How to Download Tweaked iPhone Apps on iOS 14-14.1?

Download Tweaked or Modified Apps on your iPhone with iOS 14 or 14.1 with these Simple and Easy TuTuBox App for iPhone

Android lets you download tweaked apps with ease. But when it comes to iPhone or iPad the job is not very easy or the best you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone. But there are also a number of 3rd party tweaked app stores available for iOS.

App Store is undoubtedly the best place where you can look for any type of apps or game for your iOS phone. However, there are many of your favorite apps that are not available on the App Store. So, where could you actually find those apps? Well, the Tweaked store has served as a very consistent third-party app store.

Along with such contents, these third-party app installers also provide access to premium content for free. iOS 14, 14.0.1, and 14.1 also allows you to install tweaked apps with the help of TuTuApp. There are many third-party app installers available for iOS. The most important thing about these services is they often provide most of the paid apps on the app store for free. Some of the renowned names in this list include AppValley, iOSEmus Store, TutuApp, iPABox, and many more.

How to Download Tweaked iOS 14 Apps with TuTuBox?

Here are Simple Steps to Download Tweaked iOS 14-14.1 apps on your iPhone Devices to Get Mod apps

  1. Open Safari & go to (The site has a number of click pop-up ads and redirects, make sure you click the download file till you see the install option)
    Install Tutubox
  2. Once you click install, the TuTu App starts downloading and install on your app drawer
  3. Now when you try to open the app and you will see the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” pop message
    Untrusted Developer
  4. To fix the error, open Settings and go to General > Profiles & Device Management
  5. Click the Developer
  6. Tap on Trust to confirm
  7. Close settings, the app will work without error.
  8. You can now download tweaked apps on your iOS device for free from TutuApp
    TuTu App

Note: When you click the “Get” button in the TuTuApp to download any app, you can check in the home screen app drawer to see the app downloading and installed.

The tweaked store takes some time on first open, so just be patient.

What if you Face any Issues?

  • Clear Safari Data and History
  • Reboot device once after the TuTuBox is installed.
  • Make sure any other unverified profile is not added to iPhone (If added remove)
  • Reinstall the TuTubox App
  • Download any other cert from the download page if the signed doesn’t work

Some of the apps installed on from the may further ask you to install the config profile for working.

  1. Download Config File on Safari browser
  2. Go to Settings → Profile & Install the Profile for the Store
  3. Once the profile app is installed all the apps work smoothly without any error fix.

Now you can enjoy downloading paid apps for free on your iOS device.

Note: If you face any issue or error while installing profile then clear data and history of Safari browser and again download profile and install it.

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