How to Find CMS Platform used by Website or Blog ?

Find and detect the CMS platform or CMS technology used by websites and blogs. Here are top 6 best online tools to detect CMS of a web blog.

CMS or WCMS stands for (Website) Content Management System which is an excellent system tool letting you manage your website or blog without much practical knowledge of programming. CMS helps in adding, deleting, editing and managing content of your blog at very ease. Almost all websites today generally use CMS system for quick and easy updating purpose for their web blog, we here at DigitBin use WordPress. Few other popular CMS tools are Joomla, ModX, TextPattern, RefineryCMS, Drupal, Concrete5, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, TinyCMS, Weebly,Sharepoint etc.

Following are some best online tools to detect the CMS technology used by blogs and websites.

1. Builtwith 

DigitBin at Builtwith

DigitBin at Builtwith

Builtwith is an excellent online tool which goes deep into the web to provide you with complete information on Web Server, Nameserver Provider, SSL certificates, Email service provider, Hosting Provider, frameworks, advertising partner, Content Delivery Network, Document Information, Encoding type along with Content Management Systems (CMS).

2. WhatCMS



If you just wish to know CMS of a particular site then WhatCMS is the best tool. At present it could detect around 142 Content Management Systems. It is small, simple and powerful web tool.

3. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer logo

Wappalyzer logo

Wappalyzer is a chrome extension tool which helps to detect content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytic tools etc. It is like an on the go tool which detects all the firmware and data of a website as you visit a particular web blog.

4. Guess

Guess is another good web tool for detecting CMS it gives you the basic information on Webservers, Framework and language. Just input the URL and press enter.

5. W3Techs

It is another chrome extension tool providing you with more detailed information with content management systems, server-side and client-side programming languages, JavaScript libraries, markup languages, character encodings, SSL certificate authorities, social widgets, web servers, operating systems, content delivery networks, traffic analysis tools and advertising networks. Additionally, you get background information and warnings on potential quality problems of the site.

Source: W3Techs

6. Onlinewebtool

Onlinewebtool is another great online tool which not only provides with CMS but if you wish you can go deeper into with options provided and can know more about its ranking, domain name, server, ranking and analytics etc.

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