How to Use ChatGPT on Apple Watch?

Looking to use AI Chatbot ChatGPT on your Apple Smartwatch. Here is the Simple Guide to Use ChatGPT on Apple Watch.

ChatGPT has already taken over the internet, and this hype isn’t going to fade anytime soon. Especially now that ChatGPT 4 is already set to enroll in the market. Moreover, the company even claims that ChatGPT 4 is going to be 571 times better than its predecessor. Well, this indicates the future success of this AI-based chatbot. And since we can access it from our PC and mobiles, it makes our life pretty much efficient and easier. Besides, despite having any specific application, you can still use it as an app, and ChatGPT gives you an app-like user experience as well.

But that’s not where it stops. What if I say you can even access it from wearables like a smartwatch? Sound cool, right? Well, interestingly, if you own an Apple Watch, you can now control a part of your life using ChatGPT right from your wrist itself. So, if you are eagerly waiting to know more about how to use ChatGPT on Apple Watch, your wait has finally come to an end. Today we will have a detailed look at how you can control ChatGPT right from your wrist. So, let’s hop into the topic for the day.

Steps to Use ChatGPT on Apple Watch

Flip your wrist, give some commands, and get the most relevant answers. Doesn’t that remind you of the smart futuristic lifestyles shown in the movies? Fortunately, it is all possible in real life with ChatGPT today. Unlike using ChatGPT on your phones as an application, using it on your watch is not that simple. In fact, we will need another application called watchGPT just to integrate ChatGPT on your Apple Watch.

Once you download watchGPT on your Apple Watch, it is then just a piece of cake before you start using ChatGPT on your watch. However, note that this is a paid application, and you need to buy watchGPT first to get started.

So, if you are all hyped up about ChatGPT and have no issues spending some pennies on buying this app, you are at the right place. In another couple of minutes, you will have ChatGPT set up on your Apple Watch and be using it without any interruption. So, here is everything you need to know to get started.

  • Starting with your iPhone, open the App Store, and purchase watchGPT.
  • It will automatically install on your Apple Watch itself.
  • Now, move to the apps section, and locate watchGPT.

take the watch, move to the apps section, and locate watchGPT

  • Tap on watchGPT, and it will open a simple interface with a search box saying, “Ask me Anything
  • Click on the search box and search for anything you want and click on the Done option.

Click on the search box and search for anything you want and click on the Done option

  • WatchGPT will take a few seconds to generate the answers.
  • Scroll down and read the answer.
  • In the end, you will find a Share button.

you will find a Share button

  • Click on it, and you can share the answer with anybody over messages or mail.

you can share the answer with anybody over messages or mail.

And that’s how you can access ChatGPT-like features right on your Apple Watch now. Since watchGPT is just an integration of the ChatGPT platform, we suggest you not expect many similarities in their performances. Even so, watchGPT has done a great job too. The app functions really well and generates extremely precise responses in a very short span of time. Sometimes it may take a second or two, but it is worth waiting a couple of seconds for its purpose.

However, there is certainly a word limit in watchGPT that has lit up as a drawback of the application. Due to this word limit, it cannot generate responses for long answers. But it can still generate some great essays, poems, song lyrics, etc. Besides, you can ask it a plethora of questions and expect excellent results in return.


ChatGPT’s brilliance has earned it a huge fanbase, and the hype for this chatbot is simply touching its peak. With its instant and accurate response generation, it simply makes our life easier. And as such, having such an intelligent companion right on our smartwatches seems the most convenient way to access this platform.

Fortunately, even without a dedicated app, watchGPT has made it possible to experience a glance at ChatGPT’s true potential on our Apple Watch. So, let us know if you would like to purchase watchGPT. And if yes, comment below if this article helped set up and search your first query on chatGPT on your Apple Watch.

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