Report Google about Intentional and Invalid Ad Click Activity

Suspicious activity on your web blog like more number ad clicks, invalid impressions on AdSense ads, Click bombing than report Google.

If you find something suspicious with your website or blog relating to number ad clicks then you can report it to Google. If you are getting invalid clicks from a visitor on your web blog then you need to quickly react as it may result in suspension of your account and in extreme cases your AdSense account may be life banned.

If you are getting more clicks but the incentives are not increasing then someone is making invalid clicks.

How to prevent AdSense Ads from Invalid Clicks ?

Google uses very deep and complicated algorithms to make sure that the click is legit. It keeps track on users mouse pointer location and helps in value conversions.

  • Avoid disclosing your income reports on any social media sites and online forum. (Envy and Jealousy)
  • If you are able to detect IP addresses of the users who is making intentional clicks then just block them from viewing your website ads.
  • If you are not able to get the IP address then temporarily stop showing ads on your blog for a couple of days. You may lose your dollars but its worth saving your AdSense account.
  • You should avoid partnering with untrusted / low-quality third party sites and services.

How to Report Google about Invalid Clicks ?

Collect Information to be Send to Google

  • Many people post on forums and SM sites that a particular site is using copied content and urge people to visit his weblogs and click on ads. Thus resulting in suspension. Keep a note of such sites.
  • Collect the time and date of faulty clicks
  • Analyse your site using Google Analytics, if you have custom URL’s and channels check for click bombing.
  • Keep note of page URL’s on your weblogs where clicks are made
  • Prepare a good and concise information supporting your query along with IP address, referrals etc.

    Invalid Adsense Ad clicks Logo

    Invalid Adsense Ad clicks Logo

Send Contact Form to Google

  1. Log In to your Google Account
  2. Open Contact form
  3. Fill all the details with adequate and precise information
  4. Submit the form and wait for Google to analyse your query
  5. If you wish to get some consultation then have a talk on Google AdSense help forum 

Note & Conclusion : If your AdSense account is having a good standing in the past then Google will ignore the faulty clicks but if have a history of policy violation or if your account is new then you are prone to be stricken out.

It’s hard for Google to know whether the clicks are made by the publisher to increase his income or by any rogue. So, it’s better to un-authorise your AdSense for some time and send suspicious activity to Google. Comment below for any further assistance.

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