What to do if ‘Wow Such Empty” on Reddit Homepage?

Learn how to fix the "Wow Such Empty" error on Reddit with these helpful tips. Discover how to refresh your feed to get your Reddit experience back.

With most social media apps turning into cringefest cesspools or political propaganda machinery, finding a sensible digital platform to voice opinions unabashedly has become difficult. However, good old Reddit continues to be the foremost choice for individuals and communities to speak their minds without any suppression.

People also state that they quit all other social media and only continue to be on Reddit due to its anonymity factor and inclusiveness for different spectrums of audiences. It is mostly free and has a simple UI that makes it easier to use.

Reddit is accessible through its official website and a dedicated smartphone app. Sometimes, when you land on the Reddit homepage, you encounter ‘wow…such empty’ on your screen. The homepage doesn’t show any posts from subreddits you follow, or advertisements. This guide explains the possible reasons for the problem and offers tips to fix it.

What Does “Wow, Such Empty” Mean on Reddit?

If your phone gets disconnected from the WiFi, that stops the Reddit homepage from loading. When the Reddit servers face an outage, the app will become unresponsive. When you try landing on the homepage you will be greeted with a “wow…such empty” message.

how to fix Reddit wow such empty

If the version of the Reddit app installed on your device has some bug, it can cause the error. According to Redditors, this problem happens randomly. Even if they are subscribed to various Subreddits, posts from none of those subreddits would appear on the feed.

Top Ways to Fix “Wow Such Empty” Message on Reddit

Try these troubleshooting tips to solve the ‘such empty’ error and view the posts from different subreddits on your Reddit feed.

1. Force Quit Reddit

Many users facing the “wow…such empty” on their Reddit feed closed the Reddit app on their device. Then, they relaunched the app and the problem was fixed.

To force quit Reddit on Android,

  1. Swipe up on the screen to reveal the Recent Apps.
  2. Hold and swipe up the Reddit app card to force quit the app.
    force close Reddit app
  3. Launch Reddit from the App drawer.

On iPhone,

  1. Double-tap the home button or swipe up on the screen to launch the app switcher.
  2. Navigate to the Reddit app card and swipe it up. That will close the app.
    force close Reddit app on iPhone
  3. Relaunch Reddit from the App Library.

2. Log Out of your Reddit Account

If force closing the app doesn’t fix the Reddit “wow…such empty” error, log out of your profile temporarily.

  1. Tap on your Reddit avatar.
  2. Press the down arrow chevron icon next to your username.
  3. Next, tap the log-out icon beside the account you are signed into.
  4. Tap on Log Out.
    log out of Reddit account
  5. Press on the account avatar and tap Sign Up/Log in.
  6. Select the correct account to log into your Reddit profile.
    log into Reddit account

3. Refresh the Reddit Feed

For some reason, if the Reddit homepage could not load, you can refresh the feed.

Swipe down on the homepage to refresh the page. The Reddit mascot will appear and the feed will be refreshed with new posts.

how to refresh the Reddit feed

4. Fix the Network Problem

Check if the network at your home/office is down. Disconnect the phone from the WiFi for a moment. Turn off the router and successively turn it on. Reconnect your phone to the network and launch Reddit. With the homepage loading properly, all the posts from the different subreddits you follow should now appear.

5. Check if Reddit is Down

Due to an unusual surge in users or to patch some serious bug, Reddit servers may have gone down temporarily. Go to the Downdetector website to check if Reddit is down.

how to check if Reddit is down

You can also get updates and news regarding any active Reddit outage from other social media platforms. If Reddit servers are down, wait until they become active again.

6. Update the Reddit App

Update the Reddit build to a recent version to fix any bugs on the app. With the bug patched, the “wow…such empty” error should be fixed.

  1. Launch the Play Store.
  2. Tap the Gmail avatar > select Manage Apps and Device > Updates Available
  3. Press the Update button next to Reddit.
  4. Launch Reddit and check the homepage.

If using the Reddit app for iOS,

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Tap on Apple ID.
  3. If Reddit has a new version available for installation, tap on Update.
    update Reddit app on iPhone
  4. Launch Reddit after upgrading to the new app build.

7. Clear the Cache of the App

To remove junk data from the cache, clear the app cache of Reddit. Refreshing the cache should fix the “wow…such empty” error on the Reddit feed.

  1. Long press on the Reddit app icon.
  2. Select App Info from the shortcut menu.
  3. Go to Storage and Cache.
  4. Tap on Clear Cache.
    clear cache of Reddit app
  5. Relaunch Reddit.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall Reddit

In many subreddits, users have shared that uninstalling Reddit and reinstalling fixes the “wow…such empty” error on Reddit for good.

  1. Long press on the Reddit app icon.
  2. Select Uninstall from the shortcut menu.
    how to uninstall Reddit app
  3. Launch the Play Store.
  4. Search for Reddit and tap Install to get the app back on your device.
    install Reddit app
  5. Log into your Reddit account.

Bottom Line

If you rely on your favorite subreddits to stay updated regarding events happening around the world, you surely would not want to encounter a blank home feed after signing into your Reddit account. I hope these troubleshooting tips helped you to fix the “wow, such empty” error on the Reddit feed.

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