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  1. Saurav says:

    May i use it in android pie???

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Yes without any issues

  2. sandeep says:


  3. Proton says:

    I have problem that shows.. “there was a problem parsing the package” … What should I do??

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      The APK is not yet supported by Android Pie. Please visit to look for updated version.

  4. Tarun Patel says:

    will it work on Android 7.0 ?

  5. Khader says:

    My android is 9 pie .launcher not installing min API level 29 and my phone API is 28 how to install …

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      It does not support Android 9.0

  6. Tylermorgan says:


  7. Jon says:

    Android 6.0 not sopport😭

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Will update any latest version when released

  8. randy says:

    i hoped xiaomi would not be biased to other apps. unless i am a chinese but i am not.

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