How to Quickly Get Google AdSense Approval for your Web Blog?

Read the post below and learn the tricks and tips to get your application approved by Google AdSense for your hosted or non-hosted website.

Looking to get approved by Google for their AdSense program? Just Relax! and read the post carefully to learn each and every aspect of Google AdSense program. Google AdSense allows publishers to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

There are very few Ad networks which serve high-quality ads for websites and blogs. And Google AdSense is one such popular Ad network. If you are looking forward to applying for AdSense program, then continue reading to know the best tactics which will lure you to get quick approval for your blog.

Many bloggers talked about not getting approval and their application being rejected by Google. 

Popular the Ad network, harder it is to get the approval.

AdSense is a de-facto ad network which every blog owner wants on his site. But the fact is Google has set some rules & policies which need to be satisfied for getting the Approval.

Why Google AdSense?

There is no reason to say ‘No’ to Google AdSense. Below are few miscellaneous features which set this Ad network apart.

  • AdSense have high CPC rates thus giving you more value per legitimate click.
  • They have high CTR rates. Google shows the ads relevant to user browsing behaviour and website content thus the visitors are more prone to click the interest based Ads.
  • A Large bucket of Ads. When someone thinks of promoting their products online, Google’s network is their most trusted brand. Thus the network is not restricted to only a few categories of Ads providing different niche publishers to enjoy AdSense network.

What are Basic Requirements to be Accepted by AdSense?

It is important to note that your site is examined by people sitting on another side of the computer at Google office, so there is no getting away. You can’t fool them.

Basic criteria to fulfilled for approval

Basic criteria to fulfilled for approval

  • Web blog should be at least 3-5 months old for websites based in Asian and African countries. New blogs are readily accepted from Europe, USA, and Canada.
  • The blog should contain good (maybe around 10 to 15) number of the post having at least 400 words count each. The longer you right the more is the chance of approval.
  • The website should be simple in design and easy to navigate.
  • Do not use copyrighted content and images.

How to Easily Get your website Approved by Google AdsSense?

It is easy to get AdSense approval if you have a blog which suits their policies and criteria which are little stricter.

Note that the application is approved manually. Read below for more details.

1. First Impression is the Last Impression

To make the blog look impressive you need to have necessary pages like

  • Contact us,
  • Privacy policy,
  • About us,
  • Sitemap
  • Disclaimer.

These are all important and must have pages which must be visible on each page of your web blog.

The design of your website should be elegant & smooth and all the elements of the site should be easy to navigate.

It is also very important to remove all unnecessary sidebar widgets.

2. Disable any Sort of Ads on your Web

Before applying of Google AdSense make sure you have removed all ads or affiliate marketing related content from your website.

Using any other ad services will not make the people at M.N happy. Also, remove links directing to any low-quality 3rd party sites.

3. Disable Unnecessary Plugins or Extensions

It is always good to uninstall all the unnecessary plugins or extensions in your CMS. A lot of plugins may not be good as it makes your web page heavy. The website should be simple with few and only useful plugins.

Also, do not use any decorative plugin widgets which add zero value to your blog.

4. Avoid Content which does not Comply with Policies

Google AdSense is very strict in content policies. If you are found indulging in any of the following activity then it is very much difficult to get the approval.

  • Hate speech or racism.
  • Spam content or links redirecting to spammy sites.
  • Content related to unethical hacking.
  • Violence or explicit writing
  • Avoid adding links to illegal download sites.
  • Site redirection and site construction
  • Pornographic and adult content.
Website Policy for AdSense

Website Policy

5. Remove your Site from any other Adsense Account

If your site is verified in any Google Adsense account then simply disable it and again apply after few days. The verified site may sometimes not approved as it already has an AdSense access.

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Under settings click on My Sites followed by an overview.
  3. Once done look for the site and unverify it.

Uncheck your site from any Adsense account

Uncheck your site from any Adsense account

6. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Have Google Analytics as your universal web tracking system. Having Google Analytics as your web data analysis software increases your chances for approval and acceptance.

Also, make sure you have submitted the Sitemap in Google Search Console (Webmaster tool) and your web pages are indexed by Google web crawlers.

7. Unique and Long Content

Unique content is always a benchmark for site approval.

Try writing useful and informative content with infographic representation. Writing long content will multiply your chances of approval.

8. Regularly write and update

A dead blog with old writings is never loved by any reader and same is with high-value publishers,

It is required to regularly write for your blog and update the content. If your blog has good posts then you can recycle your old posts before applying for AdSense

Note & Conclusion: Though having strict policies, they at the same time have a lucrative earning potential.

The bottom line is, showing them simple website with a good amount of ethical content which is regularly updated.

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