10 Best Google Chrome Video Downloader Extensions

Google Chrome Video Downloader Extensions to download embedded or streaming videos from any website for free with just a few clicks.

Videos are an integral part of the web; they make the content more palatable and appealing. When you search the web, you encounter several videos, and many times, you wish to download the media file. Downloading the embedded video files is very difficult as they are encrypted with high security—several online websites claim to assist in downloading video files from any web page. Also, several Chrome extensions claim to download videos from all the popular web pages for free.

Many websites do not offer the option to download videos directly from their platform, nor do they support third-party services allowing users to download the video files. However, several Chrome extensions can help you download embedded videos from many popular sites without any complications and free of charge.

Today in this post, I have developed some of the best Video Downloader Chrome Extensions to save offline content. The Chrome extensions are a great utility tool that assists and enhances Chrome productivity. So, without much delay, let us look at some of the best Chrome Extensions to Download Videos from any web page.

Note: We do not endorse the software nor are we affiliated with it in any form. Use the apps are your own discretion. Please note that DigitBin isn’t responsible for the media content that you download.

Best Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Here are the Best Video Downloader Chrome Extensions to Save Video Files from all the Sites and Web Pages.

Chrono Download Manager

Chrono can save you time as all the download management is done inside a browser tab. It is tightly integrated with Chrome by context menus, toolbar buttons, and key shortcuts. It switches itself in place of the default Chrome Downloader. Besides download management, Chrono is also your best video download helper and bulk image downloader.

Read – Free Downloader Manager Chrome Extensions

The Chrono Sniffer detects all links, images, audio, and videos on a web page, and you can filter URLs. It runs on Chrome API and works as a complete download manager, allowing you to download all the available downloadable files from the web page. Chrono is unavailable on the Web Store, but you can download the CRX file and install it manually on your Chrome Browser.

Download CDM

Video Downloader professional

This extension lets you download videos from a page or create a playlist. By creating a video list, you can get quick access to the videos and play them at any time without having to look for the web page. You can also cast the downloaded video via Chromecast. Professional video downloader is one of the popular download manager extensions with many downloads and a high rating.

Download Downloader Professional


Chrome extensions available on the Chrome Store do not support YouTube Video downloads. Google doesn’t support direct YouTube video download to the system storage. Also, no software that promotes YouTube video download is encouraged. Though you can download the videos offline on the mobile app, it plays natively only on the YouTube app.

But many 3rd party apps help you download videos/audio (mp3) from YouTube directly to the computer storage. YouTube Downloaders is the best utility software for Chrome Browser to save video and audio files on your device’s storage.


Addoncrop is the best Chrome extension available, allowing you to download YouTube videos. It adds a download button beside the title of the YouTube video. You can download videos in 4K, 720P, 480P, and 360P; you can also download videos in the mute mode without Audio. The extension also allows you to download the audio file in MP3 and WebM format for free with a click. You need to install the addon manually to your Chrome. I have provided the detailed steps for installation in the link below.

Install AddonCrop

Video Downloader Plus

Initially developed as a native Facebook downloader extension, but as the plugin grew in popularity, the developers started increasing the scope of sites. Now, the Plus supports all the popular streaming sites and videos on any web page. You can download and save videos from almost all websites. Downloader Plus supports multiple video downloads at the same time. The extension can detect and save any media type with multiple format support. VDP is Easy to use and free.

Download VD PLus

Video downloader by ODM

Online Download Manager

This multifaceted extension not only downloads videos but also gets you and audphotoses. The extension is available in two versions – Free and Paid/Premium.

The free version provides an integrated video player, multiple file download support, automatic upload to cloud storage, etc. With the latter version, you get features like a 4K download, a toggle button to switch the downloader on/off, etc.

Add to Chrome


FastestTube is a Chrome Extension that makes video download simple. Just install the addon manually, open the YT site, and you will see the download link. The installation is complicated, but the downloader works like a charm once added to Chrome. When you open a new YouTube video, you’ll notice a Download button has been added to the video, which you can click to open a menu that allows you to download videos in both audio and video formats. You can save the video in 360p or 720p in MP4 format. You can also download the audio file only.

You get an ad-blocker and other features that work a little spotty and malfunction a few times. The installation is also shady. But once you get it right, the addon works smoothly without any issues.

Here are simple steps to add the FastestTube to Chrome.

  1. Download and Extract the Zip File.
  2. Now Install the bat file, install.bat
  3. Open chrome://extension in the browser
  4. Enable developers mode
  5. Now drag & drop the fastesttube_xx_xx
  6. The plugin will install and add itself to Chrome. Done!

Visit FastestTube

Download Master

Download Master lets you download a media file from a web page. When you right-click on the link, you will get two options: select “Download link” if you wish to download the selected file, or else you can also select “Download ALL links” if you want to download multiple files on the page. If the page has a video file, the extension will notify you, and you can download it directly from your system storage.

Download Master

Video Downloader for Chrome

Video Downloader for Chrome lets you download multiple versions in HD and SD from many popular video websites. It doesn’t work for YouTube due to restrictions of the Google Webstore Policies. Video Downloader for Chrome detects multiple formats to download; it supports MP4, MOV, AVI, ASF, MPG, and other popular formats.

It supports simultaneous downloads. The extension button in the browser bar will turn blue if Video Downloader for Chrome detects video files that can be downloaded. The extension shows every video file and format you can save on your PC.

Download for Chrome

Savefrom Extension

Savefrom is the most popular YouTube Downloader service known to many. It is free to use and pretty easy; it was among the first free YouTube downloader services offered online, making it one of the most used websites for video download. You can Install Savefrom Extension on your Chrome and directly enjoy the downloads from the YouTube Page.

  • Add the Chameleon extension from the Google Web Store.
  • To be able to use SaveFrom.net Helper on your Google Chrome browser add the extension from Opera addons
  • SaveFrom.net Helper can now be used from YouTube with a download button.

Savefrom Download Button

GenYouTube Extension

GenYouTube is also available as web browser extensions and addons that can directly add the download button below the YouTube video. The extensions are available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser.

GenYouTube is available as a Chrome extension to generate a download YouTube button. However, it needs the support of third-party extensions called TamperMonkey. You can follow these steps to install GenYouTube on Chrome Extensions.

GenYouTube.net helper Tampermonkey installer

Visit GenTube Extension

How do you manually add a CRX Extension to Chrome Browser?

  1. Download the CRX file to your computer for the Chrome extension you want to install.
  2. Open your Google Chrome web browser.
  3. Go to chrome://extensions/ and check the box for Developer mode in the top right.
  4. Click the “Load unpacked” button to locate the CRX file. And click on the OK button to install that on Chrome.

Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper

You must have heard this line, last but not least, but it’s very accurate this time. It easily recognizes videos playing on a website that you visited and makes it downloadable. You can customize the resolution up to 1080p before downloading the video. It can also support HLS and DASH streamed videos. Apart from that, you can control maximum concurrent downloads.

Add to Chrome


Chrome is the most popular browser, sharing over 50% of browser space. The popular extension also supports several extensions that enhance the productivity of the browser. Video Downloader Extensions are a few powerful chrome addons that can make downloading your favorite videos easy.

If you've any thoughts on 10 Best Google Chrome Video Downloader Extensions, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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