5 Ways to Use Quora to Make Money Online

Make money using Quora with this few effective techniques and get paid for what you love to do. Earn cash with Quora.com

Quora is a most popular web-based Question & Answer Platform with over 500 Million Monthly users and is still on the high roll. Quora is the netizens orthodox spot where they ask their queries and the Quora community give their answers.

Given the number of users on Quora and also its excellent presence on Google Search results, a Popular Question with Good Answer can get you a colossal number of readers. You can exploit this opportunity to make some good cash. The amount of money you will earn depends on your efforts and mode of earning through Quora.

Now the thing to remember here is you ain’t going to get rich overnight using these methods but you can fill your pockets with some extra bucks. So let’s dive a little deep and know few easy ways to make money using Quora.com.

How to Make Money With Quora.com?

There is no direct monetization for your answers by Quora and also Quora Doesn’t pay you for Writing but you can use some of the methods to make some $$$.

Method 1. Earn With Quora’s Knowledge Prizes

This product of Quora can help you become rich if you have a proficiency for writing great answers to questions.

Basically, companies or individuals ‘sponsor’ questions that they seek answers to and offer hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prize money to whomever they decide provides the best answer.

Knowledge Prize

Knowledge Prize

For Example, a question may be sponsored by a Startup for getting some insights into customer relationships

What is best CRM tool for a Food Delivery Startup?

The company will pay the amount to the answer they believe to be best.

The question & answer setup is almost the same with Quora’s ranking logic, Upvotes & Downvotes. The Questions and its answers are public to everyone. The bounty is generally high ranging from $200 to $1500 as of now.

The program is presently in beta phase and has a lot of room for development. But this is surely a inspire the Quora community for writing great answers.

Method 2. Use Monetized Link Shortners

Many of you give links to your Quora answer for further reference. If you monetize the links with help of the URL shortener and then share the shortened links to your Quora Answers then for each 1000 Clicks on the links you will be paid with some amount.

The amount depends on the country where the link is being opened. Once a threshold limit is crossed then you can transfer the money to your account.

Paid URL Shortner

Paid URL Shortner

Let’s take an example: Alex Embbeds shortened URL’s on his Quora Answer. Now suppose for every 1000 clicks on the monetised URL’s, he is fixed to be paid $1.5. Let during the day he gets 3000 clicks for various Short URLs.

So, he will earn 3*1.5 = $4.5 per day; if this goes for a month then he will get around $135/Month.

You need to come up with the good strategy. Sharing URL with catchy tagline would definitely help.

You can try various online URL Shortener services like linkshrink.netCPMlink.netshorte.st etc.

Just sign-up with any of the services. Paste your URL in the Box and Shorten the URL and then Paste this URL in your appropriate Answer.

Method 3. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

As I talked about the Dominance of Quora on Google Search results. You can make use of this to drive massive traffic to your blog or website.

You need to come up with some good strategy and high-quality answer content so as the readers are excited to click on your link thus gathering huge targeted traffic to your site. 

At the end of your Answer, link a relevant post of your Blog. I also recommend you to add the URL of your blog in your Bio.

Method 4. Affiliate Marketing Associate

Affiliate marketing is a type of business marketing technique wherein you will be paid with some amount (Commission) if you are able to sell a product for the company.

And Quora can be the best place for the same. You can make huge profits if you approach in the right manner with Affiliate marketing program.

Suppose if you Answered a Question related to Web Hosting and then you can provide an Affiliated Marketing Link with a relevant title like;

“You can Buy the XYZ Web Hosting and Avail 30% Off Directly”

This will surely tempt the reader to buy the service and if the conversion is successful then you can earn the share.

You can try this with various affiliate marking programs based on your interest in writing.

Method 5. Selling Stuff or Services

You can use Quora to sell you services like any expertise or freelancing work which you are good at.

You can also sell your E-Books and other stuff using Quora and make some profit. Suppose if someone buys your book worth $40 then for 100 book purchases you will make $4000.

The most important thing to remember is writing high-quality Answers which will get you more Upvotes and Mentions thus increasing your opportunities for getting conversions.

Note & Conclusion: I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed. We do not endorse any of the apps or websites listed in the post nor are we affiliated with them in any form 🙂

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