What to do if Bank do not have SWIFT-BIC Code for Google Adsense ?

Solution to setting SWIFT BIC code for your Google Adsense Payment for India and get direct money in your bank.

Google has Wire Transfer payment method for Google Adsense Publishers in India and many other countries to directly transfer Adsense income to publishers bank account. With the introduction of Wire Transfer payment system, Google has completely thrown out the old check payment system which could take weeks to reach your home.

Though Wire Transfer payment process is quick and easy money transfer process for publishers but it requires you to provide SWIFT-BIC code which is not available in every bank (branch) of the country. Not only in rural areas but even in big cities, all the banks and small branches may not have a SWIFT code. SWIFT code is required for international money transfer between banks and foreign currency conversion.

Setting SWIFT-BIC code for Adsense Payment in India

  • You can add Account holder name, Bank name and IFSC code. IFSC code of the bank is available on passbook and every bank has unique IFSC code. You can even find IFSC code online at https://www.ifscswiftcodes.com

    Google Adsense Bank Payment Details

    Google Adsense Bank Payment Details

  • SWIFT-BIC code may not be available for all the banks, in such cases, you can add SWIFT code of any nearby parent main branch in which you have your account. The SWIFT code is just required for converting the foreign currency to Rupees. So, it just acts as a bridge to facilitate currency conversion.
  • Once the currency is converted the funds are transferred to your local bank account through IFSC code provided.
  • To find any nearest bank with SWIFT code you can visit https://www.ifscswiftcodes.com and enter the details for SWIFT codes.

Mostly banks present in big cities have SWIFT code and they act as a connecting link for money transfer and IFSC code along with correct bank details let the money transfer to your account once the currency conversion is done. If you still have a doubt regarding its risks you can contact your bank for more information. If you do not wish to take any risk then the best solution is to create a new account with a bank having an SWIFT-BIC code and get your hard earned cash without any risk.

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  1. Vams says:

    Thanks of the info. I have a account in BOI. And my city main branch not have swift but I contacted them and they exactly said as you hve written

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