Do 4G Phones Support 5G Network? | All You Need to Know

Do 4G phones support a 5G network? Let us Know the Details and other aspects of Using the 5G SIM Card on the 4G Smartphone.

5G is the next-generation mobile communication network for data transfer. The world is preparing for the new age of communication. Though the 5G operations have started in few countries; South Korea, UK, and the US. But still, it is pretty much in the dormant stage in most countries.

There are two kinds of spectrum bands NSA (Sub-6 GHz) and Standalone Access 5G (mmWave SA). The NSA is faster than 4G but is not true 4G, you can call it basic 4G. While SA is Pure 5G and gives you True speeds. But SA needs revamped infrastructure while NSA can be built on the existing 4G core base. This is about the 5G foundation over the tower but what about using 5G Network on 4G Mobile.

Will 4G Phones Work on 5G Network?

Simple Answer is No! 5G does not depend on the software infrastructure but needs the 5G compatible hardware (Mobile Chipset). Simply updating the mobile software or using any application does not offer you 5G. So, a 4G phone will never give you 5G as it lacks the required hardware components.

The telecom operators and ISP’s update their network towers with 5G equipment, similarly the phones need to get updated with 5G compatible SoC.

The phone needs to have a 5G SoC with support for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). or mmWave, or sub-6 GHz along with local ISP band support.

Presently the popular mobile chipset developer, Qualcomm has come up with its first 5G compatible SoC Snapdragon 865+ which can give 5G speeds up to 7.5 Gbps on downloads and 3 Gbps on uploads (theoretical).

Note: There is no app nor any software which can give 5G on a 4G mobile. If you find any publication, website or mobile application which claims to do so, it is totally fake. Do not download such apps, they may be harful for you device. It is impossible to use 5G on 4G phone.

Snapdragon 5G

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

1. Do I Need a New 5G SIM?

It all depends on the network provider, in most cases you may need a new 5G SIM Card. But in some cases, the SIM may be 5G-ready, which means you won’t need a special SIM to access the 5G network.

2. What Speed does 5G Offer?

The peak speeds of 5G can be as high as 1 Gbps but the average speeds are around 150-200 Mbps. It depends on whether your ISP uses NSA or SA networks.

3. Do I need a New Phone for 5G?

To take advantage of new technologies and 5G speeds, you need a new phone with a 5G compatible chipset.

4. Can 4G Network work on 5G Phone?

Yes! If 5G is not available in your area or if you wish to use the 4G network then 5G phones can pretty much switch to 4G networks.

5. Are there any 5G phones?

Yes! many phones are being released with 5G hardware and can work on 5G networks.

Conclusion: Let us know if you can run a 5G network on a 4G phone like Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.

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