10 Best Free Language Learning Apps

Best Free Apps to Learn New Language on Android & iOS with Interactive UI to Make Language Learning Simple and Easy.

Languages are used for communication between human beings. They are a form of communication that involves speaking, reading, and writing. They also include gestures and signs. There are roughly 6,500 – 7000 languages spoken around the world today. Learning a new language is a skill that is both useful and practical. Going on a vacation to a country where the majority of the population doesn’t speak English?

In this case, you need to learn the language of that country to better communicate with the people around you. But learning a new language is often time-consuming and expensive which is why it’s better to do it through an app. Here is a list of 10 best free language learning apps.

Free Language Learning Apps

  1. Duolingo
  2. Memrise
  3. Busuu
  4. Drops
  5. HelloTalk
  6. Triplingo
  7. Mondly
  8. Beelinguapp
  9. Multibhashi
  10. Speechling – Learn to speak any language

1. Duolingo


Duolingo is the best, top-rated free language learning app available on the internet. With more than 300+ million users it’s a no brainer that this app works! It has an app and a website that can be accessed for free. Duolingo offers close to 95 different language courses for free. It also has a premium model which is completely optional.

It is a very interactive app that has a podcast too where you can listen to stories to improve your skills. Duolingo is also used in some school programs to teach students languages easily. The sessions on Duolingo start from 5 minutes. It is one of the most versatile language learning apps.

Download Duolingo

2. Memrise

MEM Rise

Memrise is a British app that uses different techniques for retaining information in the brain to help users learn different languages. It provides users with a range of content that includes video clips, flashcards, etc. It claims to offer a quick method of learning languages. It uses the concept of spaced repetition which has been proven to be effective in learning. Having been founded by a neuroscientist it definitely uses science to leverage learning.

Download Memrise

3. Busuu

Busuu is an online language learning platform and a web community where you can learn languages while interacting with people. It has different lessons designed by linguists. It uses machine learning technology to help users learn seamlessly. Busuu has approximately 100 million users which makes it one of the most popular language-learning apps.

You can practice your language speaking skills by talking to other users, this makes it very useful. Busuu incorporates social aspects of society with educational aspects to facilitate learning.

Download Busuu

4. Drops


Drops offer just 5 minutes sessions to its users. It is very quick and successful in helping users learn. What sets it apart from others is that it also teaches the alphabet of the languages offered. It uses visual cues and images and feels more like a game rather than a language learning app! Using different graphics for describing words is a very clever approach that this app uses. Its design and game-like features make it very entertaining and fun to use.

Download Drops

5. HelloTalk

At first glance, HelloTalk seems like an app for chatting but when you look deeper you realize that isn’t the case. HelloTalk enables users to chat with natïve language users for free while simultaneously providing innovative tools for learning. It teaches users the correct way to use words and pronunciations. Users can chat, voice call, and video call their language partners. This makes the experience of learning much more fan and burden-free.

Download Hellotalk

6. Triplingo

Triplingo is the perfect app for you to have when going on a vacation or trip abroad. It keeps users safe and enables them to fruitfully interact with their surroundings and people. It also has a built-in translator, list of phrases, safety tools, and culture notes that make sure that there is no confusion in communication. It has many uses with special focus on business trips. Its list of phrases ensures you “talk like a local”.

Download Triplingo

7. Mondly

Mondly is a unique language learning app that uses Virtual reality and Augmented reality as tools in helping users learn different languages. It begins with teaching users how to have a basic conversation rather than basic words. It focuses on teaching users the right way hence it adapts to the user’s needs and becomes their customized teacher.

The app uses speech recognition and by the end of your course, the user will have learned around 5000 new words and phrases. It also has specialized courses for professionals like flight attendants, restaurant staff, shop assistants, and receptionists.

Download Mondly

8. BeelinguApp

BeelinguApp is a language learning app that allows users to learn a new language by using their native language as a reference. At the same time, it is also in an audiobook form which is an added bonus! Available in 13 languages this distinctive format is very attractive for users. It also has karaoke reading which helps users follow the text easily. The audiobooks are of different genres, from fairytales to sci-fi novels and new books are added regularly.

Download BeelinguApp

9. Multibhashi


Multibhashi is an Indian app which allows users to learn Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Oriya, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati all in one place. It is one of the first few apps to do so. It also offers a 30-day program for learning English. It has a voice-based bot who helps with practicing speaking the languages.

With an inbuilt translator available it helps users translate words from one language to the other. Users can use this app offline as well, making it much more convenient for those who do not have access to a stable internet connection.

Download Multibashi

10. Speechling – Learn to speak any language

Speechling is a free diction and language learning app, where pronunciation coaches work with you and provide feedback regularly. This app skips all the grammar and vocabulary rules, focussing on the verbal aspect of languages. It also uses superior algorithms for providing a smooth educational experience.

This nonprofit app aims at improving literacy and promoting education by removing language barriers. It asks users to record their lessons and then has the lessons evaluated by experts who provide feedback within a day. This app is on a mission to help students learn new languages without spending any money.

Download Speechling

Conclusion: Just learn the basics to survive in that country and to avoid being scammed! Or maybe you’re a student who is planning to study abroad? Best Language Learning Apps to Learn New Languages for Free.

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