How to Block AdBlockers and Monetise AdBlocked Traffic?

Block Ad Blockers to show ads to AdBlock users on your website and make revenue. This online service can help make the profit from the blog.

As a blogger, I support online ads, the non-intrusive ads which do not interfere with the user’s experience are beneficial for publishers to make the profit through advertising.

Ad Blockers are the necessary evil and many big advertising firms do support Ad-Blocking Apps and services. They are good at killing pop ads, intrusives and covers ads which are irritating in nature. But these blockers along with the annoying ads also clean the one which otherwise could have been beneficial.

Why Not Use Anti-Adblock Plugins for Your Site?

Many websites nowadays are using plugins which block the page content if the plugin detects an Ad-Blocker installed on the user’s browser. The message you generally see is “Disable Ad Blocker to View this Page.”

Websites which have begun blocking AdBlock users see a sharp decrease in visits to the site and zero increase in ad revenue. All they are doing is preventing some people from visiting the site.

Such sites aren’t unique flowers on the internet, odds are very high that there are at least a few dozens of websites with the same interest that decided not go block AdBlock users.

Blocking AdBlock users not only affect your site performance but will also reduce the chances of shares and other noteworthy conversions which you might have got otherwise.

How Can You Show Ads to AdBlock Users?

AdBlock users are very sensitive to ads as compared to non-Adblock users. So, you need to keep in mind that the Ads which you will show to them should be non-intrusive and UI/UX friendly.

You can achieve this with the help of an online service known as AdRecover.

  • AdRecover utilizes your existing Ad inventory like Google AdSense to show the ads to only AdBlock users.
  • AdRecover will not affect your normal/original ad serving.
  • They provide with a perfect balance between UX and monetisation by creating non-obstructive Ads which benefit both audience and publisher.
  • AdRecover automatically generates ad layouts during runtime on each page. So, publishers don’t have to copy paste any ad units separately.
  • You will be paid with AdBlocked revenue once the threshold is crossed.

How to get started with AdRecover?

The setup is easy with a simple javascript code which does not require any server-side loading. Also, the Ads are asynchronous which does not affect the load time of the website.

Step. 1

Go to AdRecover website and simply Sign up by providing your name, website address and a number of page views you get.

Step. 2

Here you will be asked to add your site (It may take up to 24 hours for your site to be approved).

Step. 3

Now you will be shown an AdRecover Code, simply Copy and paste this snippet in the <HEAD> section of your website.

Step. 4

Verify your website.

Verify your Site

Step 5.

Now click on Payments, fill all the billing information, save the info and add your Banking details.

Step 6.

You are all done.

Now when someone uses Ad Blocking tools like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus or Cluster than the AdRecover will automatically generate a page with perfect Ad layout giving win-win situation for both audience and publishers.

You can even view analytics, manage your sites and perform A/B test with the dashboard.

Conclusion: You just need to add the snippet in the <HEAD> and you are done. You will make the normal earnings as usual from Google Ads along with extra revenue from AdBlocked Traffic with AdRecover which otherwise would have gone.

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