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  1. elsupremo says:

    That Chameleon workaround to dl YT vids is just brilliant. That was so clever to think about that. I actually like Opera quite a bit and use its v basic but free vpn to get to sites that won’t display in third countries. It works –and its built in.
    Now with Chameleon I may just use it more. THANK YOU — or if you drive on the wrong side of the road — FANK YEW, lol.

  2. arbab says:

    download button great!

  3. Sam Smith says:

    Wow! these extensions are really great tools to use when it comes to downloading videos online. However, some of them are not compatible on my Mac computer. That is why i gather other software to use, and with that I found the Acethinker Video Keeper, this program is really awesome and easy to use wherein I can grab my favorite videos on YouTube in HD quality.

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