How to Screencast your Android Smartphone on Computer PC or Laptop?

Screen cast or mirror your Android display on computer PC or laptop with this step-by-step tutorial enjoy the media on the big screen.

It is always a great experience to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and other media programming on the big screen. So, if you are looking for a guide to Wireless Display, Screen Mirror or Mira Cast your Android display on Computer PC or Laptop through wireless Wi-Fi network or USB Cable then you have come to right place because I have provided a complete step-by-step guide to screencast your screen using various different methods.

How to Check if your Android can Screen Mirror?

If the device has screen mirror option then only your device is applicable to cast the display on Laptop PC. So to check that,

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ of your Motorola device.
  2. Now tap on ‘Display’.
  3. Look for the option named ‘Cast’ or ‘Mirror’.
Cast Option under Display of Settings

Cast Option under Display of Settings

Sometimes the Wireless Display may be present under ‘More’ or ‘Additional Settings’ option of Settings.

How to Enable USB Debugging?

You may need to enable USB debugging if you wish to connect the PC and Android via USB cable.

  • To enable USB debugging.
  • OpenSetting
  • Scroll down to About phone
  • Tap 7-8 times on About phone to unlock Developers option.
  • Now under Settings, in developers option Enable USB Debugging. Right, check ‘Always’ if prompted.

How to Screen Mirror your Android on Laptop PC?

Method 1. AirDroid (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chromebook)

It is the best tool to cast your Android screen on your computer whether it is a Windows, Chromebook, Linux, Chrome OS, Mac Os etc. This works only when your computer and Android device are connected to same WiFi network.

Step 1. Download and install the Airdroid App from Google Play Store.

Step 2. If you wish you can create a free account but this is not mandatory.

Step 3. Make sure your Android and PC are connected to same Wi-Fi network (i.e connected to same Hotspot network)

Step 4. Now open the Airdriod App in Android.

Step 5. Here you will see the Web IP Address under Airdriod Web.

Web IP Address in Airdriod

Web IP Address in Airdriod

Step 6. Enter the IP address in the URL bar of your Computer browser.

Step 7. Now press enter in your phone and confirm the login connection.

Step 8. If you do not find any direct cast option then click on ‘ScreenShot’ option displayed on your computer screen.

Step 9. You will see your mobile screen on Computer. Enjoy!

Method 2: Mobizen App on Android and PC

The good part of Mobizen is you can cast your Android screen on PC wirelessly through Wi-Fi or by using a USB.

  1. Download & Install Mobizen for PC in the laptop.
  2. Install Mobizen for Android via Play Store.
  3. Register a free account on Mobizen.
  4. Open Mobizen on your Android device.
  5. Now enable the Wi-Fi.
  6. You can even connect USB cable between your Android device and PC.
  7. Enable Debugging mode on Android device.
  8. Run Mobizen on PC, and connect Mobizen to the android device.
  9. Accept the connection between both the devices.

Method 3. AllCast Chrome Extension

This method is supported by Android 5.0+ and PC with hotspot connectivity available.

All Cast Receiver

All Cast Receiver

  1. Download and install Allcast Chrome extension on Chrome browser of laptop PC.
  2. Download and Install Screen Recording & Mirror App on Android 5.0+
  3. Now search for Mobile Hotspot Settings on your PC.
  4. Turn ON on the Mobile Hotspot in PC.
  5. Connect your Android device Wi-Fi with PC Hotspot.
  6. Now open Chrome browser and type chrome://apps
  7. Click AllCast Receiver, open the Mirror app and connect both of them.
  8. Enjoy the Android display on your PC.

Method 4. Vysor Chrome App Extension

You can use Vysor chrome app to cast your screen. It has limited functionality in the free version but casting and controlling the screen works just fine.

  1. Download the app from the chrome
  2. Now open Vysor App in Chrome by typing Chrome://apps.
  3. There you will see ADB drivers for Windows download them on your Computer.
  4. Connect the Android to PC with USB cable.
  5. Now turn ON USB debugging mode from the Developers options on your android device (Allow Always if Prompted).
  6. Vysor will get automatically downloaded on your Android. (Or you may be prompted you download it)
  7. Now open Vysor on chrome and let them connect.
  8. Enjoy the media. Cheers!

Conclusion: I hope the post was helpful to mira your phone on your system.

Do comment for any assistance required.

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  1. kaka says:

    Tried tapping about phone 7-8 times but usb debugging could not happen.. Plz guide what to do now.

  2. LilBob says:

    Thanks for the article! Personally, I use ArkMC app ro stream wirelessly my music, videos, pics from Samsung phones or other Android devices to PC or vice a verse.I finally get rid of adapters and cables, that are pretty expensive. But I’ve never faced any problems with app, works perfect without any bugs.

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    Must be in the custom control in the Macintosh dedicated USB is different from the system and thank you

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