Best Tips and Tactics to Naturally Increase Visitors to your Web Blog

Here are some best tips to increase traffic to your website. Follow the tactics above to form good SEO and gain more visitors to your blog.

I will start this post with the famous sentence “Slow and steady wins the race”. And the fact is every word in that little sentence has great implications on blogging and blog traffic. Gettings tonnes of visitors to a web blog is not a one-night miracle but requires patience, passion, dedication and off course writing skills. You might have come across many posts on searching Google on ‘How to increase website or blog traffic ?’, many posts claims that their blog got millions of visits within a month, some even claim of getting tonnes of visitors within a week duration. I do not criticise their claim, but really can someone get 10k unique visits just within a 7 -10 days time span, I doubt it. I do not know how they satisfied their claim because their post contains all of the same general information. Today I am going to tell you some tips and tactics which led my blog DigitBin to get 300+ unique visitors (each day) within 5 months of time period, and for those who are thinking it is quite low, I want to make it clear that blogging is work of patience and passion. So, getting anything close to triple digit significant number is not so easy.

Let us start with a basic question of ‘How can someone get more natural visitors to their blog ?‘. The answer definitely is through organic search visitors. To land organic traffic to the blog, your posts should rank high in Google search results for the particular keywords. Not only should the posts have high page rank (PR) but should also be engaging and interesting enough to get backlinks. So to get more visitors to your blog you need to have posts with high google PR. Here I have bundled some of the best tips for you to bring your web blog to sleeper success.

Tips to get more visitors to your Blog Organically

1. Correct use of Meta Description

Meta description is the one which is indexed first by the Google so make sure your meta description is correct and has the keywords for which you wish your post to be ranked. Create a complete sentence which makes sense, just do not mix it up for the sake of ranking. Google will consider it as an inappropriate act by trying to prioritise in search results.

Meta Description

Meta Description

You should not use keywords twice in meta description nor should you use synonyms like protect and secure together. Such acts are called as Keyword Stuffing which will just backfire your blog and will keep a bad impression about the website.

If you do not use meta description for the posts then first few lines of the first para will be taken up by search engines for analysing keywords and give you ranks.

2. The first Paragraph is Very Important

After you have set the meta description the next most important thing is the first para of your blog. The first paragraph should contain all other major keywords related to that blog post. The sentences created should be natural and should be void of keyword stuffing. The first para should give a concise and clear idea about the information being presented in the post.

An example of Keyword Stuffing

An example of Keyword Stuffing

Google bots engulf the first para quickly after indexing of metadata and this will let your post appear for a more varied number of related search keywords. Hence, it is important for the post to have the right blend of keywords and content in the first para.

3. Writing Long Content but not in Every Case

You might have come across many articles which say, writing long content will get your post to high PR in search results. It is very much true and according to Google’s new algorithms the search engine looks for the content which are long (1500-2000 word count), have quality and give the right information. So, writing lengthy and good quality content will surely spark the search engine to put your post right on the top. But it is not true in every case.

Long content gets high rank in serach results but not in every case

Long content gets high rank in search results but not every time

Google uses a very complex algorithms to decide which page should be ranked up. This ranking depends on bounce rate, session duration, content, its quality etc. Even though your content is long, in some cases you may not get high PR, why ?. Let us look at an example cum case study for better understanding:

Case 1: A blogger ‘A‘ has written a post on ‘How to delete a Facebook account ?’ and the article content is long counting for about 3000 words. In his post, he gave information about FB, put forth some facts, talked about benefits and demerits of deleting facebook account and wrote long and lethargic steps on deleting the FB account. His content is long and has quality so the search engine placed it on the top of results for particular keywords. Soon visitors started coming to his blog but due to long and unnecessary information they didn’t showed much interest in reading and hence they quickly exited from the blog. After few days due to the high bounce rate of the post, Google considered it to be useless and search engine moved that article down and soon it vanished from page 1 of the search result.

Case 2: Another blogger ‘B’ also wrote the same post on ‘How to delete a Facebook account ?’ but he wrote a small data counting for about 350 words. He gave a simple and concise introduction and stated points along with pictures on steps to delete facebook. Slowly his post moved up and due to the good amount of visit duration and low exit percentage his post got high PR in results.

So, the point here is every time the long content cannot be assurance for the success of the post. You should make the right decision on which content needs to be long and which needs to be short. Providing useless long content will not benefit you for sure.

4. Share on Social Sites, Again, Again & Again…

Social media is a great tool for reaching large masses. I actually didn’t believe much on social sites as the visitors are short lived and land on your blog till the post is trendy. But believe me, social media has great power and implications on your blog. If you are lucky enough you may get backlinks from forums or other high PR sites. I myself noticed a substantial increase in blog traffic after I shared a posts on G+ (I deleted the post just before 12 midnight to check the effects on traffic and the same is shown in the image below).

You can see a high peak which is the day when I shared post on Google Plus. And after that their was a substantial increase in everyday visitors.

You can notice a high peak (Between 8 to 15 April) which was the day when I shared the posts on Google Plus. And after that, there was a substantial increase in everyday visitors.

You can post on Google Plus communities, FB groups, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Quora etc. I bet, you would be surely lucky enough to get more visitors. You should share the content again and again and at different times and on different groups.

5. Avoid reading Blogs on Blogging Mistakes.

I recommend you to avoid reading blogs on SEO and web mistakes. When you read any such posts you will come across some points or facts which they recommend you should avoid but you could have already implemented those tactics and in an attempt to avoid any strikes from Google you try to make necessary changes which I strictly advise not to perform. Your writing should be rich and have the natural flair. So, just keep your strength and write as you wish. Manipulating your post for getting good ranks is never beneficial.

6. Regularly update your content

You should regularly update and add content on your blog, this will let Google keep an eye on your blog. It’s off course proven fact that updating the content will help you in getting high page ranks.

Conclusion: I hope the post helped you to bring some thoughts and create new ideas. Have patience and follow the tips above you will be surely successful.

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