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  1. idgaf says:

    of been using uc mini since its inception (2008) on symbian, windows mobile and now android phones. its a good browser but unfortunately lately (2018) there are too many sites CANNOT be opened. i wonder its just me or its becuz the chinese govt is censoring the browser even for foreign users? sites like, cnbc, marketwatch..

  2. Luan Lima says:

    I have been using some Browsers from the list, but now I have switched to Monument Browser, and since then this is my default browser on my android and it is very small 2MB and has many features.

  3. DINESH says:

    may be many browsers have speed and good features too, but in case of security as you mentioned in opera mini others in the list can’t be legimate one particularly uc mini & CM are selling the customers deep personal data to third parties, but we can trust opera and it shows a default standard webpage view with good speed and smooth operation. download speeds are really good.

  4. James Yankyaa says:

    Excellent services

  5. MPK says:

    Just go with GOOGLE GO…🎊

  6. Saladin says:

    I have firefox focus but its size more than 50 MB I don’t know if there’s a Focus version with 3 MB size..!!

    • Nikhil says:

      There was a 3mb app but they upgraded it. Will update the post soon

  7. Sunil Rooh says:

    How to create a lite wait browser, please suggest me best website apk. file decoder

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