Google Displaying Wrong Search Results

Report Google about incorrect and wrong search results being displayed for a query. Send a feedback showing you more precise results.

Google is big but mistakes do happen with this search engine giant which off course could be misleading and irritating. It happened to me when I was searching ‘How to install CyanogenMod in Sony Xperia Z5 ?’. Rather than showing results for Xperia Z5 Google showed me results for Xperia Z and Xperia Z5 compact. Point to note here is links related  to Sony Xperia Z5 were present but they didn’t showed up on page 1. I also faced same issues with for some other queries. So, I dug up the net and found out some ways to report Google about incorrect search results.

what happened to dinosaurs search

what happened to dinosaurs search

How to report Google About Wrong Search Results ?

Send Feedback

  1. After searching Google if it shows incorrect results than you can send a feedback to the Google.
  2. Look for an option called Feedback at the bottom of the search result.
  3. Give information on issues you faced on the result page, include a screenshot and send it.
  4. Google will look into the issue and make necessary changes if considered.

Request for information removal if the result is spam or invalid

  1. Open webmaster search console and sign-in using your Google account.
  2. Click on Report spam
  3. Provide the URL of the specific web page in the box.
  4. Provide the query you have and add the additional information.
  5. And click report webspam.

Go for Google Web Search Forum

  • Search for your topic or create you own query topic and indulge in discussion on Google Forum
  • The community moderators may help you get your query solved.

Note & Conclusion: We cannot guarantee that information will be altered on the request. But you can send the feedback and report any web spam to Google.

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