[Trick] Play JioTV Without Jio SIM Card

Here is a simple trick to play and use JioTV and JioCinema without any Jio SIM Card network on your Android or IOS smartphone.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. along with its SIM and Network services also launched a bundle of useful apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store like JioPlay TV, JioCimena, JioMusic etc. And these apps are exclusively available for Jio SIM card users and run only on Jio network.

Today I will tell you a very simple trick to run Jio Apps like JioTV and JioCimena without Jio SIM card or Jio network on your Android and IOS powered smartphones without any much hassle.

Note: For Method,1 you need to have a Jio number and Jio password. You can get it from any of your friends or relatives having Jio SIM.

Steps to Use JioTV and JioCinema without Jio SIM Network

Method 1. Using an Older JioPlay App (Needs Jio ID & Password)

  1. First download MyJio App and JioTV (or any other Jio App of your choice) from App Store. (Download any older version of JioTV App)
  2. Now open MyJio App and open MyJio (manage your account).
  3. Here click on sign-in and enter the Jio number and Jio password (Ask any of your friends or relatives using Jio SIM for their number and password).
  4. Once successfully signed in, open any Jio app like JioTV and start enjoying the digital world for free. (Again sign-in if asked)
  5. If you get a pop-up message that the App is available for Jio SIM users only. Then just simply clear all recent tabs and again try to play the Jio App.
  6. After few attempts, you will be successful in playing the JioTV or JioCinema app on your smartphone.

Tip – If you have a Jio 4G data, you can just simply play a channel for a couple of seconds and then switch to any other network.

I have also given a demo, check below.

How to Use JioTV without Jio SIM Card ?

Method 2. Using a Modded JioPlay TV Apk (No Need of ID & Password)

You can even watch the JioTV Play without the ID & Password just downloading the Modded Apk file which does not require you to even download the MyJio App nor does it require you to enter the Jio ID and Password.

You can even watch Star Channels on JioTV App itself without Hotstar App redirection.

The app may not work on all the devices. If it causes some issues you need to retry for few times.

[Updated] Download Mod Jio Apk (Hit ‘Cancel’ if asks for Recommended update)

Download Link 2

Hit Cancel Button and Enjoy Live TV

Hit Cancel Button and Enjoy Live TV

Download Link 3

Conclusion: This trick is for informational purposes only we do not endorse it.

I hope the trick was helpful, do comment below for any assistance or support. Also comment below if any of the links are not working.

If you've any thoughts on [Trick] Play JioTV Without Jio SIM Card, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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219 Responses

  1. Tagore says:

    Catch up error found in new version

  2. seth says:

    unable to play past episodes. looks like jio fixed the loophole and blocked all possible work around

  3. Rahul says:

    Hi Nikhil. Apparently it is giving an unknown error when i try to play any channel. Any help you can provide?

  4. Mritunjay says:

    Only live channel is working… Past program can not be viewed. Plzz provide any solution… Not able to see previous days programs.

  5. Snehal says:

    After every 5 sec , error appeared. Not working now.

  6. Savvy says:

    Hi Nikhil, thanks for the modded app. I was wondering if there is any hack for location? I used this app for long time from abroad but now it doesn’t work anymore. I tried to hack it but not successful . Do you have any idea?

    • Nikhil says:

      Just download fake GPS location App and also a VPN App with Indian Server, done.

  7. V says:

    Hello, I am from USA have install all moded version but only Download Linke 3 works for me which gives me Update thing without cancel button and the Updated Aug on and Download link 2 brings me to sign on page and when I hit skip it puts me back on my home screen please tell me how to fix this or could you please tell me know to go around the update thing ? would appreciate it a lot.

    Thanks, V

    • Nikhil says:

      Try VPN with Indian Server and also mock location as India.

  8. Raghav says:

    Hi I have jiofi device, and I connect the same to my andorid device as a wifi, installed jio tv not sure new or old version and my phone has different sim

    Jio tv is asking for credientals can u assist

    • Nikhil says:

      Download MyJio app login with and then try JioPlay TV.

  9. Rahul says:

    I have tried VPN and fake gps location but still error comes after 5 seconds later on all channels.

  10. V says:

    Hey Nikhil how do you mock a location? and I am already using Indian VPN (Touch VPN) which provides Indian VPN. Also, I am not getting the update message no matter what I do is there a fix for that? please let me know

    Thanks, V

  11. p.mohankumar says:

    I need tamil HD channels it is available only From the version of 5.1.5, can you pls create modified app, Jio Cinema is not working, i have tried several methods , pls provide working app thanks

  12. Harpz says:

    Hey Nikhil.. none of the three months apk’s are working.. please help and provide a new member apk file

  13. Rahul says:

    Hi Nikhil. Issue is not VPN or mock location. I have tried both and still channel stops playing after few seconds with an error msg.
    Pls solve this issue.

    • Snehal says:

      I am experiencing the same issue. Error message “Unable to play the selected program (0x82000404)”
      Can you please fix this.

  14. kumar says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    I moded the app, but its not working in samsung phone, earlier only star network channels were not playing in hotstar, now all the channels are not working, it says please try again later.

  15. Sanjay patil says:

    Dear nikhil, second link doesn’t play past programs..please help to get whole week program running…

  16. Sandeep chauhan says:

    In modded app past progam is not playing please help

  17. Ram says:

    How to watch jio TV on TV using Chromecast without mirroring.

  18. tab khe says:

    thanks man it really works (the mode one)

  19. Ram says:

    My question is can you mod Jio app with chrome cast feature.

  20. Biswajit says:

    Plz suggection me,i am a jiofi user. I have jio tv on play store. When open then says update or plz wait whhill jio tv loading for u. But your mod apk no problem.i didnot understand why says update. I have letest virsion. Plz help me. My ph samaung gti8262. Thanks…. [email protected]

  21. avinash says:

    You beauty!!!!! Nikhil!!!

  22. avinash says:

    I wish you could fix the issue with catchup. 🙂 cheers buddy!

  23. shyam says:

    This jio tv mod apk is good but why it don’t play the past episodes of show plz make

  24. Santosh says:

    Earlier this mod use to work fine on my phone but recently its not working any more. Don’t know the exact reason behind this. Please see if you can find any solution.

    • Nikhil says:

      I am working on it. Stay Tuned.

      • Rishabh says:

        Yes, please. Thanks a lot for your effort Nikhil. Really appreciated 🙂

      • avinash says:

        Eagerly waiting Nikhil

  25. Rajesh says:

    Unable to process your request now. Please check your network connection and try again.. This message id being displayed plzzz help me i will be grateful to you #nikhil

  26. Rishabh says:

    Any progress?

  27. Arjun says:

    Its not working pls check and fix the issue bro.

  28. Usha says:

    Installed your latest apk (download link 3). Successfully installed on my Mi Box 3. On the sign in screen after entering Jio ID and password, though sign in is enabled, not able to click on it.

  29. JithendraKumar says:

    I have jio sim and now i want to play jio music in pc with same credential is it possible??
    Now I have blueStacks app in that I have installed jio but when I want to play music it is giving a floating alert that without sim jio music can’t be played
    Can anyone help me out.

  30. Francis DanDare says:


    Can you send me one username and password?

    My Email Id – [email protected]

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