AirPods Vs AirDots | Compare Best Wireless Earbud

Compare the Wireless Earbuds AirDots and AirPods. They both featue some powerful specs but the price is were the big impact is.

Undoubtedly the Wireless Earbuds or Earphones are the future for listening music or receiving a call. They generally rely on Bluetooth technology to connect with an audio output speaker devices. Thus can use them without any hassle tangled wires. There is a good recent history of wireless earbuds with Samsung’s ‘IconX’ and Bragi’s ‘The Dash’. The IconX is a wireless earphone aimed for fitness tracking and music listening. The Dash is a general-purpose music earbud with advanced technology and Personal Assistance support of clear sound and music. But the most popular Earbuds are Apple AirPods which featured a powerful system for soothing music.

To take a fight on AirPods, Xiaomi Released its own wireless earbuds which they named AirDots. AirDots include a charging case cum protective box similarly like AirPods to store and charge the buds. Today we will compare both the earphones based on their Hardware, Software, Assistant Capabilities, Backup and quality of performance.

AirDots vs AirPods

Here we are comparing the best earbuds between AirPods and AirDots based on various factors.

TypeWireless EarbudsWireless Earbuds
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Weight (Each)4 g4.2 g
Dimensions (Each)16.5/18.0/40.5 mmNot Known Yet
Power (Single Charge)5 hrs Music or 2 hrs Talktime4 hrs of Music or 2 hrs of Talktime
With Charging Case24 hrs Music or 12 hrs Talktime12 hrs Music or 3.5 hrs Talktime
Voice AssistantYes, SiriYes, MIUI
HardwareW1 Chip7.2 mm Audio Driver
SoftwareCustom FirmwareCustom MIUI
SupportOnly Apple DevicesAll Bluetooth Supported Devices
SensorsOptical and Accelerometer Not Known Yet

AirPods by Apple

Apple is preparing for AirPods 2.0 with some advanced features one being Bluetooth 5.0 support. The AirPods delivers high-quality sound and features some quick gesture and tap navigation options. They run on Apples on hardware driver W1 Chip and gives you premium voice output for at least 5 hrs in a go. But the only drawback is the price. It costs around $156 for which it is highly criticised.

AirDots by Xiaomi

AirDots by Xiaomi can be said as a Clone of AirPods, they use 7.2 mm driver to deliver deep bass and crystal clear stereo output. The Dots also have a voice assistance support and can automatically connect to the locally available device. They are pretty beautiful in looks and supports all the Bluetooth featured devices, unlike AirPods. But it is the price which makes all the difference, the AirDots are 1/3rd of the price of AirPods offering just the same powerful features.

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