1. Clear the Cache of Kodi

A cache is data that helps load the app and other app functions. It is best to delete the cache data of Kodi on your Mac PC to fix any streaming issues.

  1. Click the Settings gear icon.
    Open the Settings gear icon
  2. Click on System.
    System Addons
  3. On the left sidebar, click on Addons.
  4. Enable the toggle next to Unable Sources.
    Enable Unable Sources
  5. Now, again go homepage and click on the Settings gear icon.
    Open the Settings gear icon
  6. Click on File Manager.
    Kodi File Manager
  7. Here click on Add Source.
    Add Source Root
  8. Now click on None
    Click on None and Enter URL
  9. Add the URL “t“. Give the repo a name (I gave the name Clear) and click OK.
    Add URL and Give a Name
  10. Now go to Addons and click on Install from the Zip file.
    Install from Zip File
  11. Locate the file.
  12. Click OK to install the Repository Zip file.
  13. Now move to Install from the Repository.
  14. Open Rock Repository.
  15. Open program Addons.
  16. Install the Repo on Kodi
  17. Now open the installed Kodi Addon and Clear the Cache of Kodi.

2. Kodi Clear Database

Kodi stores a set of database files for addons you have installed; these database files are temporary and can be deleted. Deleting the *.db files will fix any issues due to the wrong set of databases on your Kodi.

  1. Open Settings and click on File Manager.
    Kodi File Manager
  2. Here open Profile Directory.
    Profile Directory
  3. Click on Database.
    Database File Manager Kodi
  4. Now right-click/double-finger tap on Addonxx.db and Delete the database *.db addon.
    Delete Database Addon

3. Set the Right Date and Time

Kodi streams content online, and it collects data from servers; it is essential that the system data and time are correct, else the Kodi may show errors. You can automatically set the time and date on your Macbook in accordance with the network provider. The network will check your location and set the Time Zone removing any Kodi playback issues.

  • Open MacBook Settings.
  • Click on Date & Time.
    Date & Time
  • Select Set Date and Time Automatically.
    Set Date and Time Automatically

That’s it; with this simple guide, you can fix Playback Failed, One or More items Failed to Play error on Kodi for MacBook PC.

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